Iron Man

By Shadowgate


In the year 2000 a school was set on fire. An autistic 12 year old named Edward Still saved the lives of four students. Although he'd been bullied by his classmates he saved the lives of four.

Now today Edward Still holds an MA in history and an MS in physics.

His interests are as follows: Time Travel

The Philadelphia Experiment

History of any kind.

Rap and heavy metal.


He listened to Black Sabbath's Iron Man at least 10 times per day. He hooked up with old classmates on Facebook. He finally knew their addresses after a year of tracking them. He was grateful for the 1 billion dollar inheritance that his grandfather left behind. That paid for his education and was paying for his apartment rent.

He worked part time at a Subway. That helped pay for his CDS and getting "IRON MAN" tattooed on his right bicep.

His goal now was to kill four former classmates. He would kill the people he once saved.