Summary: Eva was a foster kid, scarred at a young age, both physically and mentally, and separated from her only family; her younger brother. Life hasn't been easy since then but she set one goal for herself. All she wants is to see her brother again. When the Donovan, a wealthy, prestigious family suddenly decides to foster her, everything changes. Could she finally have a chance at happiness? Love? Or would she get "bumped" again as always? The Donovan might be prestigious, but even the most esteemed family had a few dirty laundry.

"We're here."

The sky was painted an array of orange, pink and yellow and the clouds were fading as the moon slowly started to peek from its hidden place among the stars. Another day was dwindling down but Eva didn't have time to admire the sunset or the beautiful house in front of her. Justine rushed her toward the Mahogany doors while she struggled with her scruffy suitcase at her side even while using both of her hands to haul it up the steps.

"Remember, this family is prestigious. You are the first foster kid that they are welcoming into their home. They agreed to this because you're older, and one of our brightest." Justine said to her again for what seemed like the hundredth time. The words were embedded in Eva's mind. "This is going to be different than the homes you are used to. Prove to them that you're hard-working, and if everything works out, you'll be able to stay until graduation."

Eva gave a slight nod of her head, her long dark hair covering the left side of her face as she intended for it to. She had to keep reminding herself that graduation was only eight months away, two months before her 18th birthday…until she would be released from the system and be able to see brother again...the only hope she had left.

Justine rang the doorbell and looked back at Eva, a soft tired smile on her face. "I know it hasn't been easy, Eva. Just...hang in there, OK? Things will turn up once you finish school."

Justine stayed silent. Justine knew about all of her struggles, even those from school with her peers. Eva wasn't a violent person. In fact, she hated violence; unfortunately it seemed to always follow her. She wasn't one to usually start a fight or even pursue it. She learned to let things go avoid confrontations but if…when she had to fight, physically or otherwise, she put everything she had in it. Everything.

"The good thing is, this is a different district so you will be transferred to a different-,"

Justine was interrupted when the door flew open. A woman about in her fifties stood in front of them, dressed in black slacks and a white blouse. "May I help you?"

"Hello, I'm Justine Belford, the social worker-,"

"Yes, Ms. Belford, we've been expecting you." The lady smiled at Justine and then her eyes immediately looked at Eva. "You must be Eva. I'm Patty, the housekeeper. Please, come in," she opened the door wider and stepped aside to allow the two guests to enter.

"Thanks, Patty but I'm afraid I have to get going," Justine gave an apologetic smile, glancing at her watch. "I have another case I need to tend to before seven."

It was already after six.

Patty briefly nodded. "I understand. The Donavan's aren't home yet but I can show Eva around."

Justine then looked at Eva once more, and this was the part where she promised that the family would take good care of her, the part where she lied. Eva knew the drill and kept a blank face. "Eva, take care OK? I'll check up with you in a couple of days but if you have any questions or concerns, you have my number right?"

Eva nodded again. Justine's business card was in her jean pocket. She never went out without it.

"I'll see you soon then." The overworked social worker squeezed Eva's shoulder in some kind of comfort that she always did and smiled at Patty again. "Please, thank your employer again for me. Good night."

"Good night, Ms. Belford."

Eva watched as Justine hurried to her car, keys already dangling in her hands and quickly got inside. She started the engine, then looked up and waved at Eva hastily with that same tired smile before she drove off.

Eva was still staring at the spot where her car had been seconds ago when Patty's voice reached her ears.

"Won't you come in, dear?"

Eva looked up at the woman in front her standing in the vast doorway, noting the warm smile on her face. After a second she hesitantly followed her inside, her guards up. As Patty closed the door after her, Eva's eyes widened at the sight in front of them. The house was immense and a vision of wealth from the outside and the inside definitely lived up to it. There were several abstract paintings that she had only seen in museums on TV like those galleries from Paris and ornaments that were imported from countries she only read about but couldn't even pronounce. And this was only the foyer.

"This way, my dear." Patty looked amused at the awestruck look on her face before leading her down the corridor toward the stairs. "Let's get you settled in your new room first then I will show you the rest of the estate. The Donovan's should be arriving shortly."

Donovan. That was the last name of the family whose house she was currently standing in, the prestigious family, as Justine reminded her multiple times.

Patty led her up a curved staircase, and she still glanced around as if she was a kid in a museum, soaking it all in. Everything was so...clean and well organized. She suddenly fell out of place in her dirty converse, hand me down jeans and still struggling to carry her worn out suitcase. She had never been in a place this nice before.

