I thought we were in love so why her instead of me?
Is it because of what my body can't be?
Did our intimate times became nothing but the past,
Anything I would do to make our kiss last,
You viciously torn my heart apart,
That day, with her, when you depart,
You were my first love, my life,
You were the cure to all my strife,
You wouldn't return for years,
That time to me, were only tears,
I hate you for taking her and leaving me behind,
When we met again, my emotions weren't alined,
Hatred, love, and lust came flooding back,
Never again shall you be the thing I lack,
Things like betrayal can be forgotten,
You can easily revive the feelings so rotten,
But never let a day go by without your touch,
Never make me miss you this achingly much,
May the act finally finish with our united kiss,
Let this bare, isolated utopia end in bliss...