After they left IHOP, James dropped Ashton off at his car and the two parted ways to drive back to Red Valley separately.

As he drove, Ash battled a terrible feeling in the gut of his stomach; he wasn't sure if it was due to some kind of fearful anticipation of coming face to face with Colby again, or because James had fucked him with abandon not an hour ago. It was probably both, and the weight of a stack of pancakes on top of it all.

To keep focused, the two played a dangerous game of leapfrog on the freeway, where Ashton would pass James, and vice versa, until at one point they were driving side by side and trying to out-speed the other. The recklessness didn't last long, because next thing Ashton knew they were approaching the town's limits and his heart started hammering in his chest – threatening to burst through his ribcage and just kill him already.

His Bentley pulled up next to James' in the parking lot of the high-rise, luxury condos the lawyer resided, and Ash did not immediately attempt to get out. He stayed with a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel until the man tapped his window impatiently.

"Oi – get goin' 'ya bleedin' scaredy-cat," he called.

So Ashton moved his body as much as he could – getting sorer by the minute – and climbed out of his car with great difficulty, battling an anxiety he didn't even know could exist within him. His knees were still shaky as he attempted to hold up his own weight and James frowned at him.

"Need m'ta carry 'ya, luv?"

"Shut up, I can do it," Ashton fumed, pain coursing through him as he took a step. "Like fuck – why do we have to do this today? Right now? Can't I fucking lie down for a minute?"

This brought a smile to James' lips and he walked beside Ash as they made their way into the building. "Nah – s'only day they got off right? 'Yer safe as houses with me, pet. S'least y'can do after we screwed 'round 'n I told'ya 'bout me saucepan."

"Your what? Saucepan?"

"Me kid – Liam yeah?"

"Are you doing this on purpose? I seriously don't fucking understand your crazy –" Ash was interrupted with a sharp pain as he lifted his leg to take the steps up to the entrance. James didn't skip a beat, though, and just pulled him up under the armpits and helped him.

"Deffo on purpose – gives me a bubble, don't it?" James admitted easily. He took them past the secured doors and towards the elevators as Ashton felt his tolerance snap a little.

"I swear to God…"

"Alrigh' – I'll stop… could be worse 'n that though…"

"I'll give you a thousand dollars to talk normally for five fucking minutes," Ash offered, not angry as much as he was just exhausted and nervous.

"Nah… y'can keep 'yer bees 'n honey…" James countered – voice soothing even though he was definitely making things much worse. At the terribly cold look Ash shot at him, James made as if zipping his lips shut before pressing them against the side of Ashton's head. In his weak condition, the young male couldn't have ducked away even if he wanted to.

They rode the elevator in relative silence and made their way down the hall – past James' door and towards the one that Colby slammed shut just yesterday. It was a sharp apprehension that stopped Ashton in his tracks; staring at the door as if behind it were ominous creatures straight out of a dark fantasy.

James simply pulled him by the arm – never once hesitating in using force.

"Wait – wait just a second…" Ash begged, attempting to remove his bicep from the vice-like grip. He twisted so hard he was sure he'd bruise and James finally let go with a deep sigh in front of the door, staring down at Ashton who felt like he'd much rather die. Yeah, that sounded nice. An eternal slumber…

"Look'a'me duck," James said – tone taking on that patient, fatherly edge. When honey eyes tentatively met his, he placed both hands on Ashton's face and drew him up for a brief kiss. Swimming in too many different emotions, Ash was barely able to comprehend what was happening. His heart was beating way too hard – his stomach knotting. "Do it, yeah? I know y'can luv. Guilt's awful, innit? Gonna get worse'n tha' if y'don' 'fess up."

A distant part of Ash understood this, and in fact, as he stared at James, his nerves were slowly easing away. That God awful – but much appreciated – belief that he was a good person was infecting Ashton from the core of his being outward.

"But what if Colby doesn't forgive me… what if he just hates me forever?"

"Don't know 'is arse from 'is elbow, does he? Besides, y'got me, pet. Ain't goin'ta leave 'ya whether Colby likes it or not, right?"


