The Experimental League

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2012

All Rights Reserved

Any duplication or plagarization of this story of any kind is by definition false, and not to be taken seriously unless it's internet joking or parody.

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Chapter 1:

Bittersweet Freedom

A voice called out, "faster! They're gaining on us!"

Another voice assured the other, "I've been through worse. The worst they can do now is give me a speeding ticket. All you have to do is lay low, and…"

The first voice insisted, "eyes on the road." Two teenage girls were in a dark blue car, with one of them in the front passenger seat and one in the driver's seat. The one to the side had long red hair, and the other had shoulder length black hair. The driver was speeding past a red light, with cars piling up around both of them. The police car in front of them moved quickly, almost cutting them off.

Sirens sounded. The teenage driver barely moved past them. She checked her rearview mirrors, noticing that this police car was still following them. The first voice muttered, "shit! Now what?"

The second voice said, "quiet! I'm thinking."

The first voice muttered, "sorry. Look out!" The dark blue car almost crashed into a second police car up ahead. It was steered into an alleyway. The dark blue car came around a corner, when it crashed into another car that was speeding. The dark blue car exploded in flames.

When the girl with long red hair awoke, she wasn't in a hospital bed. Instead, she was in a dark empty room with dim lights of varying color on. Standing over her aching body was a sickly black humanoid being. It looked like melted tire rubber, given life in a cosmic blender of disturbing. And, it was chuckling evilly.

The figure muttered coldly, "maybe I should've left you there to die. The psychokinesis surgery would work better on a stronger human." The teenage girl muttered, "I'm a cheerleader!"

The figure commented, "so your spirit would've gone to the afterlife if we haven't stepped in." The teenage girl insisted, "in case you haven't noticed shithead, I have a life back there!"

The figure pointed out, "one that was near ruin. Furthermore, your little stunt almost put the entire mission in jeopardy." The teenage girl figured, "I have a name, you know. It's Tana."

The figure sighed. He thought to himself, "why did I think these telepathic implants would be useful?"

The figure continued, "my title is DarkStalker." Tana commented sarcastically, "can't imagine why, shithead."

DarkStalker chuckled evilly, "it's because I often kill people like pathetic humans for fun. And that's just on a good day. Your spirit though: It is strong. Despite being displaced, you still keep holding onto your high school pep. I see now that mere illusions won't help here."

Tana asked angrily, "just what do you want from me?!" DarkStalker laughed again, "simple: I give you more power than you ever dreamed of, and you in return help us rule the Earth."

Tana concluded bitterly, "there are spies."

DarkStalker figured, "you are amusing. They'll never catch us, so long as we keep our distance. If we wanted to, we could poison every human on the planet with our sweat glands."

Tana realized, "you're not from Earth…are you?"

DarkStalker commented, "but you are, and that's how we'll conquer it." Tana wondered, "and why is a shithead alien like you telling me all of this?"

DarkStalker chuckled evilly, "right now, I need someone to tell my plans to. And when I know that you could just be involved in another accident, we're not that worried about you breaking out." Tana figured, "then don't let me stop you."

DarkStalker sighed, "unfortunately, if I told you more, I'd have to dispose of you…and that would be hypocritical."

Tana added, "and I assume that if I don't go along with this, you'll kill me?"

DarkStalker concluded, "exactly."

Bittersweetly, Tana concluded, "then I accept." DarkStalker deduced, "good." He left the room.

And as he walked down the green metallic hall…he saw a jellyfish skinned alien blob a fair distance off. It was cloaked in shadow. The jellyfish skinned alien wondered nervously, "is she…?" DarkStalker figured, "she's all yours, ThinkerTeeth."

A few days later…

A voice called out, "get away!" Shots were heard from inside a grayish yellow house. It was nighttime. It was dark, inside and out. A masked figure with a gun and a black hockey mask was outside…and a teenage boy with short blond hair was trying to dodge the bullets.

He ducked behind a car. But, he had to roll out of the way of falling shattered glass. Just then, the boy was shot by the same masked figure. He coughed violently as he tried to get up. The boy couldn't. The masked figure ran off.

Suddenly, something that looked like a cross between a lioness and a gorilla came and picked up the unconscious body. The alien muttered, "I'm not getting paid enough for this." The alien ran into a tractor beam, which pulled both of them into a cloaked space vessel. It looked like a huge and distant asteroid, and yet couldn't be in any shape or form.

