Dear Voyager,

I have learned that walking away is a deeper expression of love. Truer than pouring my ocean into your beautiful but unexpecting hands. You see, you cannot untaste salt. Nor can I unsay love. It will irrevocably bind you to me and in a way, anchor you to a shore you aren't sure is home. Not yet. Maybe not ever. You might feel burdened and these arms will then be nothing but cold iron shackles around your limbs.

So instead this flood within me will be the wind that fills your sails and sets you off to explore the vastness of all those breathtaking waves. Off to the world that for me has shrunk... into you, and the miles, the inches, the breath between us.

While you decide where home is, I already know that I want mine to be in your arms. But I will settle for this cliff and build myself into a great, tall light that will ever be searching and looking forward to your return. In the hopes that one day you will see me in relief, and finally recognize me as your always. The always that you will ever be for me.

I'm painfully aware that you cannot dam the sea so please forgive the smile that I give in return for the ever searching, yearning, question in your eyes. For now my love, I will be your beacon, not the fire to chase the cold, the song, that one day, I pray, calls you home.

I have learned to walk away, to show you what is love.