Perhaps Ashton's vulnerability was so rare - so strange in comparison to his usual overwhelming confidence - that James didn't take it for granted. This man knew what it took for Ashton to trust him enough to show this very obvious and undeniable fear of rejection. Those honey eyes sparkled with uncertainty – distress – definitely needing someone to value him and James drew in for another kiss – firmer this time… pouring all of his passion, longing, and re-assurance into Ashton's mouth.

When he drew away, Ash had stopped fidgeting anxiously and was instead, left silently stunned.

"Gawd blimey… 'm not givin' 'ya up for th'life o' me, Ash'n – 'n anyone that tries t'take ya away? Beat the seven shades of shit outta 'em, I will."

Then, before Ash could even find his voice to question this nonsense, James turned and knocked twice on the door.

It was several moments before Lucas Aaron opened it wide and smiled at James. Ash watched, clear as day, as that smile faltered landing on his face.

"What is this, Hoadley? You didn't say anything about –"

Lucas cut himself off as James pushed his way into the nice apartment that – oddly – smelled like lemons. In fact, as Ashton followed a few steps behind and got a good look around the place, it gave off an eerie vibe of being unlived in. The furniture was sparse and way too modern. There were no rugs, carpets or anything of the sort; just gleaming hardwood floors.

It felt very cold and unwelcoming.

Before Ashton could even say anything, Lucas was glaring murderously at him. It took away all of Ash's fears and replaced it with intense hatred. He hated this doctor more than anyone in the world, combined. The douchebag had this sense of superiority about him – just the way he held himself screamed "asshole".

"What is this about, huh? I never wanted to see this piece of trash in my life ever again, and you're bringing him into my place?"

That sneer was enough to set Ashton off. "You–" he started, unable to help himself.

But James silenced him with a brief shove sideways. "Ah Lukey, where's Colby at? Sum'fin this'n's gotta say."

"Get him out of my apartment, Hoadley."

This didn't deter James in the least. "OI! COLBY!" he shouted – booming voice echoing through the atrociously empty space. Lucas looked absolutely pissed. He threw a terrible, icy stare at Ashton – knowing it was his fault – before Colby rounded the corner from a hallway beyond.

This time, neither stunned nor surprised at his appearance, Ash finally noticed what was so different about his friend. For the first time in his life it looked as if Colby was finally wearing clothes that didn't come off the rack at Walmart. In fact, Ashton recognized the brand-name, fitted long-sleeve that adorned a killer body and knew at once that the doctor had succeeded in playing dress-up – something Ashton had begged to do for a while.

As their eyes met, Colby's round, amber orbs narrowed and he stopped mid-step - not bothering to hide his glare, as usual.

"The fuck – Ashton what the hell man. You… you fucking have a lot of nerve…"

With an obvious elbowing, James prompted Ash to speak up and get it out, now or never, and Ashton took a deep breath before beginning. "Look, Colby, the other day – and even before that – I meant to say –"

"Shutup. I don't want to hear it from you. What the hell are you thinking, showing your face? I told you to leave Hoadley alone –"

James waved a large hand as he was referenced, interrupting Colby easily even as Ash struggled to find his voice properly. "S'not happenin'."

Lucas spoke next – ice blue eyes going wide at the confirmation. "You can't be serious… you - with him?"

James' sly grin was too hot. Ash had seen this man's cool confidence before, but was still amazed as freckled cheeks lifted and James nodded, making Lucas heat even more and lose his composure.

"Hoadley – y-you know he date-raped Colby, right?"

"I never raped Colby!" Ashton snapped defensively. "I would never hurt him."

Lucas didn't even glance in Ash's direction – his eyes remained focused on his friend as he continued; completely ignoring the interruption. "What's so good about this punk?"

"Bleedin' prat's sex on a stick, in't he?" James replied casually, waving a hand at Ashton.

Lucas rubbed at his temple, as if trying to bring himself to understand exactly what was going on in a reasonable fashion – but Ashton couldn't leave it any longer. He locked eyes with Colby and continued.