The teenage boy awoke in a dark empty room, with dim lights of varying color. DarkStalker was standing over his aching body. DarkStalker figured, "I see the psychokinesis surgery has taken out the bullet in time."

The teenage boy wondered uneasily, "who are you?"

DarkStalker concluded, "I'm DarkStalker. It sends fear into those we spare."

The teenage boy added nervously, "I'm…Jon."

DarkStalker figured, "and the fact that we just saved your life means nothing to you?"

Jon sighed deeply, "no. It's just…it happened so fast."

DarkStalker commented, "life can be cruel…but it doesn't have to be. Join us, and you'll get more power than you can imagine."

Jon was quick to argue, "but what about my family…my friends?!"

DarkStalker sighed deviously, "how did you think that burglar knew that you were alone in your house…sleeping? One of your so called friends probably led him to you."

Jon muttered with teary eyes, "it…can't be."

DarkStalker concluded, "oh, but it is. And the sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be."

Jon concluded reluctantly, "maybe I'll…join you then."

DarkStalker chuckled, "excellent. Let's get the procedure underway then."

A few days later…

A voice concluded, "this plan was pure genius. Once Luke realizes that I videotaped the whole thing…he'll do anything to avoid having it shown to his closest friend."

A second voice commented, "and then we'll be able to steal all the test answers…without any questions for us."

The first voice deduced, "that's the plan. For now though, let's go to homeroom." These two pretty but evil teenage girls walked down a yellow school hall. One of them had long blond hair, and one of them had shoulder length brown hair.

A teenage boy with medium blackish brown hair was checking some things in his blue locker, when the evil girl with shoulder length brown hair blew the boy a kiss.

The teenage boy muttered, "shit…shit…shit! I can't live this down. Carol made me do this. But…I can make my own way out. Just try to stop me now, Carol!" He took out a Swiss army knife from his locker and put it in his jeans' pockets. The boy moved from moving crowd of students to moving crowd of students…until he found himself going up the gray stairs. He kept going, not looking back.

The teenage boy checked to see if no one was around. And indeed…there wasn't. He took out his Swiss army knife, and used it to break open a locking mechanism anchored within a locked door. The teenage boy closed the door behind him. His heart was racing.

He was on the other side, making his way up more stairs. He ran onto the school roof. And, with his eyes closed…he jumped. He wanted it all to die: All the hurt…and all his memory of Carol. Little did he know that a tractor beam from a certain cloaked alien vessel would pull him up.

When he awoke, he found himself in a hospital bed. His legs were heavily bruised and broken, under a body cast. His head was pulsing, under another body cast. He moaned violently, "is Carol…?"

Another voice assured him, "she's in trouble, Luke. You all right?"

Luke figured, "I am now."

The other voice confirmed, "that's good. I knew Carol was the worst bitch we knew. But… Heavy sigh. I didn't realize how low she could go."

Luke sighed with some relief, "it's not your fault."

Meanwhile, DarkStalker was watching the scene from a small viewscreen. Around him were green control panels. There were many handprint identification like pads, and no buttons. The walls were green too. More of DarkStalker's kind were keeping their many hands on the pads, deep in telepathic thought. DarkStalker chuckled evilly, "the simulation is a success, DarkCloak. Keep it that way."

Another voice over his said, "yes, sir." It was over DarkStalker's little purple box shaped implants…where his neck might be.

Five years later, in the year 2012…

Luke and Tana were suited up in very dark red armor plating, with matching gauntlets and open purple helmets. Luke's armor seemed a bit more sophisticated. In fact, it had red Jetboots and a chest plate that stuck out. Tana's suit didn't have either. Though, Tana didn't need them. A third figure with very dark red armor and tire black gauntlets on was watching them.

More specifically…from a high purple balcony styled platform. He had a silver belt on, and a tire black helmet. The third figure urged, "let's go!"

Luke and Tana were flying in space, with help from the built in glass panels that covered the open parts of their helmets. Thin psychokinetic tire black tubing stretched across their armor, recirculating the air they breathe in and out. Their armor was molded out of hardened psychokinetic mass…which allowed their armor to adapt to typical Earth attacks as well as to their own physical bodies.

Luke flew on his Jetboots, very determined. He shot some missiles from his chest plate, exploding some space junk near Tana. She barely got out of the way.