"You can leave your case; I'll have Robert carry it up for you." The housekeeper told her.

Eva was reluctant, not sure who Robert was but she did as she was told, setting it on the bottom of the steps. The suitcase and its content were the only things she owned. She looked back at it once more as Patty led her up the steps, hoping it wouldn't get mistaken for trash and accidently get thrown away. It had happened before.

The housekeeper continued to smile and once they reached the top of the stairs, Eva was led to one of the doors at the end of the hall.

"This will be your room," Patty opened the door and stepped aside, gesturing for Eva to step in.

She hesitantly made her way in, unable to fully grasp the fact she would be sleeping in there for the next couple of months.

There was a large king sized bed right in the middle with beautiful flowered maroon bed sheets, a matching dresser and bedside table. A book case lay on the side beside a desk. The curtains to the window matched the maroon comforter and she could see the last trace of the sun as it disappeared outside, nightfall making its way in. The moon was now visible.

Eva took another sweep of the room with her eyes. She had never had any of this before…a beautiful view of the sunset through a window…a bed to herself…a room of her own. She didn't know what to think.

She turned away from the window and looked at Patty. " my room?" She asked just to make sure that she wasn't accidentally led to a master bedroom that belonged to one of the Donovan kids. Although the room seemed inhabited, it still could have belonged to one of them. Justine mentioned that the couple had two kids…two teenagers to be exact and she was anxious about meeting them.

"Yes, dear. What do you think?" Patty asked, expectantly.

Eva looked around again, her eyes landing on the bed. It was so large and beautiful, and it looked very comfortable. All she wanted to do was get under the cover and just...sleep. She hadn't slept much lately.

"It''s amazing," She breathed out.

"I'm glad you think so," Patty smiled as she walked toward a door by the wall. "This is your own private bathroom," she said, opening the door so Eva could peek in "And that other door leads to your closet." She motioned to the other door across the room.

Still hesitant, Eva walked to the closet door and opened it, noticing that there were already hangers set up along with a long shoe rack and another set of drawers.

All she could think was that her short quantity of clothes would look...frail in such a vast amount of space. She only owned about three other pair of jeans, one that was too big, 4 shirts, one sweater and a jacket that she was luckily able to pick up from a shelter. The only other pairs of shoes she owed besides the one she had on were flats.

She stepped out of the closet, closing the door before looking at Patty again. Patty must have noticed the hesitant look on her face because she questioned it.

"You don't like it?"

"No, it's not that," Eva quickly told her. "It's just..." She wasn't sure how to word her feelings. She didn't want to seem ungrateful and rude but she wasn't used to having

Patty had a soft smile on her face as she understood exactly what Eva meant. "Come, I'll show you around."

Eva give her a grateful smile, although she was still cautious of Patty's extreme niceness and easy understanding, She followed the housekeeper around the house as she pointed out different rooms through the different floors. They had a gym that was fully equipped, right next to the indoor pool. There was even a banquet hall in the north wing with beautiful chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. The West wing of the house, she was told belonged to the family while the east had extra rooms for guests and the staff. He room was in the west wing. Eva knew that she could easily get lost in there so she made a point of memorizing the different location, which wasn't easy.

The last stop was the kitchen, where she was introduced to the chef.

"Eva, this is Kristof. Like me, he's been an employee of the Donovan for many years. He's usually around for special occasions, which is usually every week. I do the cooking when he's not around."

Kristof seemed a couple of years older than Patty, but his smile made him look much younger. "Hello, Miss Eva." He had an accent that Eva couldn't quite pinpoint, it sounded European but it was nice.

"Hello," She said back.

He was chopping up a bunch of vegetables and dumping them in the pot while humming some kind of tunes that sounded extremely foreign but still pleasant. There was a heavenly smell lingering in the air, and Eva could see that there was another pot in the oven.

Kristof and Patty spent a few minutes talking about dinner preparations and Eva looked around the kitchen, admiring the stainless steel fridge and spotless linoleum. Her eyes landed on the clear sliding door in the back, showing her a clear view of the backyard deck and pool. The landscaping was breathtaking, with numerous flower arrangements and lights glimmering under the stars and even a slight fountain on the side. She then noticed a small house in the back, right next to the fountain and wondered who lived there.

"That is the pool house," Patty suddenly said as she came to stand next to her. "For now it belongs to the eldest Donovan. He doesn't like people to go in there so I would stay clear of it if I were you."


The eldest Donovan must have been the boy that Justine mentioned. That meant he was the same age as Eva...

