~Without, I haven't a clue~

I want to be good
I want to be true
I want to be honest
Whatever I do

I need Him to help me
To soften my heart
I need Him to guide me
I owe him each part

He leads and I follow
I have no other choice
Not my will, but God's be done
Forever I must voice

He is my Leader, my Helper, my Shield
I am merely His servant
To His will I must yield
And ever be fervent

To be true; to be honest
I cannot do so on my own
Only God can help me
Turn my heart from stone

He only is Constant and True
His Faith alone can see me through
Nothing matters of what I do
Without Him, I haven't a clue

He is my Master, my Helper, my Shield
He is Creator and Judge of everything
He is Powerful, Almighty God
His flock unto His fold does bring.

[November 15, 2004]
A/N: goes with "Haven't a clue" (Short Poems) and "Refuge";
Inspired by "Oh! To Be Like Thee" Thomas O. Chisholm, 1897.