She called out, "hey, watch it!" Luke was quick to say, "WaveBoard said there's no rules."

Tana muttered, "still... You think after five years, a shithead like you would get used to having me around." Luke commented, "once a cheerleader…" He blasted at Tana directly with more missiles. But, she shot some webbing at them to swing them back at Luke. Her gauntlets psychokinetically adapted slightly enough to let the webbing through.

Tana muttered bittersweetly, "…always a cheerleader." Luke called out, "get out of my head!" Luke grabbed some space junk and hurled it in the path of the incoming missiles, exploding them. Luke and Tana circled around more space junk and satellites, heading back for the rocket propelled platform that WaveBoard was on.

WaveBoard clapped as they reached him, with Luke the first one there. WaveBoard confirmed, "excellent. After five years, your training is nearly complete." Tana wondered, "and what about…?" WaveBoard concluded, "you've both done well." Tana muttered satisfyingly, "thank you." WaveBoard went on, "but, there's still the infiltration itself: The ultimate test for us all."

Luke deduced resolutely, "we won't fail you." WaveBoard added, "good. When I give you the signal, you'll know what to do." Tana checked uncertainly, "remind me again why we're doing this?"

Like he's giving a lecture, WaveBoard pointed out, "these aliens have given you alien DNA, and psychokinetically formed superpowers with it. They will get the job done. These aliens can also take them away just as easily. And if you fail…"

Tana concluded, "we won't. When do we start?"

WaveBoard concluded, "as soon as you're ready. Just remember…the infiltration is in a few days from now. My job is to watch over the rest of us…no matter what."

A little nervous, Luke deduced, "right. You scared?" Tana slightly chuckled, "you wish."


Jon and a woman were suited in very dark red armor, with matching gauntlets and open purple helmets. They were in a dark room with lights of varying color. But, this one had hard seats and a table. Earth food was on the table for the two to eat. Near them was a very dark red armored woman with tire black gauntlets and a open tire black helmet on. She was sitting across from them.

The woman with a tire black helmet figured, "congratulations. You completed your training."

Jon concluded hopefully, "so, DarkCloak…do we get to save the world from aliens now?" With a slight chuckle hinting of evil, DarkCloak deduced, "as soon as you're done eating, you'll start to blend in with the crowd. When WaveBoard gives the signal…the infiltration will begin." Jon realized, "of course."

The woman beside him asked, "just so we're clear on where the kings and queens are… I get to be Directorate of Intelligence for the MasterLock Gambit Agency?" In a hint of contempt, DarkCloak figured softly, "right, Alice. Happy now?" Alice slightly chuckles, "pretty much, yes."

Jon concluded, "and as the Secretary of Defense for the president of the United States…?" DarkCloak deduced, "that's right. When you're ready to head out…all you have to do is knock." She left the room, chuckling evilly to herself, "they don't call me DarkCloak for nothing."

Then, DarkStalker came down the hall. DarkStalker wondered, "how's it going?" DarkCloak remarked, "they still think this is a government facility. What do you think?"

DarkStalker concluded, "too bad we can't just kill them." DarkCloak considered deviously, "maybe afterwards, I could take over MasterLock Gambit Agency. Put our little "Alice" in her place in Wonderland."

DarkStalker insisted, "don't get too ahead of yourself, dear. After all… Too much ambition can be toxic to your health." DarkCloak insisted, "and what are we as watchers supposed to do…while they head the most powerful places in New York and California? What about your race?"

DarkStalker deduced, "you could rule the prisons, the courts… Even both. As for my wife… Slight evil chuckle. She died in her title. Your title is worthy of either race. But most of all…my own title."

DarkCloak chuckled evilly, "you can make anything sound deliciously evil. I'll leave that to king." DarkStalker insisted cruelly, "and I can leave it at that. But, if you take down our less worthy friends…you will pay dearly." He grabbed her by the throat. She just smirked, despite not breathing. DarkStalker muttered, "by my hand." He lets her go.

DarkCloak coughed violently, struggling to breathe. She muttered, "I understand all too well, DarkStalker." DarkStalker sighed with twisted relief, "good. You, WaveBoard, FireFury, WildClaws, and TentacleQueen will make sure the infiltration goes according to plan. And if not…you can say goodbye to your worth." And with that, he left down a green hallway.

DarkCloak remarked in her thoughts, "still… Evil chuckle. We'll see just how worthy Alice really is."

