A/N: BT Dubz I didn't actually get slapped The Slap I can't believe he slapped I stare at him and he stares at me And I can't believe he slapped me He stutters apologies I know he's sorry But I can't believe he slapped me My cheek is red and my skin is bruising I can't believe he slapped me We drop our argument How can we continue When he just slapped me I usually hang around for a while But today I left early Because he went and slapped me They say one slap leads to more Even if they're sorry Sorry that they slapped you My dreams of marriage And a happy family shatter Along with he fact that he's slapped me The joy replaced with pain Of growing up with my dad He slapped my mother, he slapped my brother And he sometimes slapped me What if my kid grew up like that? I told my boy it was fine But I can't allow this to happen I have to draw a line