"Look – Colby – I'm sorry okay? I roofie'd you and there's no excuse. I thought I was giving you what you wanted, but I messed up so bad," Ashton admitted – feeling a rush of tight, anxious knots work his stomach. It was horrible how the eyes of his best friend just looked even more disgusted than before. "Tristan had nothing to do with it. It was all me. I'm so sorry. I didn't think it was hurting anyone… but I hurt you the most and… and I'm sorry."

"You fucker!" Colby seethed. "I've been going nuts this past month, thinking about all this… so you can't just walk in here with Hoadley on your arm and expect to be forgiven! I'm not buying this whole Beauty and the Beast act; you're scum." Then, determined amber eyes flashed dangerously at the large, freckled man beside Ashton. "Hoadley, he's just using you. I know Ash. He'll stop at nothing. He doesn't have a conscience!"

"Hey – I do!" Ash interrupted, although it was true he'd only recently started listening to his; and it just so happened to have the same voice as James…

"You're a curse impossible to get rid of," Colby declared with that trademark murderous attitude.

"Fucking love you too, man," Ashton responded.

"How do you expect me to believe you've changed? You've always been like this. Just – just doing whatever you want to anyone you want… without thinking it through or considering how anyone else feels! You've messed things up for me so much…"

"How? Tell me," Ashton began, stepping forward a little and then raising his hands in a gesture of neutrality as Lucas practically snarled at him – stopping him getting any closer to Colby. "Tell me and I'll make it right. Give me that chance Colby, c'mon."

Because Ashton knew, better than anyone in the room, that look in Colby's face indicated he was on the verge of giving in. It was the slightest fear that flashed in a terribly good-looking face that strengthened Ash's confidence and resolve. He'd pushed Colby's limits way too many times before not to be an expert at it by now.

And, sure enough, Colby let it flow from him in a rush – face anxious as he pointed to Lucas at his side. "Apparently, that night you roofie'd me, I called out for you, and it's ruined me in his eyes ever since! He thinks you're some kind of threat." Lucas looked horror-struck at Colby saying the issue out loud, but Ashton didn't skip a beat. He didn't need Colby mad at him for a misunderstanding on top of everything else.

"Ugh – okay look, bro," Ash began, snapping honey orbs to Lucas and just barely containing the urge to throw a punch at him. "The one time I kissed Colby it was before I even knew him. I thought, you know – wow – like, what meaning. We were in a closet and everything… and the fucker just punches me…"

"Wait – you knew it was me?" Colby interrupted, brows knotting.

Ashton blanked completely – those Earth-shattering words breaking everything around him.

"W-wait, obviously I knew it was you. I told a bunch of chicks to help me out and they were down for it man, and pushed you in there with me. Damnit Colby, I was choked for so long before I finally came to terms you're just straight!" There was a notable silence and Ash knew he'd said the wrong thing again. "Okay, before – this dude," he corrected with a roll of his eyes to Lucas. "Anyway, that was fucking years ago!" he shouted to the doctor. "You need to get over it. Besides, this kid used to cling to me when he was drunk. Always "Ash Ash Ash" – so if he said my name at all it was probably just instinct or something I don't know. Whatever."

Lucas' lip curled nastily at the explanation, but he remained silent and Colby's mouth fell open.

A stunned silence followed. "You gotta forgive me, dude. I need you in my life – as a friend," he clarified again after another dark look from Lucas. "My best friend. I miss you so much Colby… I fucked up and did something dangerous and stupid… I'm sorry."

"Fucking right it was dangerous and stupid," Colby snapped - voice rising so the two were speaking in heated tones. "You could have killed me! What the hell were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking!" Ash shouted. "I was just giving you what I thought you wanted. Remember that night, a few years ago at Becca's party? You clung to me, all upset, complaining that you wanted to have fun with us, but didn't want to be hungover or remember all the fucked up shit we did."

It was Colby's turn to shout. "So you started to fucking drug me?!"

"There's no excuse, Colby. I fucked up, okay? And it only got worse when you started treating Trist and I like shit! I thought we were losing you so… I tried harder than ever to keep it like the old days!"

