On the cusp of death
My eyes wide
Staring into darkness
As they always have

It is a transition
We wait our whole lives for
With dread, with despair
With desperation

So little is known
But the mind always fills
Those gaps will never concede
And admit its own ignorance

So much fear

The planes allowed to rule
For the very idea that they might
Frightened hands hold on so tight
Crush that which is desired most

It is so hard to hold on
To so many things
None can
And all try

The only emptiness that exists
Is when belief of belonging
Is of one's own possession
And not that all belongs as its own

On the cusp

My eyes wide and staring

Into what is known as nothing

I see more than I have ever known before.

A/N: I was born on a Cusp. A zodiac cusp. Totally not what I'm talking about here but that in-between, the push and pull, the give and take of that transitional plane, has always fascinated me.