I'm to my breaking point,

I've been stretched taunt,

and there's no release

I'm a rubber band about to snap,

all my happy moments are buried under stress and worry,

I don't know how to do this,

and it's like trying to float with a bag of bricks tied to your foot,

I'm about to shatter,

but no one seems to hear the cracks,

I'm trapped to an iron cage,

and the key is nowhere in sight,

I'm a board put under too much weight,

and fractures are forming across my skin,

I'm at the dead end,

and there's no way back,

I'm tied to the tracks,

and the train is coming,

I'm hanging onto the cliff by my fingertips,

and I'm slipping,

the ice is cracking beneath my feet,

and I'm frozen,

with no escape,

no where to go,

and there's no one to help me,

I'm not sure how I got to this point,

but now I'm hanging on by my last,



and it's breaking.