Just like that, their shouting ended. It was Colby who broke first – eyes turned away to stare at a gleaming floor as he balled fists at his side. "You're such an entitled piece of shit…"

But he wasn't punching Ashton, or denying any forgiveness and that was enough for Ash who broke with frenzied relief and attacked Colby with a tight hug. No sooner had he curled his hands around the sandy-haired male than Lucas ripped him off with force and James was there to pull his rigid body a reasonable distance away.

Colby's glare was back in full power as he drew up to full height and pointed a finger directly at Ashton's chest. "You'd better be serious, Ashton, because this is the last chance you get. If you're just fucking around for revenge… or messing with Hoadley to get back at Lucas, I'll kill you." Ash really tried his best not to think that Colby's intimidation was kind of hot. Instead he urgently nodded his head and came to terms with an intensely gratifying liberation. Before he could get too happy, Colby continued; looking James dead in the eye. "If you're just fucking him – whatever. But don't get serious."

"Eh? Stay out'ta it, y'tosser," James replied – grin back in full force as he headlocked Ashton. "This duckie's mine. S'all y'need to know."

"Go die, you freak," Colby bit. "Don't say I didn't warn you. Ash hasn't had any relationship – even remotely semi-serious – since I've known him. Plus he's a cokehead."

James flashed Ashton a serious look but the younger male was already choking over the need to clear the air. "One time!" he admitted, "I did it once, a long time ago okay? Colby! Dude, when are you going to get over it?"

"Never! You'll never understand what I went through that night!

Lucas spoke; finally breaking out of a stunned silence. The doctor waved an attention-grabbing hand through the air. "This is not happening, Colby. You think I'm just going to let you anywhere near him? And Hoadley, you can do much better."

"Dude chill out," Ashton warned, feeling wrath swirl from his head to his toes. James didn't help things as he placed a hand across his back and pulled him close.

"Luke – mate – 'm dead serious," he started, left hand stroking down Ashton's body obscenely. Ash made no attempt to resist the palm now scraping dominantly down to his ass. "'N I juss gott'im a lil' bit loose… not gonna let'im go."

"Ugh, I'm going to be sick," Lucas spat, though his eyes were magnetically drawn to the way James was showing off Ashton as something he owned.

Ash half-heartedly tried twisting away from the touch at the look of absolute disgust Colby was also shooting him, but James' grip tightened and all fight left once more. He flashed a look of apology at his best friend before James demonstrated just how serious he was with brief, but very pornographic kiss. The freckled man left him hot and breathless as their tongues broke apart and Lucas wasted no time once again declaring his disgust.

"Sick… who knows what you just caught. Get the hell out of my apartment – both of you." Ice blue eyes were hard-set, and Ashton would have thought nothing of challenging them if it weren't for James already trying to oblige the request.

"But – Colby…" Ashton twisted his head as best he could to give one last parting look to his best friend. "So we're cool? Colby? Hey!"

A particularly hard yank on his bicep carried him over the landing and back out into the hall. James was employing an unnecessary amount of force steering him back towards his apartment and Ashton knew enough to not even bother fighting. He simply locked eyes with the man as he made to unlock his door and pointed back to Lucas' apartment.

"What the hell was that? Hate to break it to you dude, but you didn't exactly make things better for us. Colby hasn't forgiven me and –"

But then James snapped – his large hand sprung out to collect Ash's jaw and he held it firmly in a hard grip while staring seriously down with hard green eyes. "Oi – what'd I tell'ya 'bout other blokes?"

The question was so preposterous, Ashton was almost dumbfounded. He struggled to remove his jaw from James' grip before responding. "Wh-what? It's just Colby… besides, there really shouldn't be any question about it after the way you tongue-fucked my mouth back there."

With eyes shining, James spoke low and serious as he twisted the doorknob in his hands and opened the way into his apartment. "Should'a bent'y'over instead."

A chill down his spine made Ash bristle with the statement but he quickly disregarded it at the look James was giving him. Green eyes were so serious – jaw clenching – clearly upset… "You're hot when you're jealous," he mused, breaking with a sly grin at the way the serious look faltered.

As he stepped forward, Ash wasn't the least bit surprised that James didn't move a single inch. The lawyer was not at all intimidated by the way Ash drew closer; he settled large hands on Ashton's hips and leaned over to meet an urgent kiss.

