Please read me slowly.

Don't run me through

like a chore you're meant to see, review and never think about again.

Please read me carefully.

Between the lines that fill my life I can show you many things.

But only if you let me.

Please read me deliberately.

Please don't choose me because of my size,

since it only takes you seconds to be finished with me.

I'm not supposed to.

You're reading me wrong.

And then what's the point?

Please read me cautiously.

Don't simply take my words for truth.

They could be poison, made from lies.

If you then chose me for the wrong reasons,

would you even see through my thin disguise?

Please read me respectfully.

Treat my flaws as you would treat a person's flaws.

They're there, they're mine, they're yours to find,

but nonetheless, please treat them with respect.

For while I'm not perfect, I was never supposed to be.

Please read me.


Not the words that you can see.

words are pointless, empty, nothing.

but the powers underneath?

They are that which makes me something.

Please read me.

Please read me.

Through me, you see, our thoughts run free.