Eva turned back to Patty, unable to keep up anymore as the events of the day all caught up to her in a rush. She was exhausted. She wanted to go back to the room to lay down for a bit but she wasn't sure how to say it. She tried. "Um, is it ok if for a bit?"

"Of course, my dear." Patty quickly responded. "You must have had a long day, go ahead. Remember the way?"

She didn't but she nodded anyway. She waved at Kristof who was still happily humming before walking out of the kitchen and trudging up the stairs toward what she thought was the West Wing.

She made it to her new room after a few turns and although she really just wanted to lie down and close her eyes, she decided to take a shower first. It had been two days.

She opened her suitcase and grabbed her towel and soap and a change of clothes, the only semi clean ones she had left.

She walked to her adjoined bathroom which was spacious with a Jacuzzi side bathtub and an overhead shower. There were already several clean white towels laid out along with a brand of body soap, toothpaste and toothbrush. She decided to use her own toiletries. She undressed, catching her reflection in the large mirror, her eyes running over the back and blue marks along her side and back. At least they didn't hurt as much anymore, unless she pressed on them. She sighed but looked away, pulling her hair up in a messy bun, revealing her hidden array of scars. She stared at it for a while…

She didn't know why she thought it would fade away. It had gotten lighter and less noticeable with time but of course it would never completely vanish. It still felt rigged and jarring when she ran her fingers over it. And even though it wasn't as bad as it was before, that didn't change the way people looked at her once they saw them. And she couldn't really get used to the way people looked at her once that happened…they stared as if she were badly disfigured.

She was just scarred.

She let her hair grow, and had refused to cut it, always swooped to the side to keep the lines from sight, to keep the stares away. But not everyone gave her that look of disgust though. Once in a while she would receive one of those pitying looks, mostly from adults, those that sympathized with her and thought that her life would never be normal. They were right. She didn't live a normal life. Getting bumped from foster family to family didn't really give you a life you could call normal.

She didn't even know what normal meant anymore, so she didn't aspire to be. Although she knew that she could never completely blend in, she tried to be as inconspicuous as she could; only doing what she had to go to get through her days. Even though the adults could be understanding, the kids would sometimes address her with ignorance but she didn't blame them. The kids were young and did not know better.

Her peers however, were a different story. They knew better, but they proved to her each and every day that the world was full of evil and evil came in all shapes and sizes.

The only reason she endured what went on was because she hoped to see her younger brother again. They were separated years ago. He was adopted and Eva wasn't. And she never would be. As of now she was still the property of the government but once her 18th birthday hit, 6 months from away, she would on her own. The prospect scared her more than anything but she was waiting for that moment.

Eva snapped out of her thoughts, her muscles tense and her lids heavy. She moved away from the mirror and finally stepped into the stall. She used the overhead shower, fumbling with the knobs but eventually figuring it out which one allowed the hot water to run.

She let the water run down her body, soothing her sore muscles, pushing the memories of the past couple of days back in the depth of her mind, where all of those memories usually went and scrubbed her skin until it felt sore and raw, her bruises burning along the process. She ignored the pain. She rinsed off with hot water, steam evaporating off of her skin. She didn't know how long stayed in there but after she started start to feel a little less dirty, she turned off the faucet and grabbed her towel. She hesitated before wrapping it around her body. A second later she dropped it on the floor and grabbed one of the white ones.

She dried herself off; lathering her burning skin with the brand lotion put out for her and finally put on her clothes. She smelled nice...clean...different.

By the time she was back in the room, her eyes felt extremely heavy. She quickly put her stuff away and climbed under the heavy comforter, the sheets feeling like silk on her skin. It felt like she had barely closed her eyes when a knock sounded on the door.


It was Patty.

Reluctantly, more so drowsily, Eva got herself up from the bed and opened the door.

Patty hesitated and her eyes widened for a minute when she saw Eva but then her surprise was quickly replaced with a smile. Eva was used to that look. "I'm sorry to wake you, honey. The Donovan's are here, and they would like to meet you."

"Oh, of course." Eva quickly said. "Um, just a moment."

Patty nodded and Eva quickly closed the door and walked back to the bathroom to gaze into the mirror. Her hair was still up, something she rarely did unless she was alone and her scar was visible, which explained why Patty looked taken aback.

She undid the messy bun and allowed her tresses to flow down, combing her fingers through the knots to make sure they were in place and the bang covered the scars.

When she deemed herself presentable, She walked out of the room. Patty was waiting, a small frown appearing on her face when she noticed the change of hair styles but she never said anything.