This time, it didn't end. Or at least, that was the game Ashton assumed they were playing as the man manoeuvered him blindly through an unfamiliar layout. All he could focus on was the tongue slipping between his raw lips – the taste of James Hoadley filling and heating him. It took all other thoughts out of his head. He kept glued to the man as he was lifted under the ass and carried to a couch.

Ash expected to be dropped; an exciting thrill raced through his body and set fire to all of the nerves going to his cock as he imagined James bending him over the cushions and slam-fucking him in that wild way of his.

Instead, he was lowered way too gently – mouth still stuck to James' as he was brought down to rest. It was already too much to handle but somehow he managed to run his fingers through James' thick auburn hair and pull the freckled face in deeper. Ashton was just expressing the smallest bit of needy desire coursing through him when James separated and looked down with hooded eyes and an evil grin.

"Y'did good, Ash'n," he began, running a disgustingly romantic finger down his cheek and over his lips. "Dead chuffed I am." Even though Ash wasn't exactly sure what the word meant, he could assume it was well-earned praise by the proud look James was giving him now. James' happiness burst through his large body and he pressed his forehead into Ashton's collarbone - squeezing the younger male in a tight hug.

"Okayyy," Ash began with a tentative patting of an overly large back. "But I think we made things worse…"

"Nah, duck," James disagreed. "Much better now innit? Out 'n open."

Ash hesitated; some part of him didn't want to intentionally break that wide, toothy smile that was greeting him from near his chest. "Yeah… well they didn't exactly scream their acceptance…"

"Ah, it's their choice t'accept or not, luv, but fuck all they can do about it yeah? Best mates'll come around. Just gotta give'm a lil' more time."

There was that unwavering tone of certainty again. Ash was fascinated with it – believing everything James said. The comfort and weight of this man on top of him; the anxious feeling of guilt long gone… it was absolute bliss for Ashton who had never felt so secure in his life. He had this lawyer to thank for everything and he was prepared to pay up the only way he knew how.

"So you're proud of me?" he asked as subtly as possible, finger spinning circles into James' head. "Do I get anything? You know… like a reward or something?"

There was a hot, sly smirk that met him at these words. "'S'pose… whu'chu want?"

Ashton's head spun at the thought. He wanted a lot of things, all at once, but most importantly he wanted to drown in pleasure to the point of passing out. His honey eyes lit excitedly at the thought and he pushed James off enough that he was able to squirm out from under the man and then proceed to straddle his lap.

"Can I be on top?" he purred, asking too late as he pressed his body disturbingly close to James'.

"Who says 'yer gettin' any in the first place?" James asked.

At first, Ashton wondered if it was a joke, but James was looking pretty serious and he frowned in response.

"But… I'm hard," he began, twisting his pelvis so his hardening bulge made contact with James. "And you too… so… aahhh!"

Both hands grabbed Ash's hips as James pulled hard and ground against him. Whether it was an impulse, or if James was up for teasing, Ashton didn't understand – or care. He liked a lot of things about James, but bar none the best part of this man was his unintentionally rough handling. It had something to do with an absurd dominance – James Hoadley was a nice guy, but he also didn't take anything from anyone and knew how to play up his intimidation. Opportunistic was the word…

"Nnn - James! James - I want - you..."

The heat was unbearable. Ash thought he'd burst into flames. He bucked against the tented hard-on of the man's lap and let the hot noise of approval wash over him. Yeah... just like Ashton, this dude loved a bit of worship. Still James was making no effort to drop his fly and give Ash what he wanted. He simply pressed lips to the young male's jaw, swirled his tongue and fondled his ass. Ashton resolved to beg harder; hand reaching for the bulge underneath him. He stroked James through denim sensually - swooning at how hard he was…

"Oh fuck... I want to ride you - get your cock so deep inside me... Please..."

"You bett'r... quit tha'," James reprimanded - voice way too husky to convince Ashton it wasn't working. "I dun gave it t'ya this mornin' n' nearly tore 'ya in two, luv."

Though, as he reminded Ashton, the man didn't hold back groping hard he practically lifted the limbre body off of him to squeeze and grope. Ash whined at the removal of contact; twisting in James' strong hands to rub up against the fucking body somehow.

