An Unmarked Grave

The crickets had mostly shut up... the birds just beginning. It was about 5a.m., and Gallows hadn't slept at all that night. He needed a shower among other things pretty badly too.

One second for a breath. He was almost done... he leaned against his shovel, panting, and brushing the sweat from his brow and his long black hair out of his face with a hand caked in dirt and dried blood. He was in nothing but black leather pants and worn work boots... standing in a hole he'd dug for the body he'd found out here.

"God... damn your eyes, and damn my guts..." *hurk* Gallows leaned over the edge of the hole to puke again, but it was mostly dry heaves now. He looked through his bangs to the corpse sitting under the tree. "I want to see what you've seen... but it better not be urgent... cuz if you're still seein' now, you're not seein' me at my best..."

The sun was going to rise by the time he put this body to rest, but the hole was finally passable. He threw the shovel down almost hard enough to break the head off of it, finally giving his muscles a rest... after the work it took to find this body, even his dark tan skin felt burnt, hot, and sore. Eyes were dry and bloodshot... mouth was sore and sour as hell... the latter was because he'd found time to drink... found a nice little stash of moonshine here, deep in someone's sizable orchard.

"I hope you're thankful... those bastards were gonna leave you to rot in the wilderness... anyway, I'm not asking much, and you won't be missing them." He leaned down, neatly plucking the eyeballs out of the corpse with sickening popping noises, pocketing them and respectfully picking the body up and laying it neatly in the hole. "Wish you'd had any trace of who you are... I'd have made you a personalized headstone too. As it is, you're gonna have to settle with a makeshift cross... and don't take it personally, but I'm of a mind that I'm never coming back here again... so you're gonna have to settle for the furry and four-legged kind of visitors. I wish you better sights in your afterlife." After reducing a formal prayer to a slight lazy gesture of his hand, he set to work, filling the hole, looking forward to his bed.