The flames of the pillaged villages light up the dark sky of the Dark Kingdom. Instead of the sun rising, the Dark Kingdom was doomed by a red moon in the sky. It's another cursed day in the Dark Kingdom.

Another lost day to sleep in!

Sena pulled her pillow over her head to hopefully block out the screams of the people outside. She just wanted one morning where she wasn't woken up by the screams of the damned people outside. She really needs to demand for her room to be moved somewhere deeper into the Dark Castle. Seriously all she wants is to sleep in.

In a few seconds she was able to block out all the noise and her eyes began to close. However, in those seconds a spider also began to spin down a string and stopped right before her ear.

"You're gunna die, Sena," it whispered.

Right before it could whisper the same phrase she raised her hands and clapped the spider between fingers. It screamed at the attack. Her face was in a frown. Of course, she can't forget the morning death warnings from the spiders.

With a small scream Sena stood up from her bed and went to the window with her arms folded across her chest a firm frown. She hated this place; sure she would complain about the Light Kingdom. But, at least at home she wouldn't have to fear for her life everyday!

Her fists clench as she continues to stare at the Dark Kingdom in front of her, all of it and its menacing glory.

Sena then closed the curtains to the window.

Well, might as well get to work! Like she's ever escaping this hell on Earth! All hail the Dark Kingdom! All hail the Dark King! Might as well accept her fate as being his daughter-in-law.

Oh, another great side of her adventure is that the Dark King ordered all his knights to court her to give him a grandchild! A grandchild born of love between a Light Kingdom Paladin and Dark Kingdom Knight, who will receive powers enough to destroy both empires.

Except only one problem.

She isn't a Paladin! But, she can't say that now. If they find out she'll surely be killed off for sure.

The smile she was trying to keep on her face began to twitch as she fought the urge to cry.

She regrets ever taking for granted her life in the Light Kingdom.

A soft, crisp breeze blows through the land of the Light Kingdom. The sun begins to arise from its sleep to awaken the citizens of the kingdom. With the sun comes its warmth and bright rays of light. It's another beautiful day in Light Kingdom!

Another great beautiful day to sleep in!

Sena pulls her pillow over her head so that those infuriating rays of light wouldn't awaken her of her sleep. It's her break day! She doesn't understand why everyone in the kingdom could wake up so happily. Do you know what makes Sena happy? A ten-hour sleep! With two hour nap intervals.

It was then that she heard a flapping. Her eyes snapped open.

Oh no.

From her window burst a dozen blue birds each flying in to sing their morning song. They began to circle her head singing their hearts out.

Sena let out a frustrated scream and stood up to grab the broom she had lying next to her bed. She begins to use it to move the birds out of her room.

"It's!" she exclaims through pants, "seven," another breathe, "in the morning!"

Finally shoving the last bird out of her room she slammed her windows shut. Sena was out of breath as she had her back to the closet doors. Huffing out some air she pushes her strayed, ash blonde hair out of her face.

Every single morning. Get woken up by the cold breeze, the sun's rays are so bright she can't block them, and those damn birds keep coming back! Haven't they learned she hates their singing?!

It was then that a woman barged into her room humming.

Dear Sun, is she damned from ever sleeping in one morning!

The woman was her apprentice, Rachel, a bright smile on her face as she handed a disgruntled Sena a pile of scrolls. The girl then spun with a smile so bright Sena had to squint her eyes.

"Isn't this morning just lovely! The sun is out! Birds are singing! And it's warm with a cold breeze!"

"Like every other morning," Sena stated unamused.

Rachel ignored Sena's bad mood and bowed to her.

"The Light Empress gave me those this morning, it's the new maids that wish to work in the castle. She wishes for you to review you them and chose seven who are most fit for the job."

Sena opened one of the scrolls and glanced at it before nodding to Rachel.

"Thank you, I'll get that done during our touring," she said.

Sena worked as the head of the servants in the Light Castle. And god was the job horrible. Everyone was just too happy. They are working! Wouldn't they rather be outside? Sleeping? Eating? Going to the beach? Spending time with their family? Sleeping?!

Rachel followed behind her diligently through the halls of the Light Castle with a board in her hand while Sena told her different chores to write down.

"You there, please make sure to get the nooks and inside of that vase. Don't just make the outside pretty," she called out to one maid.

"Of course! Right away!" The maid exclaimed. Now rubbing the vase at a faster pace

Sena rubbed her temples.

"Oh! Also, the Light Empress wishes to see you!"

Wonderful, the brightest person in the whole world.

And when she meant brightest, she wasn't talking about a gleaming smile or beautiful appearance. She meant the woman was literally the brightest. Covered in crystals and mirrors, as was her throne room. Light brown eyes that were bordering yellow along with caramel hair. Her smile though wasn't as annoying as the other people in the kingdom. It was gentle and loving like the mother she is of the kingdom. Well, Sena shouldn't complain. If there was one person she did enjoy in this kingdom it was the Empress. The woman actually noticed Sena's bad mood and tried to understand why Sena wasn't beaming with happiness like her other citizens.

The minute Sena walked into the throne room she had to raise her hand up to her eyes to stop herself from getting blinded. All white and gold with the sun out gleaming and blinding her. And at the center of a large chair was the Light Empress in all her glory with her knights all around her.

"How is your beautiful morning, Sena?" her voice was soft and like music.

