Today, it has been 20 years since the Great Cataclysm affected my home. Even now, we still grieve for what we have lost. I still remember the fires all around me and how our villagers were taken away. Why we believed them? The lies that came forth from the serpent's tongue? All that they ever wanted was to show us the 'light' and make us slaves to the cross. I couldn't move. I think they might have finally found my hiding place. I was relieved to find nothing. By all that is sacred, these people will have to play. My son, is sleeping on my lap, dreaming of things to come. He will be alright. The Great Will is watching over him. I see the sun setting over the horizon. I think that maybe, just maybe, I won't feel so afraid anymore.


There have been time that I just want to forget. Forget everything that has happened to me. But I can't. I must recall everything that happened. Recall every lie that they have told my people. I must free them from the cross. I remember one of their fortresses being nearby. If I am to invade it and free all of the prisoners inside, I must do so now. I plead to the Great Will but it remains silent. I knew that I alone must carry this burden.