"A Day As A Girl"

Sixth grader Xavier Palmer listened as his teacher, Mori-Senpai or Sensei (whichever the kids preferred), talked on and on about women's rights. Ivy Howard, his best friend, was much more interested in it than Xavier. While Ivy sat there, content with the lecture, Xavier wondered, 'Why do we have to learn about this anyways? None of us would understand at all why they wanted rights, and most of us don't listen to the Sensei anyways.'

Mori-Senpai watched as all the boys in class seemed to be bored with the lesson while the girls were much more interested. He suddenly came up with an idea to help teach the kids. "Class, you have no homework. Also, just so you know, next week you need to cross-dress. That means the boys will dress up as girls, and girls as boys." Everyone in the class looked up at that.

"Sensei, why are we supposed to cross dress?" Xavier asked. Xavier was confused, and wanted to understand better.

"The boys will be learning how women were treated in 1910, and same with the girls, but they will learn about how boys were treated." The bell rang, saving Mori-Senpai from having to answer anymore questions. "See you tomorrow, class!"

As Xavier walked out, Ivy ran up to him. "Can you believe it?"

"Nope. Let's just hope he's not serious, and that this was all a joke."

Of course it wasn't a joke. As Xavier walked in the next day, wearing a girl-ish shirt and hair extensions, he was met with, "Class, we will be voting on a student council president today. Of course, only the boys will get to vote. All the boys stood up, but Mori-Senpai shook his head. "I meant the girls who are cross-dressing as boys, guys." Xavier sat down, along with the rest of the boys. After all the girls had voted, it was math. Mori-Sempai had the boys washing fake dishes while the girls sat down and learned how to divide fractions.

"This isn't fair! " Caiden, one of Xavier's classmates, said.

"I know!" Neal said. Once more, a classmate who was forced to wash dishes.

"I can't wait till lunch," Xavier replied. Now, he wish he didn't. At lunch, the boys were forced to make food for the girls. Ivy walked up to him.

"Understand why women wanted rights, now?" She knew how Xavier didn't understand why women wanted rights before this.

"Are you kidding me? I totally understand! They have to live by all these rules, and clean and cook, yet they get no say?! I totally get it!" What they didn't know is that Mori-Senpai was listening on the conversation. He saw how the boys were "protesting" to each other. He loved how they now understood, after only a day as a 1900's girl.