"Just... just a little," Ash pleaded. That heat returned ten-fold; this time with a flip of his stomach and an overwhelming surge of excitement as James slid Ashton's jeans down with warm fingers. "Yes... oh God... just a little, please James."

"Bleedin' mad in'chu? Lovin' this cock... fuck'n fit ass needs it?"

"Yes!" Ash replied immediately, wrapping arms around that freckled neck without any thought and pulling tight. He would say anything - do anything - like a fucking real addict he just needed his fix. "I need it... I love it... James... right now..."

"Y'need t'hold on, pet," James managed after a noticeable gulp of his Adam's apple. "Right now y'say? Put it in? Break 'ya even more I will..." but he worked at his own jeans anyway.

"J-just the tip... then," Ash continued- losing his fucking mind completely as James finally released that amazing dick. Honey eyes swept the length and he made an appreciative noise.

"S'not happenin' duckie..." James denied, but before Ash could complain the lawyer pulled his body right up against him. Ashton's hard member slammed against James' abs and his knees shook either side of the man as he continued. "But I'll make a mess o'ya - get ya all twisted up n' beggin'. Hottest thin' in th'fuck'n world y'are Ash'n... gawd blimey..."

Ash hiccuped - literally unable to process oxygen properly. Even though James was refusing him, he had no trouble sliding that impossibly hot tool along Ashton's crack. Eyes closed as Ash tried to back up on that length; damn the lube - damn the sore ass - none of it mattered because he just wanted the most amazing sex he'd ever experienced. He twisted his body to try and grind down onto the best cock of his life, but then an unexpected thing happened.

James gave a sharp slap to Ashton's bare ass.

Oh fuck. Oh God.

The smack vibrated along Ash's spine - up to his head, making it swim, before shooting back down to his cock; forcing out a steady release of clear precum. Moaning in ecstasy, he stopped trying to grind that massive dick in him and rested his forehead against James'. "Y-you... spanked me..." Ash accused - voice weak. He'd never - ever - had such a thing done to him.

"Had to righ'?" James insisted, though he ran his hand tenderly against the stinging cheek as if in apology. "Y'weren't listenin'... y'was actin' right spoilt, luv, n' I had to do it."

Ash wasn't sure what he felt - but strange covered most of it. He absorbed the shock - totally unnerved - but the smallest bit of sanity returned to him. His greedy attempts had been a bit absurd... but getting spanked? Surely that crossed some kind of line...

Hell, who was he kidding? As he debated the issue, James was already back to sliding a leaking tip along him, stopping to tease his entrance but not making any effort to put it in. Ash melted at the sensation - hanging helplessly; trying his very best not to lower his weight even a little bit and get the slap of a palm on his bare ass again.

It was absolutely excruciating. Ash was dripping all over James' hard stomach without even touching himself – made extra sensitive due to the teasing… the spank… he couldn't think straight at all. When that extra hard head ran along the cleft of his balls, up his length, his body trembled and he bit his lip against a very sharp whine.

"Don' get m'wrong – I wan' nothin' more'n 'ta give y'this Ash'n…" James spoke low, pressing their cocks together intently while smoothing a hand over the young male's ass. He growled low as Ash couldn't help grinding against the solid dick for some kind of friction – and his palm gripped one fleshy cheek in a sort of pinch before fingers slipped down his crack and circled the sore entrance. "But this's gettin' bruised 'n I dunna'want 'ta hurt m'precious duck…"

"Yeah – yeah right…" Ash scoffed, still snaking his hips and really hating the aching way he wanted nothing more than those digits to breach his hole and finger him deep. Anything was better than this torture… "You even… hit me…"

"'N 'ya almost came like a fuck'n slut eh?" James accused with a rough whisper. It was simply impossible the way this dude's voice made Ashton shiver from top to bottom and buck disgracefully against that slick member. Then again, it wasn't too surprising to Ashton that he enjoyed being treated roughly. He'd experienced this before when James slammed him against flimsy walls, or tossed him in back seats; and not minutes ago when that hard palm made punishing contact. It was thrill after thrill Ashton was becoming addicted to. It was too new, and it was all because of James – a gentle man turned wild. Ash finally understood what he'd said before about needing someone who wouldn't break…

"Hhaaa - James…"

"Bet'a tom like you'd bleedin' love a big, hot cock tearin' y'open… you'd do anythin' yeah?"

