The Drama Class Next to the Funeral Home

By Shadowgate

Mary Beth Hart woke up and got ready for what would be one of the most horrible days in her life. It was the day of her mother's funeral. She was glad that she and her husband had chosen not to have children since it would have been hard on them as well.

Her sister Kate Bellhop had yet to be married. She would meet her sister at the viewing at 9AM.

She yelled at her husband "It's time to wake up."

Her husband Kevin woke up and yelled "shit!"

He then gave his wife a dirty look.

Mary snapped "today is the day of my mother's funeral Goddamn it!"

Kevin replied "I know that Goddamn it!"

They both had a quick breakfast and got ready for the viewing/funeral.

Mary called her brother Alexander and got confirmation that he and his wife Carrie were on their way to the viewing room.

They met up with the funeral home owner Peter Maxwell. The body of Anna Bellhop was put on display at 12PM.

Everyone cried then talked.

At 2PM they went out for lunch. When they returned Mary had to suddenly use the restroom, Kevin and his two in laws left the viewing room.

They had the body moved out of the funeral home and loaded it on the hearse. A new casket was in place.

Next door was a university with a drama class.

Eric Henderson who was a student at the drama class came into the funeral home and lied down in the casket.

When Mary got back from the bathroom she said "oh mom I can't believe you died so young. I'll miss you forever."

Eric sat up and said "That's sweet but I'm from the drama class next door and I'm very exhausted so I'm sleeping this coffin!"

Mary screamed out loud.