The House Sparrow

He perches on the ground or a building,
Cleaning up scraps of discarded food,
Threatening the natives with a killing,
Which he sees for his kind as the greater good.

A sparrow's life is not worth a lot
To most other life forms on this earth,
So this one fights for life with all he's got,
Proving the lowly can maintain their girth.

Hostile to natives and xenophobic,
He's not unlike our European forebears,
Bringing the finest in foreign classics,
But taking over the native kinds, I swear.

Even coming from the Old World himself,
This sparrow surely reflects the white skins,
Bringing his own style with lots of wealth,
But shunning the others who should be his kin.

Was it a mistake to bring the House Sparrow
To a foreign land where his vision's so narrow?