The Benton country club was the center of social life in the small collection of houses and shops that formed the little bedroom community some nine miles east of Yazoo City. The club was known for hosting a number of social events throughout the year, and also severed as local hang out for students from the local academy, Benton Academy. The academy was nothing more than a former segregation academy turned private school. The bulk of whose students held from the petite bourgeoisie, poor hill farmers and shop owners who had snubbed by the bourgeoisie of neighboring Yazoo City.

Tonight the country club was hosting of its many 'Social Gatherings' as such the common room was filled to the rafters with people. Most of whom where chattering away over the loud music that filled the common room, somewhere dancing others were sitting by the refreshment table, nursing a cup of spiked punch or something else of that nature. Few if any paid attention to the strange spider like contraption tucked away in the corner of the room.

At the center of the thing, one would find an old leather back chair, a brightly painted bull's eye sat behind the back the chair. Fanning out from the chair five to seven 'hands' each one held a gram cracker pie tin that had been filled to the brim with cool whip. If one shifted their eyes upward, they would then come across a large clear container that held what seemed like ten gallons of pastel pink colored slime.

Standing beside the pie-pod where three young women, each one were tall for their age, all three had bleach blonde hair and three seemed to have an air of haughtiness about them. Judging by their sun kissed tan and lean figures one could say to a sports club or something. Those informed on the social hierarchy of the school would be quick to tell you that the girl in the center was the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad and the two surrounding her where her co-captains a position that allowed them to rule over all the females in the school via the influencing of the fabled 'PomPom Fortress'.

"We need somebody to go into that thing." The middle one said to her other two. The other two nodded their heads in agreement.

"There an upstart tenth grader, the one over there on the girl side of the room, the one wearing that pink and white dress with the white pumps." One said taking a deep breath as she zoomed in on a shy girl sipping punch from a paper cup halfway across the room. Her sleeveless pink and white dress that reached down to knees, white pumps, and a faux leather purse with a pink 'L' sewn into the middle rounded the outfit out.

"Sounds like the perfect one, what do we know about her though?" The leader said to her two followers as she grinned toward the scared and unsure looking girl.

"Lane Taylor Edwards, sixteen, belongs to sporting team, nor school clubs. Tries to pass herself off as lady by always showing up for school in dress have and heels." The other henchwomen said grinning a little. Then with a good touch of mirth and wormwood she quickly added. "If you ask me, she nothing more than little worm trying to act better than she really is."

"So does she have any brothers or sisters that we know of?" The leader asked.

"One younger sister, name is Katherine James Edwards. She a cheerleader oddly enough, though she one of the Junior High runts. She has a little skill, but kind of a brat, all in all she nothing to brag about. Goes by Katie, needs to bring down a peg or two herself." The second Co-captain said with a sigh.

"Policing the school is such hard and thankless work. But it's what we do girls, we keep the garden free of weeds, it's a hard and thankless job, but as keepers of the school spirit, we gotta do it." The Captain said with a sign.

"Amen." The other two said. The stage was now set.

The music started to die down a little and the lights started to dim. The old digital clock on the wall read eleven o' clock in the evening. One more hour and the witching hour would be upon them. A silent hush was quickly falling over the crowed. Everybody knew the party was about to draw to a close and another Saturday night social would come to an end. But there was one more matter to attend too. For no party would be complete without a parlor game or two.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman." The captain"I'm the host with the most, the wonderful and beautiful, the one and only Linda." Linda said smiling as she peered toward the gathered crowed. Like a sun bathe at the beach she soaked in there applause and reveled in the glory.

"And joining me this evening are my two lovely friends. Give a big Benton country club welcome to." She offered her hand in the direction of the two girls from before. Who were standing at attention as they waited to be formally introduced

"Kimberly and Tanya, my two co-captains and my best friends since element school. Linda said smiling as she pointed toward the two. Bother girls smiled and waved as they joined Linda in the center of the floor.

