Iron Man

Chapter 5

By Shadowgate

Detective Lance Dole immediately went to Edward Still's apartment the day after Kevin Moore was found shot to death. He was the man connected the four murder victims. Detective Dole along with two police officers knocked on Edward's door.

He let them in. They saw text books. They saw Black Sabbath, Megadeth, and Metallica posters. Detective Dole said "the reason we're here is because I'm sure you've heard of the four most recent homicides here in Houston?"

Edward Still replied "four murders back to back where the killer left iron man as his calling card."

Detective Dole said "bingo and you knew all four victims."

Edward Still looked up at the detective strangely.

Detective Dole looked back at him sternly and said "we know your life history."

Detective Dole said "in 2000 you saved the lives of the four victims in a school fire. Now all four of those you saved turned up murdered. The word 'iron man' was left at each murder scene."

Edward nodded and one of the police officers pointed out "you like metal bands I see."

Edward said "I love them but surely you can't believe I'm a mass murderer because I listen to heavy metal?"

Detective Dole said "no it's not because you happen to love heavy metal that has brought us here. There are legit reasons."

Detective Dole placed a printed copy of the news report on the 2000 school fire on Edward's coffee table.

Detective Dole said "you knew the victims."

Edward replied "I sure did and they still fucking bullied me after I saved their lives."

Detective Dole looked up with brightness in his eyes and said "well they were not caring people for sure and that's certainly a motive for you to have killed them. Furthermore there's a line in the Black Sabbath song Iron Man that says "kills the people he once saved."

One of the police officers stood up and pulled his handcuffs out. He informed Edward Still that he was under arrest for the murders of Becky Dunn, Brian Lock, Kevin Moore, and Jordan Dorman.

All physical evidence pointed to Edward Still. The testimony of Detective Dole and the coroner was irrefutable. Edward Still confessed in court to all four murders before being sentenced to death.