Rosaline wandered through the dark hallway of Bayle castle. It was deathly quiet-her feet barely even made a sound with every step she made. The red-head looked around. She could barely see through the darkness. This didn't matter to her though. Normally a person would be nervous and afraid but, for Rosaline, she was in her happy place. Yet she couldn't help but feel...watched. Someone was near-in the shadows of this dark corridor- and watching her every move. She stopped for a moment and began to wait. Nothing happened. It was like time had stopped entirely. Then, for just a second, she heard a banging sound on the wall. Immediately looking in the direction it came from, she walking towards it. Suddenly, hearing a barely audible footstep, she froze in place. Then, in an instant, Rosaline dodged an attack from behind by performing a simple sidestep. The attacker was fast, but Rosaline was faster. She grabbed his wrist with one hand and toke his dagger away with the other. Then, pinning him to the wall, she held the weapon to his neck. "Still trying to sneak up on me, I see," Rosaline said with a smirk. She let him go and backed up. "Is that a problem M'lady?" He responded. Rosaline's immediate silence answered that question. He cleared his throat. "In my defense, Rosy," He began. "You rarely sleep, you just wander through the halls- in the dark and at night might I add- as if you're a ghost that's secretly haunting us." Rosaline didn't have anything to see after. She knew his was right. Yet she also knew he was only looking out for her. "I will be getting my 'needed rest' soon Zeno.

The next day came by quick, considering how long Rosaline stays up at night. She, along with her mother and father,Tania and Mitsuki, and Zeno, sat in the garden behind the castle. She smiled as her parents laughed among each other. Rosaline, on the other hand, sat in a tree and looked t the sky. "Rosaline," Came a voice from behind. Turning around, she saw Zeno sitting on the opposite side of the tree and looking at her. "Zeno?" She said confused. "Were you here the whole time?" Zeno shook his head. "I came up here because I..." he stopped and looked down at her parents, who were now leaving the garden and heading back to the castle. "Come on down," He said. They both jumped down from the tree and landed safely on the ground. Zeno walked closer to her only to stop face to face. " you...Rosa," he said barely getting the words out. Then, before she could react, Zeno brought her lips up to his and kissed her. Her reaction was to open her eyes wide with shock. Though part of her didn't want it to end, he pulled away and looked at her. "Um...I'm sorry..." he said, immediately turning away. Rosaline just looked at him. She was speechless. This seemed to disappoint him, and he began to walk away with his head down. "Z-Zeno wait," Rosaline said. He came to a stop and looked at her. "Yes princess?" He responded. Rosaline stopped again. This time, her cheeks went a little red. She never felt this way before. " you too Zeno...I always have..." She said. At that moment, a small smile formed on his formed face. She walked towards him and pulled him into a hug. Joyful tears streamed down eyes. Looking back up at the clouds, Rosaline made a wish in her head.

"I hope these days never end."