Birds Ruled the Earth, But No More

Once upon a time in the distant past,
After the Age of the Dinosaurs passed,
Feathered avians with wings and legs
Ruled the planet in numbers en masse.

Mammals were still in numbers small,
No to mention small size and small herds,
And this was the chance of a lifetime
To bring about the rise of the birds.

Eagles and vultures owned the skies,
Capturing the breeze with massive wings,
Soaring to heights like no other beasts,
They controlled the heavens like no other things.

Albatross, gull, and tern owned the ocean skies,
Flying from one end of earth to the other.
They traveled farthest of almost anything,
Feeling no need to cling to their brothers.

Ostrich, kiwi, and terror bird alike,
Dominated the lands with powerful strides.
Fast, strong, and always alert for danger,
They did not have to give anyone rides.

Sparrows, warblers, wrens and thrushes,
Provide lovely song to enrich our ears;
Ravens, crows, magpies and jays,
Are smart and clever to learn from for years.

Birds don't worry about a single thing;
They ruled sky, water and land with freedom.
No neighbor was ravaged by these nice aves,
And they had a place that was their own Eden.

This was the landmass called New Zealand,
Where birds were a race of queens and kings.
Unique, lovely, and all too trusting,
The forests of this land had song that rings.

But then, the mammals got bigger and stronger,
And were joined by the strongest one of all, man,
Who proceeded to spread his notion of progress,
As well as bring unwanted animals in a can.

New Zealand was not made for cats and rats,
Nor was it made for dogs, possums or stoats,
Yet they came to the islands, full of hunger,
And killed many more birds, such a sad note.

All at once, the avians declined,
Because of fate's dark and cold hand,
Which ensures that nothing lasts forever,
And no living thing forever takes a stand.