A few days later…

After filling out a lot of paperwork with help from DarkStalker's kind, Tana was put in charge of the New York Times website. She had her own desk to prove it, with her new name being Talianna. In her yellow office, Talianna snuck up her red armor in a suitcase. There was supposed to be paperwork inside it, but that was on Talianna's brown desk already.

An assistant pointed out to her, "it's closing time." Outside…it was clearly nighttime in New York. Talianna realized, "oh…I must've lost track of…time." She then noticed the computer screens nearby blinking rapidly…at the same pace, past the door to her office.

With mixed feelings, Talianna realized, "the signal." The assistant wondered, "are you…all right?"

Meanwhile, elsewhere in New York…

After filling out a lot of paperwork with help from DarkStalker's race, Luke was put in charge of a technology corporation called Experim. He had his own desk to prove it, with his new name being George. In his blue office, George snuck up his red armor in a suitcase. He almost wasn't able to, considering how heavy the armor really was. There was supposed to be paperwork inside the suitcase, but that was on George's black desk already.

An assistant pointed out to him, "it's closing time."

George realized, "really?" He then noticed the computer screens nearby blinking rapidly…at the same pace, past the door to his office.

Slightly unnerved, George realized, "the signal." The assistant wondered, "are you ok?"

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C…

After filling out a lot of paperwork with help from DarkStalker's people, Jon had become the Secretary of Defense. He had his own desk to prove it, with his new name being John. In his white office, John snuck up his red armor in a suitcase. There was supposed to be paperwork inside it, but that was on John's brown desk already.

An assistant pointed out to him, "someone wants to see you, John." John wondered uneasily, "who?" The assistant revealed, "a special member of the government."

Around that time, John was noticing the two computer screens nearby blinking rapidly…at the same pace. One was past the door to his office. The other was in his office. Fairly confidently, John realized in his thoughts, "the signal."

Meanwhile, under New York…

After filling out a lot of paperwork with help from DarkStalker's race, Alice had become the Directorate of Intelligence for the MasterLock Gambit Agency. More specifically, the MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters of New York. She had her own desk to prove it, with her new name being Lilly. In her green office, Lilly snuck up her red armor in a suitcase. There was supposed to be paperwork inside it, but that was on Lilly's black desk already.

A woman with fairly short blackish blond hair wondered, "can I talk to you?" Lilly figured coolly, "sure. What is…it?" She then noticed the computer screens nearby blinking rapidly…at the same pace, past the door to her office. Lilly realized, "the signal."

Joliena had her black gauntlets turning into missile launchers. She figured, "simple: Your arrest, Lilly. That is…if that's who you really are."

Back in Washington, D.C…

DarkCloak was outside of the White House, watching over John and his assistant. She then noticed a army of cyborgs outside from a distance, waiting. They had varied hair, and otherwise looked like blue humanoid android robots. DarkCloak realized, "we've been…discovered." Before she could react, a cloud of darkness came from her silver belt.

DarkCloak ran towards the army of cyborgs. But…she was taken off guard by WaveBoard swooping down towards her. WaveBoard chuckled, "you don't know the half of it." With his super strength, he punched at DarkCloak. DarkCloak was knocked off her feet, smashing down into some of the White House lawn's potted plants.

DarkCloak coughed violently, "but…you were one of us!"

WaveBoard figured, "telepathic jamming implants I invented…blocked telepathy from specific minds like yours. You made a guess…and you were dead wrong."

One of the cyborg agents called out, "stand down!" Suddenly, John in his dark red armor came jumping through a window. He crashed through it, tumbling onto his feet unharmed.

With a slight chuckle, WaveBoard wondered, "what took you so long?" John concluded, "had to use the bathroom first." The army of twenty blue cyborgs turned their hands into lasers.

Another one of the cyborg agents called out, "we said…!"

With his hands up, John figured, "I know. Moderate sigh. But…we're on your side. I became the Secretary of Defense…so that I could help protect humanity from the coming invasion."

A third cyborg lowers his weapons. He concluded, "we'll settle this at headquarters. Now, if you'll come with us quietly…"

WaveBoard muttered impatiently, "goddamnit…we don't have time for this! The invasion is already begi…"

The third cyborg pointed out, "our Director already knows. It took her until tonight to piece it all together. But…there's enough of a story to warrant action."

