I glanced up at the clock, but I was not actually interested in the time. But then I didn't look back at the white-board filled with notes that I had yet to take.

Because I had made eye contact with him.


Look away, look away-I still hadn't looked away. Why don't I ever listen to me? I asked myself.

He smiled that small smile that I had been seeing from him for years. It was a smile that said he was amused with something.

Is he looking at me?

No, he can't be. Yet, I knew that there was no one behind me; I sat on the further-most edge of the classroom. Look away, peridinkle!

I paused for a moment, realizing something: making eye contact with him meant that he had been looking fi-no.

Why would he? There was no reason for him to be looking at me.

I still had yet to turn my gaze.

But he had to have been.

Why was he still looking?

Take notes! Do something! I screamed at myself. I still could not, however.

Someone walked between us, acting as my savior. They were on their way to the pencil sharpener. Or to the trash can. Or bathroom. Somewhere, but wherever it was, they had saved me.

My face flushing, I glanced over at the notebook of Cynthia, and scribbled down the notes that she had written from the last few PowerPoint slides. Cynthia was pretty much my only friend, and I had been relieved at the start of the semester when she had been assigned by our science teacher as my lab partner.

My eyes veiled through my bangs, I dared to look back up at Oliver as the teacher continued to drone about...something. Neptune, maybe?

But Oliver was not looking at me; he was taking notes as I began to suspect he had been doing the whole time.


Well. Originally, they had been in Bio, as that was the science class I had been taking at the time that I first wrote this, but I decided to change it to Astronomy, because that's what I'm taking now and it'll just be easier for me to describe.

Cynthia is deff not named after the Pokémon Elite Four Champion of Sinnoh...heh (nervous laughter).