Ode To Technology In General

Technology is in the eye

Of the beholder, so why

Are we so divided on good or bad

To the existence of this thing we've had?

Tech stuff is neither bad nor good.

It's just the same as a piece of wood.

It depends on how the user uses it,

To kill/rob life or to help it sit.

Love or hate your technology,

The feeling's in your own biology.

I say cherish it as a friend and helper,

But do not cling too tight to it, either.

Too much tech makes turmoil and crazy life,

And that causes chaos and much strife.

Dependence on machines means we roll

On a crash course way out of control.

Oh technology, how I love thee!

But I can hate you too, you see?

One day we'll follow you to joy and glory,

Or we'll all be very sorry

That we trusted you in our worry.