I walked into the university's compound and as soon as I saw the tall, muscular blond, I spun without missing a beat in my step, intending to take the fifteen-minute trip to the side entrance. I was so not in the mood for this.

"Austie!" But fate apparently had something against me today.

'Just don't run and act as if you didn't hear him. Just keep walking. Neutral...Casual.'...I comforted and reassured myself.

"Hey, Austie!" Nope, nope. Ignore, ignore. Ignore him. Ignore the inquisitive stares, IGNORE.

A hand grabbed onto my shoulder and I was able to hold back the would be very audible annoyed groan.

"Hey, Austie, didn't you hear me calling?"

With an inconspicuous, hopefully, sigh, I turned with a feigned surprised expression.

"Oh, Johnny. Sorry, I was pretty deep in thought." A customary, business smile slinked on. I refuse to look in his eyes. His blue, sea-like eyes.

"Oh, that's fine." He said and 'subtly' moved his body closer to mine while he guided me further into the university. My body's more feminine and I've attracted a hell of a lot of guys instead of girls so it was easier for him to move me.

Well, here we go again.

"So today, I'm gonna be staying back long enough until your class finishes, coincidence, right?" Not one bit. Plus, don't believe in them and doesn't have to to believe that. "Why don't we head back home together and maybe grab a bite and maybe a movie on a way?" Basically, he's asking me out...again.

"So, a date." I said.

He 'seems' to be taken aback by the exasperated epiphanic look.

"A date!" A smile came on. "That I had not thought but why not? It would be great, don't you think."

I sighed and stopped. "Johnny." I started. "We've talked about this."

He slipped his arm from around me and moved in front.

"Austin, one date. ONE. That's all I'm asking for." He looked at me again with those pleading eyes. "Please."

"Johnny, you know that if I did that and still said no, you wouldn't stop. And think about how much it would hurt." I laid my hand on his chest and pushed him back to the area with the abandoned bathrooms, where the privacy would be top-notch. "You said you loved me or that you've fallen in love with me. Can't you think this through thoroughly and properly?"

"I have, I've thought about this and prepared to accept whether or not you agree. I just want a chance so if you still don't want to have a relationship with me then I know I've tried, experienced something I've for so long want to and can move on." Before I was able to speak, he interrupted me again. "Just give me this chance, this one chance, please?"

He pushed out his lower lip and pouted and a smile crept on my lips from it. He looked funny and I know he was trying to lighten to mood to help me relax.

The thing is, I don't want him to get his hopes up only to be crushed. I really like him...As a friend. A good friend.

This is our second year in uni together and we meet when we started. From there, we talked a lot, had a lot of fun and the usual best friend behaviour until a week ago he let slip he 'loved me' while we were drinking at his place. After that, he tried to clear it up but figuring that it was no use hiding it again, he decided to ask me out. I've rejected every time but he's persistent.

I looked back behind me at the students filing in and out of the compound. I really think this would be a bad idea. I sighed and turned back.

"Johnny..." He looked to me expectantly and I began feeling even worse. "We can't."

He groaned and sighed. "Why?" His voice rose. "Why? What is there to lose?"

"You!" Urgh, I had gotten a bit riled up from him not understanding. A few students, within our area, looked over, curious but still continued on to their classes.

Johnny looked back surprised and I adverted my eyes from his.

"If this doesn't work and you can't handle or don't want to see or talk to me anymore, that would be the end of us. I'm being selfish I know but...I can't help it."


"Don't." Again, I sighed. "Just...Let's get to class. It's probably already started."

"Austin," He grabbed my arm as I turned around, stopping me and turning me back around. "Even if I get hurt, or there's those awkward moments between us, I'll stay until it passes and still be with you. I do really like you... I do, I have fallen in love with you."

My head bowed-bangs hiding beyond my eyes, he slid his hand through my hair and gently lifted my head. His other hand still on my arm.

"Austin, just give me this chance to let me move on, please?"

He locked onto my eyes and leaned down a bit closer. "Please."

I closed my eyes and sighed. "Alright." Johnny smiled.

"Thank you."

Okay, so I had arrived like 2 hours and 15 mins early for class and was bored like hell and decided to challenge myself. Write a one-shot and post it up during class. So like an hour or half before class, just liming, I started typing it up on the computer online and finally finished. Got like 47 mins before class finishes but still liming and got some potato pie! :D

Anyway, this was intended to be a one-shot as I've said but somehow it turned to a two-shot or maybe a three-shot. It had actually started our entirely diff with Johnny being annoying and someone else falling for Austin and vice versa but... yeah.

So, hopefully, gonna have the second chapter up soon.

Thanks guys for reading and if anything's wrong, please point it out. I haven't read this over yet but wanted to post it... Yeah.