I broke a good man's heart.

I told myself I will always willingly accept the love of the one who persevered the most.
The one who crossed oceans, climbed mountains, who spent the most time on me.
The one who caught the most of my tears and shed the most for me.
The one who held me the longest when all I knew was how to fall apart.
I will choose him, love, passion, or not, how do you not reward that devotion?

The one who embraced me in warm and welcoming arms even as mine were fists,
pummeling the unfairness of the world into his chest.
The one who calls me beautiful despite the mascara stains on my cheeks-
Exhausted from countless sleepless nights pining for something we both can't define.

I told myself I would take his hand and never let go
How is it possible not to love him back?

So I looked into his loving eyes, and slowly, slowly said yes.

Now I'm keeping him from the woman who could hold him longer than I've ever held him.
From the one who wouldn't catch his tears because she won't make him cry.
From the arms who would cling to him as tightly to comfort and not to just rail.
The one who is more beautiful because she glows when he does something as simple as smile. And look her way.
I took him away from needing no sleep because he finds both peace and heat in her arms.

I broke a good man's heart. And nobody knows it but me.