I want it

I want that throne

That throne that lays unbearably empty

The throne that had been reserved for God

I crave it

I must right the wrong

The wrong that is a disease

It is a cancer that infects the world

Disgusting and vile

Only I can truly see past its facade of beauty

For what it is

An abomination, so that is why I must ascend

Ascend beyond the realm of mortality!

And make new this world

A perfect world where all would obey me

However, a vile cancer cannot ascend

So, I must burn away

And from my ashes a new order will be born

An order that will save earth, from this putrid disease

That is killing it

Some may think me mad

But, they mistake my genius for madness

And so, they to shall be gone in my perfect world

Only I can become the new God

A better God

The best God