"As you know," Kimberly started as nod her head in Kimberly direction. "We've been kind of going over a few games we can play. And one idea we've come up with is this." She makes a 'Come Hither' sign with her hands as three hands brought out three wooden stools. Once she stools where in place she turned her eyes toward Tanya.

"The game where going to play is called 'The Benton Country Club Melody' and here how the game is going too played." She said holding up stack of index cards. "Written upon each of these cards is a task one must perform. If they refuse or can't do it, they can take a trip to be."

"Pie Pod." Linda said smirking as she pointed toward machine. "Four creamy pies and let's not forget about the crowning glory. Ten gallons of bubblegum pink slime to top it all off, just enough to cover the person seated below in a shower of goo. She said pointing to the container above the chair.

"Of course, where going to need three people to take part in are little game, so raise your hands high if you wish to take part in are little stunt. I'm look for one lovely lady and two guys." She said smiling softy as she turned toward Lana who was shifting her weight from one leg to the other.

"Oh you'll be perfect." Kimberly as walked over. Peering into Lana's eye and smirking to her face, she reached down and took her by the hand. "Come over here honey." She said sitting her quickly down upon one of the stools.

Once Lana was seated upon the wooden barstool she folded her hands in her lap and smiled a little as two other guys where brought down. The first one was a strong, well built football player and the other one shy boy with short black hair, coke rim glasses and the classic white button down shirt with the tails tucked into a pair of olive gray slacks. Oak brown penny loafers rounded out the outfit.

"Okay," Kimberly said smiling once everybody is seated. "In my hand, you'll see a dozen or so cards. She said holding a stack of small index cards. "I have a collection of index cards, there a task written upon them, I'm going to shuffle these cards and place them to their foreheads." She said starting to shuffle them around.

"They can choose to do the task, or they can go to the pie pod." Tanya said giggling a little as she pointed toward the machine in the far corner of the room. "

"Right, honey now you have two choices, you can either take the card or you can go to the pie pod, which shall it, be? Linda said taking a deep breath as she peered toward the collection. "Which shall it be honey." Linda said walking over to Linda with a wicked little smile she peered into her baby blue eyes.

"Okay honey, you can ether do the card or go to the pie pod." She said smiling toward her.

Lane took a deep breath as she peered toward Linda. "I'll do the card." She said blushing as reached up and taking hold of the card. Quickly a deep blush colored her face as she read the bold message typed onto the card. 'Sample some Happy Chow Dog food' the message read.

"Oh tough luck honey, looks like you might have to sample some are own brand of dog food. Benton Country club is proud to sponsor by 'Happy Bark Dog Chow'." Linda said nodding her head toward Tanya with a little smirk upon her brow. With a sway of her hips the blonde cheerleader brought out a small can of moist dog food. The label on the can of food showed a smiling husky. Big bold yellow letters loudly proclaimed that 'Twenty five percent more beef' was now added to the mixture. With a suggestive wink, Tanya pulled open the cap back and rolled the tin top back. Still smirking she held it under Lana's noise.

"You need three big spoon full honors. Or you can always go to the Pie Pod." Tanya said shoving a plastic spoon down into the big, brown chucks of process meat.

Lane made a face and taking a deep breath peered toward the pie pod.

"Okay I'll go toward the pie pod." She said signing a little ass he was lead toward the pie pod. Each step she took told the pie pod seemed to taking one step closer to her own doom. She was reminded of a women going toward her own death, kind of like one sees in those old movies set in the high middle ages. Taking a deep breath she forced herself to pause as she peered toward the machine. It was around this time, about three seconds after she paused to collect her thoughts that Tanya came up behind her and took her by the hand.

"Come along, sweet heart, where going to take good care of you." She said taking her by the hand and guiding her up to the leather seat. Grinning like a kitten that's just cornered a mouse, she eased Lana down into the seat; still smiling she strapped her in.

