Fur Deep

A children's tale

There was a bear at the door. How it greeted good Camille. Setting a smile to this child. Made him laugh, made him thrilled! Like a seatbelt to a buggy, well

fashioned, not strained. In mere moments since, Camille was

thoroughly convinced, he was no ordinary creature, for bears did not do this. Did not dance, or sing,

motion or things. There was a bear at the door, and he was chilled by the wind. So Camille let him in, and they were on the way to good friends!

They played checkers and badminton, Chutes and Ladders too, for it was

young at heart, like me, or perhaps you. I'll describe our new friend. Camile's no taller than he.

Magenta fur in the wind, on a day in the park, as they would often spend, heart to heart.

''Just how can this be?''the 12 year old boy often asked.''I'm no bear silly one, but quite human you see?''

''Human you see? But how could that be. For my friend can't you see. You look nothing like me!?'', so often

did ask, young Camile, our good friend. And so span his mind, and how it did bend, as he sought

meaning to such words,and what it all did , was this bear learned? He certainly seemed,

unlike most things. For how it did win, badminton, checkers too, games for the furtive, those like me or perhaps you.

On a day at the park, Camile asked his name. Asked where he'd come from, by bus or by plane.

''And what would it matter, if I told you by plane? Or whether by car, or horse, or by train?''

''Why what do you mean? Is it not all the same. Have we not all a place? Where going, whence came?''

''I am here now, and that's all I will say. What matters my place, only where I will stay!And why that's with

you, my friend , now and then, this place I am going, and there'll be no end!To the fun we'll chase,

good fortune embrace. Both have a friendship, both have a place!''

And to this, the bear danced, he danced oh he danced, when the day had just struck him, and invoked him to prance. Prance with Camile,who joined him in dance. And they broke out in song, danced all the day long…Day broke one fine hour,yes the wee of the morn, when Camile, dressed for school, danced downstairs to the horn…Our friend, the bear played, to alert his good friend, that another day had risen, another marvelous game!And imagine the surprise, when Camile's eyes graced the bear. For something had happened. Become

of his hair… His fur was not orange, as it had been yesterday. No, something had changed. His fur was

green today…

''What took ya so long?'' was the bear's morning cry. And he stuck out his tongue, and pulled down his eye.

''Why tease me good friend, when you have not before, the times spent at the park, when the

orange fur you wore?''

''So I see you have noticed, the change in my skin. Then you must know I'm

jealous, the wrath of the wind! You get the best cereals, all the games do you win.

''That's why I'm jealous! That's why this new skin!'' And so the day went. With this new jealous bear. The one green with envy. The one with new stole Camile's best cookies, during snack time and lunch. And picked other boys, at recess, a new friends, much cooler than he. The now jealous bear. Just how could this they shared separate beds, for their speaking was done. Camile had his room. The bear more than one, with Camile's parents away, who'd left early that day. did rise again, not so early I'd say, lungs having grown tired, last night shouting away. Camile brushed his teeth, then put on a scowl, descended the stairs for breakfast, then let out a howl. For he'd changed again, the bear his good friend, who shot back

a grimace, and stroked his new it was pink, a color well wore. For it gleamed in the

lighting,it gleamed in the store, that fine day afterschool, when Camile, he did spend, a fine time with

the bear, the pink bear his friend. For there was never a scowl, that day on his face. He'd never been

angry, contended Camile in a race. No, he had been most harpy, so warm and content gave Camile his

compassion, the green fun, not a trace. And he'd wept at sad movies, and slept like a boar, and ate all

his dinner, not asking for more. He'd cringed at the insects, that crawled up his fur, screamed at his

shadow, most unlike this sir, that had been before, with the greenest of skin, no longer with envy, a pink

bear he'd been. So he slept with Camile, Camile his dear friend, his shield from the dreams, where he'd

not dare spend.

Then came a new day, but let me daresay. It took Camile by surprise. For when he opened his eyes, the pink bear, his queer friend, was not able to rise, For he was not there, despite the pink hair, all scattered abroad, abroad Camile heard a ''Vroom'', and ran from his room, quick down the stairs, all covered in hair. Now imagine your friend, once pink he had been, but uncover your eyes, and emrace the surprisof he on a bike, his fur as the night, a new friend at the back, the back of his bike! He rode off with a lance, enjoying the chance, to show he was bold,did more than just prance. And he rode for an hour, an hour, then two, for he'd come back for dinner, then ran off, wouldn't you? If you had a bike, as nice as did he,if you were this bear, why Camile, even he. He stayed out until two, who knew what to do.

When he came back in riot, his fur had changed too...It flashed a fine green, then pink it had turned, then back to green, Camile's eyes would burn, as they beheld this marvel, this marvelous bear, who had no real image, had no real hair And he span and he spun, but no one doth hear, the cries of chameleons, when at last brought to he span util blue,and gave a boo hoo, he span until purple, red and gray too. Oh and when gray, he knew how to the house from ground knew just what to say. To make Camile better, renew his trust, though the house he had damaged, had made such a new bear that now was, shook Camile like a fight, this was all wrong, something not watched with great fear, as his friend, rather queer, slumped unto the floor, then gave a great fell on all fours, made off like a welp, in fur

that was brown, then gave a small yelp, as he fled from the house, squeaked like a mouse, into the

mountains,left Camile like a louse. Day went and came, and life stayed the same, for Camile, this

young boy, who felt like a toy. The toy of the cat who had grown fat. Fat in his house, had schemed

like a rat. A rat to elude, elude like a shrew, changing his colors, that bear of no mother.

''Oh where have gone you, you untimid shrew! I thought we were friends, and when does that end!'' so cried the child,as he walked a mile,a mile to the fair , where he found him there. Yes, there he was,

he'd gave no buzz, that he would be there, there at the fair.

''Where have you been, my truest of friends I think of you then, while in my den.'' so said the bear, the bear of orange hair, as it had been, when they were first friends.

''So now you are orange, where have you been, why did you change, again and

again!?'' To this the bear wept, for he could not help, but speak his mind, of what he felt.

''I change my skin, so I can win, so you could spend, forever my friend. What do you mean, your words make no

sense, why would I care, for your skin just one pence? I liked you at first, my heart felt it'd

burst,when I first saw your skin, already you win!''

''So then do you mean, that you liked me then?''

''I tell you again, that I'm your true friend.''

''Then you must know, it's mostly show, for listen to this, this you must know. I changed my skin, because you my friend, wished me that way, how your thoughts sway!''

''Sway me into existence, so judgemental you are! thoughts can do much, thoughts can go far! Wish me

as I was, as I am tommorrow, wish me happy, or bring me sorrow!'' ''It's all in your judgement, all how

you see! It makes no difference, for I am still me!''

''But I except you, so what do you mean! That you are just you, and not what you seem!''

''And it went on like this, for Camile could not see.

''With everything said, Camile, know not sorrow, I'd be brown tommorrow, save your love I can borrow! And with that I'm free,'' ''I can be me, you can be you, I can just be.

And with these last words, emerged a great lark, a bird made of rainbow, a bird like a rescued them both from this world of today, to a world that was a better, one that was listen close children, and embrace these words, everything spoken, and everything this bear visits you,with fur that is orange. See with your heart not so much with your you''ll have a friend, whose

color is true. Not one for tomorrow. But for all time.


© Literary Artist Dream