Skrheep's are a race of talking animals similar to your world sheep. They hail from Baaah a land of eternal grass. Merino is their capital. Many races and kingdoms trade with their empire. Stangely their biggest trade is wool. Dark rumors say Skrheep criminals and hostages are sent wool factories. The Skrheep deny such claims. They also trade salt and citrus. They protect ever settlement with a stone walls or palisades. Several merchants post are built along the trade routes.

It almost always rains in their realm. Thus ensuring the grass is always plentiful. They have no true currency yet so trade deals are hard to prove. Thus they made the Trade Item Act of 459. Stating if you're trading food another food type of equal or greater value can be given or exchanged. So every trade item is placed is a category. Skrheep's are almost always passive. They try to avoid conflict. They have sworn vassalage to Bingonia. Thankfully their king and queen were still allowed independence. The Bingonian Trade Republic asked only for food and supplies in times of emergency. Baaah seems to be prosperous and the Skrheep Empire seem to be in relative peace.

Was bored as always hope ya liked it. Also sheep are awesome :D