She quietly started to lead Eva down the stairs and when they were closer to the family room, they could hear distinct voices coming from there.

Eva's ears perked up as the words being spoken became clear.

"...not fair, Mom. Zach gets to do whatever he wants and no one tells him anything but every time I want to do something, I get the Spanish Inquisition."

Patty gave Eva an apologetic smile, as if what was going on wasn't anything new.


"No, you know I'm right. He gets away with everything. You should have let him stay in that cell much longer-,"

"Mila, that's enough." A stern male voice said. "We'll discuss this later-,"

And it was at that point that Patty and Eva stepped inside the room and Patty cleared her throat. Eve was suddenly a bundle of nerves as three pairs of eyes suddenly turn and openly stared at her.

"Ma'am, sir, this is Eva." Patty announced as she stepped aside, gesturing toward her.

Eva' eyes looked at each of them individually, taking in their expression.

She first started with the woman in the room, Mrs. Donovan. She was a gorgeous woman, tall with long blond hair pinned up into a tight bun. She was wearing a navy blue dress suit and heels. She was sitting on the love seat, a surprise look on her face.

Eva's gaze then looked at the man sitting next to her, also in a business suit. Mr. Donovan looked young, they both did. Clean shaven, handsome…rich. He had a curious look on his face.

Lastly, her eyes quickly flickered to the girl she heard complaining. She was tall, like her mother with long blond hair as well loosely floating down her back. Eva noted how beautiful she was, and she suddenly felt...self-conscious in the outfit she had on; a pair of washed out jeans and a faded shirt that was a bit too small for her body.

"That's her?" The girl said pointing at Eva.

"Mila, please." Mrs. Donovan glared at her daughter before she stood up and walked toward Eva, a smile gracing her lips. "It's nice to meet you, Eva. I'm Katherine." She extended her hand out and Eva wiped the sweat off on her jeans before shaking it.

"Hello," She quietly mumbled, hoping she didn't sound as a nervous as she felt.

Mrs. Donovan studied her face for a second and Eva knew that she was looking for it although she was trying to be subtle about it. After a second, she backed away and gestured toward her husband, who finally stood up as well.

He gave a brief smile and nodded, shaking her hand as well. "Welcome to our home, Eva. We're pleased to have you. I assume Patty showed you around?" He asked. There was something pleasant about him… as if he was a people person.

"Yes sir," She answered timidly, not used to such kindness. Especially from strangers.

"Good, it's a big place and I know it can be easy to get lost. Hopefully you had a decent tour."

Eva merely nodded and he went back to his seat.

"Mila, come say hello." Mrs. Donovan beckoned her daughter who looked puffed out about the whole situation.

Eva expected the coldness so she was prepared.

Mila took a couple of steps toward her, a look on disgust on her face and she didn't bother extending her hand. "Just don't touch any of my stuff." She said before making her way around and out of the room.

Mrs. Donovan let out a sigh before looking at Eva again with a sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry, Eva. My daughter can be a bit of a brat. At the moment, her anger is at us so don't take it personally. She'll come around."

Although Eva doubted that would be the case, she gave a nod of understanding. Mila wasn't the first girl not to like her solely based on her background and her appearance. She tried not to take offense.

"Dinner will be ready shortly." Party announced, still standing behind her.

"Thank you, Patty. Please make sure Zachary is at the table tonight."

"Yes ma'am." Party said before walking out of the room as well, probably to make sure dinner was getting set up. Eva stood there awkwardly, not sure if she should follow the housekeeper or go to the dining room. She was just about to turn around when Mrs. Donovan spoke up again.

"Eva, please sit down for a moment."

She was sitting back down next to her husband, so Eva slowly walked toward them and took the seat on the chair across from them, her nerves multiplying all over again.

"We had the pleasure of speaking with Justine Belford a couple of times." Mrs. Donovan started to say. "She explained to us your...situation, past and...recent,"

Eva kept her eyes on my hands, resting on her lap, not wanting to see the look on their faces. She didn't want to see the pity. Not from them. But she nodded to let them know that she was listening. Her future depended on them after all.

"We are very sorry for everything you've been through….no one should ever go through such trials…I have no doubt that you're a strong girl. And now that you are here with us, we want you to know that we consider you one of our own."

Eva looked up at that, a slight frown on her face.

One of their own?

"What my wife is trying to say is," Mr. Donovan spoke up, leaning forward in his seat. "We are now your guardian, until your 18th birthday in a couple of months. And staying here with us...we have some ground rules that our children abide to and you are no exception."

