A/N: This is based on my maths teacher. She's horrible and everyone hates her. Unfortunately she's also my form tutor. She knows how to do maths but she doesn't know how to explain it.

The Problem With Bad Teachers

The problem with bad teachers Is that everything they say is unreasonable

"Do these questions."

Of course I'm at school But when you say it It makes we want to die

"Be quiet" We were barely even talking

You must be hearing things

Or maybe

We were talking about work

I asked for a pen

I don't understand the work

"Well you should have asked"

But I don't like you I don't understand when you explain things

Your voice makes me want to claw my ears out

Or scream

Or both

"Really?" The teacher asks judgingly

She wasn't laughing

Although I am but you can't see me

I'm faced away from you

My opposite isn't so lucky

And it just so happens you hate her

As much as we hate you

The problem with bad teachers

Is that no one wants to listen

No one wants to make you proud

No one wants to help you

No one wants to try

No one wants to learn

And so they don't

And they fail

And you say

"You could have gotten 100%"

And we protest. Strongly.

But you blame us for not trying

And we blame you for not teaching

And we complain behind your back

And we have our inside jokes of stuff you say

And we laugh at you

That's the trouble with bad teachers

They don't respect us

So we don't respect them