But…little did they know that DarkCloak wasn't completely knocked out. She flew at the cyborg agent army, when they aimed their lasers at her. DarkCloak, with her super speed and flying, easily dodged laser after laser. Instead…they almost hit WaveBoard and John.

WaveBoard called out to John's telepathy with mere thought, "get down!" WaveBoard flew out of the way, having already seen it coming. John ducked, as a lot of lasers nearly hit him. The pillars of the White House are crumpling, in clouds of smoke and marble. WaveBoard flew at DarkCloak, putting her in a headlock in midair. The cyborg agent army flew after them, with rockets on their feet and backs.

DarkCloak chuckled evilly, "this is what happens when you defy the DarkCloak!" She rammed him into a incoming cyborg by swinging her body its way, knocking them both to the ground below. WaveBoard reactively let go, violently coughing against the White House lawn.

John got up to shoot fire through his gauntlets. The psychokinetic mass adapted by moving out of the way, briefly revealing John's hands. Like a missile launcher, the flames caught on DarkCloak's armor.

DarkCloak muttered bitterly, "too hot for my tastes, I'm sure." She flew higher and faster into the air, with WaveBoard chasing after her. Waveboard muttered, "like you felt anything before!" The flames were extinguished by the sudden loss of oxygen, with DarkCloak's glass face plate up. Their psychokinetic tire black tubing was helping them both survive, high in the atmosphere. Though, for one thing…WaveBoard didn't have flames around him.

Meanwhile, down below…

John said considerately, "since you probably have this under control…I'll surrender to you." One of the cyborg agents figured, "good to hear. This way, please." John had given himself up to them, letting half of the cyborg agents escort him back to their headquarters. The other half of cyborgs charged at WaveBoard and DarkCloak.

Another of these cyborgs called out, "surrender!"

DarkCloak muttered, "do you even have minds?! Oh yes… Evil chuckle. You do." She telepathically got them to fire at each other…making them either distracted or damaged by their own hand. They of course each thought that DarkCloak is another one of them. These cyborgs had changed their hands into firing missile launchers.

WaveBoard flew at DarkCloak, swinging off a cyborg body for momentum. WaveBoard called out, "enough!" He teleported one of the missiles in front of DarkCloak with help from a remote in his belt. This was merely distracting her, by letting her use her super speed to direct it at him.

WaveBoard flip leaped over the missile, while teleporting another missile in front of the one he leaped over. He kicked off of both, seconds before they crashed into each other. All the while…he was using the explosion to gain enough momentum to kick DarkCloak in the air.

A knocked out DarkCloak was falling towards the ground below. Down below, the alien with a lion like mane, lioness fur, and gorilla everything else caught DarkCloak. A small crater had formed where the alien stood, with the alien standing her ground. She carried the body away from the scene. Seven confused cyborgs looked around for DarkCloak. But…they didn't see her. Three of them had died, as a result of the psychic attack.

One of the cyborg agents wondered, "where is…?" WaveBoard realized, "well, she was over... Damnit! Never mind." Another cyborg concluded, "let's go."

As two of them put their arms around WaveBoard, he remarked, "personal space doesn't compute for you, does it?"

The third cyborg commented, "we want to be sure you won't try anything." WaveBoard sighed, "fair enough."

Meanwhile, back at the MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters of New York…

Lilly muttered, "I don't think so…you alien mess of crap!" She aimed her telepathy on Joliena, who clutched her head in mental pain. She cried out, "this…isn't real!"

And with that, Joliena shot missiles at Lilly. This was right after she passed out from the mental pain. Lilly just flew out of the way. Then, she shut the office door on the missiles. An explosion sounded from the door…as it broke off in shards. Alarms sounded. Agents of MasterLock Gambit Agency in black coats with green and blue diagonal stripes across arrived on the scene, armed with black gauntlets of their own.

One of them called out, "Director?!" Lilly shrugged with a sigh, "a shapeshifting alien…got away. That's why the alarms."

A second agent concluded, "maybe it's agent seventeen. He said he was going to come back from assignment. But, he hasn't…"A third agent interrupted, "umm…I'm agent seventeen. Why is everyone looking at me like that?"

Lilly concluded, "agent seventeen, you're under arrest." The third agent exclaimed, "oh, what the shit?!"