Of course. Rules. There were always rules.

"First and foremost is behavior. We have heard great things about you, Eva, but we still must enforce our...expectations, I'm sure you understand?" Mrs. Donovan asked her.

"Yes, ma'am," She said.

"Good. It's really simple. You behave, get the grades that you need and respect our home, and we promise you, we will care for you until you are ready to be on your own."

"I...I understand." Eva spoke looking at them both. Although what she really wanted to ask was why? Why were they doing this? Why was she the first foster kid? Why had they chosen her?

"And if there's ever anything you not be afraid to come to us," Mrs. Donovan added. "We truly mean that. That goes for our children as well...we have an open relationship and we understand that mistakes happen so if that were the case, don't be afraid to let us know, okay?"


Why were they being so...nice? Where was the catch? Could she trust them? Wasn't that what they all said in the beginning?

"Now, we've enrolled you into our children's school...Highland Prep. It's a private school so you will need a uniform. Tomorrow we can go pick up your books and schedule as well as anything else that you might need. How does that sound?"

"Um, it sounds good." It sounded perfect. Surreal.

"Very well. And I should also mention that as part of, we are expected to attend many functions as a unit around town. As you might be aware, my husband plans on running for office in the near future so there are certain...expectations that we must adhere to. Our publicist will go over the details of those when needed but just so you can be aware."

Was that the reason they wanted her? To help Mr. Donovan in his run for office?

"Dinner is ready," Patty's voice reached their ears and the couple in front of Eva stood up.

"Come, Eva. We'll talk more at the table."

Eva followed them toward the dining room. Mrs. Donovan motioned her to a seat and she took it. Mr. Donovan was at the head of the table and his wife adjacent to him.

A couple of minutes later, Mila walked in, taking the seat next to her mother while giving Eva a dirty look across from them.

She must really not like her.

"Where's Zachary?" Mrs. Donovan asked, looking at Patty.

"He's on his-,"

"I'm here,"

Eva looked up toward the voice as a tall, muscular guy with dark blonde hair casually walked in, looking like a younger version of Mr. Donovan.

"Good of you to join us, honey," Mrs. Donovan smiled at him as he took the seat next to Eva. Eva had a feeling that she was seated in his regular chair, although he barely glanced at her. He Just sat down with a closed off look on his face.

"Zachary, this is Eva, the girl I talked to you about." Mrs. Donovan gestured to her.

He looked over at her for a second and she noticed that his eyes were a dark shade of blue. Really blue. The rest of his family had green eyes.

He didn't say anything but Eva saw that look on his face. He was looking for the scars that were hidden by the bang. It made Eva wonder just how much the Donovan kids knew about her.

When he didn't find what he was look for, his blue eyes looked away and he shrugged.

"She'll be joining you and Mila in school in a couple of days."

"Fantastic." He mumbled blandly.

Eva had a feeling that just like his sister, he didn't care much for her either. For some reason, that thought made her feel...upset.

She mentally shook it off.

It didn't matter. It shouldn't matter. She never cared before. Why would she start now? It was only a temporary situation. She put those thoughts aside.

Dinner went on with small talks. Two other house maids served the food while Mila talked about her day at school and her parents attentively listened. Her brother silently ate his food, that bored look still on his face and Eva wasn't surprised when he excused himself thirty minutes later.

"Zach, please," Mrs. Donovan pleaded with him. "At least stay for dessert."

"Yeah, stay for dessert," Mila sneered, staring hard at her brother. "Let's all enjoy the pie while you tell us all about the drugs you sell."

"Mila!" Mrs. Donovan yelled.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Used to sell,"

"That's enough, Mila. Go to your room," Mr. Donovan was scowling at her.

Mila just shrugged, standing up from her chair. "Gladly."

"And you're grounded, until I say so." Mrs. Donovan added.

If anything, that only made her angrier. "What? See this is exactly what I'm talking about!" she screeched. "I say one thing, which happens to be the truth and I get in trouble but he gets away with everything! That's not fair!"

"Go!" Mrs. Donovan didn't leave room for argument. Mila huffed and puffed as she exited the dining room, stomping up the stairs.

There was an awkward silence as they tried to recover from the event that just took place.

Mrs. Donovan cleared her throat. "I'm sorry about that, Eva...dinner is not always this...dramatic,"

Before Eva could acknowledge it, someone else spoke up.

"Yeah, because it's usually worse." Zachary mumbled under his breath but Eva clearly heard him.

