Dear God, I'm Tired

I'm tired. I'm so damn tired

Of watching my mother fall.

I'm tired of being strong

And standing tall.


I'm tired of getting my hopes up

And watching them shatter right before my eyes.

I'm tired of wondering when I'll find the difference

Between truth and "I'm fine."


I'm so damn tired of scrambling in the dark,

Trying to find a light to grasp.

I'm tired of breaking down and getting up;

Tired of hearing myself speak in rasps.


I know you see me balancing on the edge

Of the world that you gave me.

I know you see me trying to fall

While begging someone to save me.


My lifeline is fading away;

She's a treasure fading from my trembling hands.

Someone weakly whispers "It'll be okay,"

But their voice falters and fades in these abysmal bands.



I'm so tired…