First Entry

November 8th, 11:50pm, 2015

I've tried to keep journals in the past, but it hasn't gone very well for me. Well, with this, I hope to change that. Something about making my work available to the public just seems appealing...though, overthinking the details and wondering if they will receive it another story entirely. I'm not entirely sure how to begin this, so I'll just start with an introduction.

My name is Marissa E. Bradley, and I am sixteen years old. I live in a dingy apartment in the middle of Madison, a fairly large city in Wisconsin, USA. I'm blonde, fat, and generally pessimistic and bitter about everything that doesn't go my way. My, I don't sound like a very appealing person, do I? Well, that's probably because I'm not. I try not to sugarcoat anything, even to myself. Maybe that's the reason why I have very few friends. Who knows?

I recently got out of a toxic long-distance relationship with a boy that I thought was "the one". He didn't like it that I had developed a crush on another person, so he abruptly broke it off. Honestly, I was rather shocked and more annoyed than sad or upset. I now look back upon it as a good thing- I didn't care enough about him to try and make him stay. As bad as that sounds, maybe it was all for the best. I can't honestly say that I wish him well, because I do hold a grudge, but I do not plan to act out any petty revenge fantasy. That's, well...petty.

Anyways, I got a new boyfriend pretty quickly, a teenager by the name of Nicolas, who had had a crush on me for quite some time. And it was mutual. He's sweet, caring, funny, and quite smart- and to top it off, he's just as perverted as I am. Though he tries not to show that side of himself to me, which I can understand.

Ah, let's see, let's see...what else should you know about me, other than the fact that I have severe social anxiety, paranoia, and depression with psychosis? Nothing much, other than the fact that you may find my outlook on life to be rather grim. It's true, I don't see a very bright future for myself. Or hardly anyone around me, for that matter.

Well, I think that that concludes what I need to say, here in this introductory entry. I'll pick up the reins to this sometime tomorrow (or later tonight) and get started on talking about the current events happening in my life.