Maybe it's the first time
someone truly broke your heart
and you found yourself on your knees
desperately gathering yourself back together
piece by piece.

Maybe it's that first bill you received
or the first time the ATM
spat back your card,
telling you sorry -
but there are no funds left.

Maybe it's the first time
you realized your dream
had faded so far into the horizon
that you couldn't see it anymore.

Maybe it's that first time
you went home on a Friday
having worked 9 to 5 full time,
and just wanted to curl into a corner
and cry.

Maybe it's the first time
you saw kids in school uniforms pass by
and wished that you could
turn back the clock and try growing up again,
cause this time you swear you'll do it right.

Or maybe it's something simpler -
like the first time you lied
when someone said, "How are you?"
and you said, "I'm fine."

Or maybe it was just a quiet understanding
a silent revelation when you realized,
I've left my childhood behind.

And isn't it one of the great ironies of life
that none of us get out alive?

A/N: I found myself thinking the other day that I wished I was a kid again, and it wasn't something I'd ever thought would really cross my mind. It reminded me how things change when you grow up, including the way you think. So I wanted to write something on those moments or turning points that make you cross the divide into adulthood. I know there are lots more, so feel free to leave a review with any suggestions or a moment personal to you that you felt marked the point you grew up, I would love to know. :)

Also, I wasn't sure how to start or end this piece. The couplet just felt right to me.