Ash felt his dick throb at the words – breaking to complete pieces as James spoke low - sensually - right into his ear.

"Y-yes… anything… James…" he responded, driving the lawyer just as crazy as he felt inside. The man indulged the slightest bit, pressing the pad of his finger firm against Ashton's hole and taking it away before Ash could even work through a choked anticipation.

It was so unfair, yet he wasn't even angry. His one-track mind could only concentrate on a frustrating thirst growing more and more unbearable.

"Christ… 'yer amazin' luv," James breathed, taking his sweet fucking time in toying with Ashton's body. He kissed a soft neck from collarbone to ear. "Only one in th'world t' drive me mental 'n get me right bent. Nev'r los' m'head like this."

Ashton let the praise wash over his body; unable to help the powerful desire that burst from him and made him capture James' lips with his own. He let the destructive heat flow as the lawyer kissed hard with an open mouth – running a tongue along his bottom lip before shoving it in and groaning as Ash sucked it deep to the back of his throat. It was incredible the way James' hands kneaded at his skin; rocked his body into a rhythmic grind. He was close to just cumming everywhere, and their dicks were barely touching.

Even though it was nowhere near what he wanted, Ash couldn't fight the overwhelming need to get off and release this tension building in his balls. His hand moved from James' neck down to his dick to pump at their hard-on's – and a guttural sound from the man sent chills down Ashton's spine.

Breaking apart, dangerous green eyes locked with Ashton's as the young male squeezed a large cock against his sinfully. "Wh'chu want is it?"

"N-no," Ash confirmed in a shaky voice, tender lips throbbing from their kiss. "You won't… give me – what I want…"

"Proper tell me then…"

Canines bared, James scraped them across Ashton's bottom lip. Ash abandoned jerking them off and wiggled needily, tearing his lip away before speaking.

"I want you to fuck me. Hard. Slow. Anything James… please…"

If it was working, Ashton couldn't tell. The freckled man was muttering nonsense under his breath that was barely audible over the beating of Ash's poor heart. He considered to keep going until James gave him what he wanted.

"I haven't had enough… I want you over and over," Ashton continued, reaching for the hot length as he referenced it. "Get this inside me before I go crazy…"

James removed his tight hold, and Ashton took it as permission to scramble to his slutty knees. He practically fell to the floor in his haste to get into position – heart flipping as James joined him on the ground.

"Fuck'n hell Ash'n… need lube don' we?"

"J-just spit and go slow," Ash urged. Nothing in the world – not even the glorious relief of lube – would be enough to get him to stop what they were doing. Besides, Ash was still stretched from earlier – probably still slick with cum from the beast draining inside him…

"Bleedin' mad…" James huffed, although the next sound he made was a terrible spitting and Ashton's world flipped upside down with the anticipation.

On his knees with his shoulders pressed into rough carpet, Ash considered that doggy style wasn't exactly what he had had in mind. His heart had been set on riding James – but this was the next best thing and he definitely wasn't complaining. Heat began to sweep his body rapidly as James worked fingers into a saliva covered entrance.

"I said – i-it's fine…" Ash managed through gritted teeth as those fingers brushed dangerously close to his prostate. Besides that, they slid in rather easily and James tested the hole with a spin of his fingers before pulling them out and abandoning his rather frustrating habit of finger-banging instead of getting down to business.

Maybe he wanted it just as bad.

