Ode To Good Technology

Tech stuff can also be used for good,

To provide us all our daily food.

Life and peace are things tech can do

As well as destruction and power, too.

Machines perfect the best cuisine to eat,

Without which cooking would be a feat.

They protect homes from crooks and danger,

And make conveniences second nature.

Technology's good for fun and games, too,

Ebooks, TV, games, and idealized zoos.

Even if power goes out in a storm,

Batteries ensure we can remain warm.

New friends and acquaintances can be found

Through social media as well as the ground.

People can chat and make new best friends,

Christians commune and with God make amends.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin,

Private sites from dating to Christian.

Text or E-mail, YouTube or download,

Music and streaming are farthest down the road.

Thank man, nature, and even God,

For these electrical carbon rods.

Without machines in modern time,

Life would be a constant uphill climb!