"So, Eva, do you play any instruments or sports?" Mr. Donovan suddenly asked, changing the subject and trying to lighten the mood.

Eva, surprised by the question shook her head a moment later. "No, I...I used to play the piano but...I haven't ever since...,"

Since the accident…although it was more of an incident. She didn't have to say it. The understanding look on the Donovan's face was evident.

"Since what?" Zachary was the one who questioned, slight curiosity in his eyes.

Eva looked at him for a second, intimidated by his intense stare. For some reason his interest made her want to tell the truth. So she did.

"Since the side of my face was set on fire." Eva used that moment to move her hair behind her ear, revealing the burn scars that he had been looking for.

Eva held her breath, waiting for the reaction she was used to. She saw as his eyes widened a bit but instead of the disgust and pity she was accustomed to, the only thing in his eyes was indifference.

"Nice scar," he said before looking back down at his food.

There was another moment of quietness as the Donovan couple stared in shock at their son before looking at Eva.

Eva quickly pulled her bang down, but this time it was to hide the blush that creeped up on her cheeks.

"Well...we do have a grand piano in the family room." Mrs. Donovan mentioned, although she was still shocked. "You're welcome to practice anytime."

"Thanks." Eva mumbled although she doubted she would ever touch it. She stopped playing years ago.

Dinner didn't last much longer after that. Right after dessert, Zachary excused himself mumbling something about homework and was gone through the back door toward the pool house.

Eva realized just how...tired she was and although it was only about 9, she was ready to call it a night.

She bid the Donovan couple a goodnight before walking in the kitchen to say goodnight to Patty, Kristof and the other two maids, Violet and Olivia whom were sisters. They all smiled at her amiably as they continued to clean up and empty the table. Eva was quick to offer her help but she was shut down by Patty who rushed her up toward the stairs to get the sleep that she desperately needed. Eva smiled at her gratefully before making her way upstairs.

Once on top, she could hear the sound of music coming from one of the doors, and assumed that was Mila's room. Not wanting to cross path and butt heads with the tall blonde, Eva quickly entered her own room and quietly shut the door.

Her feet were suddenly heavy and her eyelids kept dropping, making it hard to keep her eyes open. She quickly changed into some pajamas, which consisted of a pair of old sweatpants and a cami.

She went to close the curtain to avoid being woken up by the sunlight in the morning and froze when she her eyes caught sight of the pool house door.

She heard a muffled giggle float up and watched as the silhouette of some girl circled her arms around Zachary Donovan and he pulled her close, intensely connecting their lips together.

A second later her legs were wrapped around his waist and his hands slid down to hold her bottom and pressed her against the door, all the while they were kissing as if their life depended on it.

Eva knew she should have stopped watching and closed the curtains but for some reason she was enthralled by the sight. it wasn't like she had never seen two people make out before but there was something...captivating about watching Zachary Donovan, who had acted completely indifferent moments ago, acting lustful with some strange girl.

It wasn't until she felt a fierce gaze looking up toward her window that she finally moved, quickly shutting the curtains and turning off her lamp as her heart raced.

He couldn't have seen her, right? It was too far...too dark.

He must have known that this was her room, and she probably made it obvious when she quickly turned off the lamp.

Groaning, she quickly snuck under her soft covers, berating herself for what just happened and ignoring the urge to go back and see if they were still there.


She told herself. That was a private moment and...and she had a feeling that if Zachary had seen her, then he probably hated her even more.

She frowned to herself in the darkness, wondering why she apparently cared so much about what he thought. He was just another stuck up rich kid like his sister. Like the rest of them. They proved to her time and time how small minded they were; all mean and selfish. Why should she care what they thought?

But then she remembered the way he had looked at her at dinner, and at her scars. Why hadn't he looked...disgusted like everyone else usually looked at her? She had a feeling that his sister's expression would have been the exact opposite but all he did was say two little words.

Nice scar.

No one has ever said that to her before. And she knew sarcasm when she heard it and his tone was nowhere near it. Maybe that was why she believed that there was something...different about him. Maybe he was still spoiled and mean like the rest but Eva still believed that there was another side to him. A side people rarely saw. He didn't seem like the type to hold his opinion.

What Mila had said before she was banished to her room, about the drugs...Eva wondered if that was true? And the cell that she mentioned, did she mean jail?

The curiosity was haunting her now.

The Donovan might be prestigious like Justine had drilled into her head but Eva couldn't help but think that even the most prestigious family had their dirty little secrets.