Ash's whole body tingled at the thought – it was a collection of every single nerve ending exploding with anticipation. His mind was overwhelmed; his body shaking in excitement as strong hands ran along his sides and made him melt. James was doing nothing but touching him and Ashton felt his cock throb and leak impossibly. For someone so used to sex, and pleasure, it was absolutely shocking how sensitive he was to this man alone…

"Lookit'chu, pet – squirmin' like that…"

Ashton wasn't consciously aware of his movements until James brought them to light and steadied his lower half with a hard grip of his ass. The young male wasn't the least bit embarrassed – he wasn't familiar with things like shame. All he could focus on was the fact he was dying to get fucked on some lawyer's floor - the same lawyer who had fucked him four times in the span of two days…

Though it was insatiable – incredible; the feeling of being filled with James' cock was ultimately indescribable. Ashton gasped out loud as the man breached him, easing his thick member inside slowly - inch after hot inch disappearing inside him.

Suddenly James muttered insensibly as he drove forward a little too hard.

Turning his head back to shoot an uncertain look at the man almost made Ash cum. The image of James Hoadley staring down at him with vibrant red cheeks and knotted brows – trying to keep control of himself but actually looking like he wanted to start pounding like an animal – was hot as fuck.

Ash kicked his legs excitedly as their eyes made contact. His heart completed weird somersaults as that freckled face leaned in to meet his and gave a kiss that was way too soft to be allowed. Then again, Ashton didn't have much choice. Right now, he didn't have to worry about rules or romance – he only cared about how they were connected.

He let out a slow whine as James eased himself out, and then thrust back in. The lawyer was getting dangerously close to that prostate again and Ashton was way too teased to last very long. All he wanted was for James to completely lose himself and take him to a mind-numbing climax – he almost backed up onto that length on his own before remembering the spanking earlier.

Still, ever the mind-reader, James was picking up pace and setting a rhythm of short, steady thrusts – driving a little more of his dick inside with each rock of his hips. "Nngh – too fuck'n tight Ash'n…" he mumbled between deep breaths.

Ashton shook his head – disagreeing even when the pain in his ass revealed that yes, it was tight – and not very wet – but James was getting the job done like the surprisingly capable guy he turned out to be. "N-no… feels – so good… James… go hard-er…"

"Betchu'd love tha'-" James growled, testing Ashton's reaction with a hard thrust as requested. "Bleedin' scrubber…"

It was instantly orgasmic. With that one power-thrust, Ashton was already breaking to pieces. A tight pressure building in his balls was quickly unfurling and he gripped into the carpet as the overwhelming pleasure forced a moan from between his lips.

"Y-ye-aahh! – love it – James I'm gonna…"

"Christ…" James said, though he picked up his pace and momentarily forgot about being gentle as he gripped Ashton's thighs and drove in way too deep to be considerate. "Fuck'n Christ… 'yer a handful, luv…"

And then James snapped completely. He focused on Ash's g-spot – ramming into it with a heated length at the perfect angle and forcing the younger male cry out. Ashton's whole body shook with reflexive spasms as pleasure consumed him; it was too much – the force of his orgasm had his eyes watering.

Yet James didn't ease up. He fucked Ashton through his climax like an animal – making complete use of the body bent over in front of him. Each thrust spiked Ash's pleasure into newfound heights until he was screaming from the intensity of his release; his vision blurred and as he drooled and moaned into the rug before James finally came. The lawyer gave a groan as his cock pumped and drained sticky seed way too deep inside Ashton once again. The sensation of being filled had Ashton whining with pain.

It was only a moment later – when James pulled out – that Ash realized how roughly James had given it to him. Then again, he couldn't blame anyone but himself…

As they laid exhausted on the carpet – sticky with sweat from the efforts of getting it on – Ashton brought up the subject. His cheek was pressed against James' taut stomach, and the man was absently running a hand through his hair as he opened his mouth.

"Hey James – have you heard of BDSM?"

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Chapter Index:

Safe as houses – really safe/secure
Saucepan – child/kid (Cockney rhyming)
Screwed around – had sex
Deffo - definitely
Sex on a stick – hot stuff
Seven shades of shit – should be self-explanatory…
Bees and honey – money (Cockney rhyming)
Bubble – laugh (Cockney rhyming)
Don't know his arse from his elbow – they don't know what they're talking about.
Worse'n – worse than
Sum'fin – something
This'n – this one
Tosser – obnoxious male
Prat – an idiot
Chuffed – pleased
Scrubber – loose morals lady

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Bob's your uncle – Like "tada!" or "there you have it!"