It all started on one Sunday night in the year Nineteen Seventy Eight which was when I was supposed to be watching my favorite show Battlestar Galactica on on the tube but that was before my mom had grabbed me by the collar of my tee shirt and made me get into my AMC Gremlin and go pick up my dad from his job.

And no matter how hard I tried to talk my mom out of making me do it, I still have no choice but to pick up that stupid father of mine because he happens to be family and you can not turn your back on family no matter what the situation happens to be.

Anyway, while I was driving over to where my dad was working at, my car had suddenly stopped right on the road which made me began to wonder to myself, "Why do I have a feeling that this is just like something from that movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind?", just before this bright light had came from out of nowhere and I looked up to see this huge disc shaped craft hovering over both me and the Gremlin.

And just as I was about to make a run for it, I found myself being beamed aboard that ship just like they had done on Star Trek before these little grey guys took my clothes off of me and I was forced to lay down on some strange examination table.

Then, after they got done with poking and probing the living daylights out of me, those little grey guys had left the room and allowed me to be joined by this ebony beauty who looked exactly like the latest Playboy playmate whose name happens to be Rosanne Katon before she had carefully placed her hand on my chest and looked at me with sad puppy dog type eyes like she was begging me to go through with it and give them what they wanted.

And of course, it was that kiss on the lips that she gave me that convinced me to let myself make such wonderful hot and steamy love to her while those little grey perverts were watching us do it in some other part of the ship and getting their jollies in the process.

And let me tell you right now that even though I had not wanted to do something like that in the first place because of the fact that we were inside a UFO and other stuff like that, both my newfound lover and I found ourselves enjoying that intergalactic erotic experience to its fullest.

That was before I had suddenly found myself back inside my AMC Gremlin and that large flying saucer was gone which left me with one whopper of a story to tell Dad when he asked me why I was late picking him up from work.

But I have to admit that the whole experience was better than watching Battlestar Galactica.