Sena shrugged.

"A few more hours of sleep wouldn't hurt, and could you tell those birds I really don't need to hear their song every morning."

The Empress laughed.

"I tried but they just want to make your morning even better, didn't you notice they even changed the song a bit."

"Yeah I think I heard one of them making a crescendo in the chorus."

"Well, I'm very sorry your morning hasn't gone the way you like. But, back to business. Please chose people who you believe would be best for the positions and for those who are rejected please make them a gift basket and refer them to different jobs that you believe would best suit them."

Sena nodded and bowed.

The Light Empress' smile faltered a bit. Making Sena tense, along with the knights. The Empress glances at Sena.

"Tell me what you would like Sena, this is the Light Kingdom I want you to have a smile all the time," she said.

Sena raised her hands up.

"Oh no no! Please your highness! Don't worry about me! I am happy, but it's just tiring to be happy all the time! And my face hurts from trying to smile all the time." Sena rubbed her face at the thought of smiling all day.

"Alright, but Sena if there's anything you wish to speak about please come to me. Especially sine you when you were little—"

"No," Sena immediately ejected. "I am me, what ever happened does not effect me now." She said this while keeping her face to the ground; she did not want to be glaring at the Light Empress. Unfortunately, since the floor was made of mirror the woman could still the reflection.

"Of course, Sena. You may return to your duties, please have a glorious day."

She merely nodded and bowed before going to exit the throne room. However, when she was about to open the door a soldier burst through, looking frantic and scared. Sena turned and glanced back. The soldier went up to the Light Empress and began to whisper something in the woman's ear. Her face was blank, not showing worry, happiness, or anger. She then turned to her knights who shared the same expression, she waved her hand and they began to exit the room in a line past Sena.

Alright, that was weird.

"Sena," Light Empress said.

"Oh, y-yes your highness?" she asked a little shakily. Frankly the situation was scaring her a bit. The queen was never this passive or expressionless.

"Please gather all the maids into their quarters and return back here after that has been done."

"Of course," Sena quickly said and exited the room and began to rush to the nearest room where the maids would be, the kitchen.

Not good. Not good at all. A serious Light Empress. A scared soldier. And she even sent out her knights. And now she's telling her to gather the maids. Is there an attack? But, if there was wouldn't she have warned the rest of the kingdom? So, maybe there's a spy?

Right as she was walking down the halls she heard a scream. Sena froze as she recognized the voice as Rachel. Sena picked up her pace and ran to the kitchen. Right as she ran into the room she froze at the sight.

Two soldiers from the Dark Kingdom were dead in the room, along with one of the Empress' knights. In the middle of the massacre was Rachel with her hands shaking and tears running down her face. Sena ran to the girl and grabbed her face so the girl would face her.

"Rachel! What happened?" she demanded.

The girl merely cried and hugged Sena. She was shaking and wailing. Sena did her best to comfort the girl rubbing her back and tightening her grip on her.

"Shh, Rachel, you have to calm down," she said. Sena pulled away and made the girl face her again. "Tell me what happened."

She was still shaking and hiccupping from her tears.

"I-I was in here making sure supplies in stock. W-When those dark soldiers ambushed me. T-The knight came in but he was killed by them. A-And they t-turned to me—" a cry came out from her. Sena put her hand over the girl's mouth and shushed her. She worried there were more dark knights in the palace.

"Rachel, then what happened?"

It took her a while to calm down, the girl then raised up her hands to show that they had a gold glow to them. Sena's breath caught in her throat.

"R-Rachel, you're a paladin?!" she exclaimed in shock. Little, cute, ginger Rachel was a paladin? Paladin's were knights specifically blessed to battle the dark and guide the kingdom with the Light Empress as their advisor! Alright, everyone in the Light Kingdom was beautiful, but Rachel was a different cute that was bright. Having her being a paladin was like the Sun choosing a bunny to be a paladin!

"I killed them Sena! How could I!" she cried.

It was then they heard the sound of another scream down the hall and the sound of footsteps coming towards where they were. Rachel chocked another cry.

Sena's eyes were frantically looking back and forth. Oh Sun, what is she supposed to do? Rachel's a paladin and two dark soldiers are dead in this room. No doubt they will kill her. And by the looks of the room, who knows if Rachel will be able to fight off two more soldiers. But, the kingdom needs paladins. Sena closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth.

"Rachel, please run to the Light Empress. I will try to stop them here."


"No buts! The Light Empress and the kingdom need you!" Sena said, she then pulled the girl up and started to push her towards the other exit.


There was a slight second where Rachel wouldn't move, but thankfully the girl ran out of the room.

The footsteps were coming closer. Sena took a deep breathe and faced where they would come in. Just as she predicted two ran in and stopped at the sight. From where the two dark soldiers had wounds, gold light glowed. They both turned to her.

"You did this?" One hissed.

Sena nodded her head steadily.

"Y-Yes, all of them," she said.

Both of them turned to each other then back to her.

"What should we do?"

"She's a paladin, right? The Dark King would want her."

Wait, what?
"You're right, hey! We might get that raise we wanted!"

Hold on, they aren't supposed to kidnap her! They were supposed to try and kill her!
"No, wait!"

It was too late, one of them hit her in the back of her head causing her to loose consciousness.

And all she could think was that if she slept in a bit, this could have probably been avoided.