Thinking Class

People say I am an optimist

I look at the world and smile

But you'll find my glass is not quite full

If you sit and stay a while

Most of my friends are pessimists

The world, it brings them down

And they sit around to commiserate

On how all they do is frown

My sister is naivety

In her youth she can pretend

That the world has yet to touch

A single hair upon her head

My mother thinks realistically

My father not so much

And it's become harder and harder

To see the brightest of the bunch

All these thoughts they build like cobwebs

And they wrap around my mind

And they grow so very thick

That I can't tell which thoughts were mine

So I guess all I can say

About this world of thinking class

Is that when you dump out all the extras

All you have's an empty glass.