"Now, sit back nice and straight for us and smile for everybody." She said grinning as she placed her foot down upon the air pump, pushing down upon the pump with her toes she moved the seat up a tiny hair with each push till Lana was perfectly in line with a big hand pained bull's-eye. Once she came online Tanya quickly removed herself from the line of fire.

"Okay good people of the Benton Country Club, you now have a choice. Will Lana receive one, two, three or four pies to the face?" The host said holding up four fingers from her right hand.

"Give her four, thick pies!" The crowd responded.

Lana took a deep breath as she waited the pies to be launched. Quickly she drew in a deep breath as she waited with baited breath for the pies to launch. She only had to wait a second or two before the first pie was launched, the pie sailed through the air and with a loud smack, it landed on the side of her face.

Lana felt a deep blush color her face as the first traces of cool cream landed upon her burning cheek bones. Another pie was launched a few seconds after the first pie touched down. The second one scored a direct hit upon her face, big pieces of cool whip splattered in all direction as the gram cracker crust exploded upon impact.

At this point, Lana felt like she was going to break down and cry as another big pie came crashing through the air, the pie landed right in the center of her lap, causing her crouch to covered in nice thick pie. A low groan escaped her lips as she felt the oil based pie filling sink into the fabric of her cotton sundress.

Finally the last pie came soaring through the air, this pie lands upon her breast with a shattering sound as her the two round perks are covered in nice cool cream. The feeling of the cool cream sinking into her clothing is more than Lana can take as large tears start to fall down her cheeks.

"Well done, well done." Linda said smiling a little. As she made her way toward the front row where a group of varsity footballs sat with their cheerleader girlfriends upon their lap. "But like I said before, we have perched above Lana's head ten gallons of bubblegum pink slime. Made from four Betty Crooker yellow cake mixes and eight brown eggs and three cups of veggie oil. All kindly donated by Brother Bob Lin. Now in a minute all of that will come falling down upon little Lana's head. But first I'll like to call down Lana's little sister Katherine, or Katie come on down girl."

A minute later, fourteen year old Katherine joined Linda in the center of the common room. The girl wore her long blonde hair tied and braided back in a cute fishtail ponytail. She wore simple, colorful short sleeve blouse featuring twilight sparkle. Blue jean shorts and simple white trainers rounded out the look.

"Now honey." Linda said smiling a little as she wrapped her arms around the girls shoulder. "We all know you love you big sister. But I'm sure there some days when she can a big pain." She said nudging Katherine toward the pie pod. "Well like I said before, we have something called the crowning glory." She said nodding toward Tanya how was holding the cord that would release the goop down upon the sixteen year old.

"We'll where going to give you a choice; you can either pull that cord sending that slop down upon sweet little already covered Lana. Lana can get out of the seat and we'll let her pull the cord of you." Linda said grinning softy

Katherine took a deep breath and peered toward Lana for a few good minute before switching her gaze toward Tanya holding the cord in her hand. Quickly she walked up to Tanya and without giving it another thought she took the cord from her hand and closing her eyes she gave it a good hard yank, sending a waterfall of bubblegum pink slime down upon her head. The slime fell with a loud smack and

Quickly she was seated as Tanya started to pump her up a little. Soon she was in perfection position. Her cheeks glowed red as the first pie was released. Within a matter of seconds the pie smacked her face and coated her head with thick cream. Another pie was released this time it smacked her side coating the right side of her head, another one coated her left. Finally the last pie landed short, falling in her lap.

At this point, the whole school crowed was laughing and cheering and sounding cat calls and whistles. As the crowed mounted a fever pitch, one of the girls walked over to the cord and pulled open the trap under the bucket. A blinding waterfall of bubblegum pink slime fell down upon Lana's head. Coating her and totally ruining her dress.

"Let's this be a warning ladies," Tanya said smirking as she walked up to the shaking Lana, who at this point may or may not be crying under all the slop that covered her. With a killer grin she reached down and spooned some of the cream off her face and licked it off her fingers.

"Try acting better than us, and we'll bring your bitch ass down."

The End?