The second agent figured, "if you're not a shapechanging shithead…we'll soon find out." The third agent moderately sighed, "very well. I got nothing to hide." He was escorted by some other agents, while some agents escorted Joliena's unconscious body to a medical room.

Lilly figured, "we should probably check everyone to see if they're shapechanging aliens…including me."

The second agent figured, "sounds good. Let's start with you." Lilly exclaimed with worry, "now, wait a minute! Don't we have lockdown for this sort of thing?"

The second agent concluded, "good call." The agent took out a black walkie talkie. She said into it, "this is agent twelve. The Director out of action. And, the Directorate of Intelligence is issuing a lockdown. I repeat…a lockdown! We may have an alien shapeshifter in..." Before the agent could react, Lilly punched out agent twelve. She fell to the ground with a thud.

Lilly thought, "now to get control of the MasterLock Gambit Agency. With the Director out of action, and her ID card…taking over MasterLock Gambit Agency will be easy enough." The doorways were closing with sliding metal doors. Laser grids were going up. Lilly just managed to fly under a sliding door. She had tossed her suitcase with the armor under the same door.

Alarms were going off like crazy. Agents of MasterLock Gambit Agency were aiming their gauntlets at each other, in fear of one of them being a shapeshifting alien. Lilly barely made it to the control room. On the way, she picked up the suitcase. She opened the suitcase, so she could put on the armor.

Missiles made the metal doors explode. Some were from panicking agents, who were taken out shortly after by other agents. Some were from agents who realized that Lilly was the one heading for the control room. One of the agents called out on a black walkie talkie, "Lilly is heading to the control room! I repeat, heading to the control room!"

Back at the New York headquarters for Experim…

George insisted, "just… Wrapping things up."

The assistant figured, "of course. Good night." George added, "good night." The assistant left George alone. He was actually planting a computer virus into the computer, by programming it from scratch.

George thought, "let's see how Experim's computers adapt to my virus. Now popularity itself…will suffer." George was about to press enter…when Lilly and the MasterLock Gambit Agency control room she was in appeared on his computer.

George wondered nervously, "Lilly, what are you doing? You're not suppos…!" In partial embarrassment, Lilly sighed, "I thought I could do this alone. But…it looks like I'll need some help after all. There are still many agents trying to do a number on…"

Suddenly, the transmission was cut off. George sighed heavily in his hands, "shit!" But then, the computer returned to programming mode. George reluctantly pressed on. He pressed enter. Suddenly, the cell phone towers, followed by the internet itself…shut down for all of New York. Millions of people were in a uproar. But, they just turned to home phones…and the closest people they could find to complain to.

George sighed to himself, "time to suit up." He put on his dark red armor, and took off for the MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters. The office window was closed behind him.

George commanded, "suit, scan for the nearest MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters." His helmet's face plate went down. It showed across it infrared scans of New York. No results found. George was about to command something else…when he saw John being taken on route to the MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters.

George muttered coldly, "your little stunt may've just saved me some time." George took off after them, but tried to hide from tall building to tall building. The cyborg agents picked him up though with their infrared scanner eyes.

One of the cyborg agents urged, "a friend of yours?"

John concluded, "actually, yes." Among them, the first cyborg figured, "then let's see if he's willing to talk."

With his telepathy, John suggested, "George… Moderate sigh. Why don't we at least play along? Together, with Lilly's help… We could destroy them."

George decided to make his appearance more easily known, "I surrender." He puts his hands over his head.

Another cyborg asked, "you sure this is…?!" The first cyborg deduced, "I know what I'm doing, soldier. With more of these mystery men…we'll find out what's going on." The second cyborg wondered, "and if they take us down first?" The first cyborg reluctantly concluded, "then we'll fight to the last."

The remaining members of the cyborg agent army took George, John, and WaveBoard into protective custody.

Meanwhile, at the New York Times headquarters…

Talianna's assistant already left. She had said before the assistant left, "I'm fine. Really. Just…finishing up." She was really using the computer's website to quickly place another virus onto the New York Times' website…before George's virus turned off the internet for her. Instead of turning off the internet though, it was going to rewrite the news itself: As propaganda.

Talianna chuckled in her thoughts, "after five years of mentally training myself…they still think they can control me. When the internet turns back on…they're soon to realize just how wrong they are."

Then, shortly after…

She got on her armor. She then felt John's telepathic thoughts getting to her, "did you complete your part of the mission?"

Talianna sighed telepathically, "sorry…but no."

Suggestively, John figured telepathically, "sorry? You're already one step ahead."

Talianna realized in thought, "why John…you're rebelling too?" John chuckled telepathically, "technically, I'm being captured…by the good guys."

Talianna commented in thought, "now, isn't that ironic? I'm on my way. Just keep talking to me…and I'll be there soon." Talianna flew out of the window to her office, after rolling up the window.

She closed it behind her. Then, she flew off after the captured WaveBoard, John, and George. But…little did she know that a small pod shaped shuttle was following her. It looked like a comet. And inside of it…was DarkStalker himself.

The inside of the pod was green, with multiple handprint identification pads for controls. DarkStalker muttered intensely, "I will not let this mission go down like this! I'll eliminate them all...before the humans get them talking. Or Carnivra, if you are correct…before WaveBoard makes them all betray us." Beside him was the gorilla hybrid that saved DarkCloak from death.

Carnivra agreed, "good …but why can't be part of action?"

DarkStalker figured, "you may have telepathy…but you lack the brains to realize you can't fight in the air."

Carnivra sighed, "point good."

By the time DarkStalker got the comet like shuttle to the MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters in New York…DarkCloak's own psychokinesis got herself somewhat back to normal. She urged weakly, "I can…still help."

DarkStalker chuckled evilly, "least someone knows their place. Go get them!"

Carnivra wondered, "but not go…?!" DarkStalker insisted, "she can fly."

Carnivra sighed, "why do get side jobs?" DarkStalker muttered with a sigh, "if you want to live, you'll keep your mouth shut."

Carnivra urged, "me champion of my people. The whole War Universe bows down me! Who you tell me what do?" DarkStalker resisted the urge to go ahead and choke Carnivra.

DarkStalker added, "the deal was that you give us five years to understand your DNA and replicate your telepathy for us to use…and we offer protection to the Stridons for five years. Your pitiful race. We're simply letting you come along as a sign of friendship. With our technology…we could blast your kingdom to pieces in a matter of days."

Carnivra sighed, "win, of DarkStalker." DarkStalker chuckled evilly, "I love tormenting others for my amusement."

Carnivra insisted, "got no problem for torment. Just not get in way…when me conquer Middle East. It 2005-2006 reports speak… Speak of a high world of fear and torment…much like me kingdom in War Universe."

DarkStalker figured irritatedly, "you can have it, for all I care! With a country as diverse and big as America, we'll have more than enough humans to experiment and brainwash on. And with most of the immigrants coming to America…they'll all slowly be brainwashed." Carnivra sighed, "wish could plan you like."

Sounding almost impressed, DarkStalker commented, "who knows? Maybe you'll learn from me how to "plan you like"."

Reluctant sounding, Carnivra figured, "may."

Meanwhile, while DarkStalker and Carnivra were talking…

DarkCloak came around for a sneak attack on the cyborg agents…getting them to turn on each other with a wide range psychic attack. They had released their hold on George, John, and WaveBoard. By this time…Talianna arrived. Talianna called out, "what the…?! Of course: DarkCloak." Using her limited range telepathy…she saw through the eyes of the cyborg agents. They each saw the illusion of DarkCloak, being many people at once.

The real DarkCloak figured in contempt, "I should have known a unworthy bitch like you would join him." She punched Talianna from behind, knocking her backwards in the air. Talianna muttered coldly, "say that again…shithead?!" With help from shooting webbing through her psychokinetic gauntlets…Talianna pulled DarkCloak towards her. She built more momentum, to fly kick DarkCloak backwards.

With her concentration off, the cyborg agents turned around to face the incoming shuttle. Knowing in some way that DarkCloak would go after Talianna…WaveBoard, John, and George concentrated on dodging the incoming missiles. Black gaseous tar was released from these missiles' then not so secret compartments.

They practically took out every cyborg in the cyborg agent army. Only one cyborg managed to fly out of the way of the series of tar explosions. John and George were trying to take out the missiles with fire and missiles. But…the gaseous tar had alien chemicals inside that couldn't easily be locked onto.

George called out, "shit! I thought they were on our side!" John pointed out, "guess…not." Unfortunately…John and George ended up hitting themselves by accident.

Fire exploded the multiple missiles next to them. They knocked themselves backwards in the air…falling towards the streets below in a stunned state. Surprisingly…the psychokinetic armor adapted well enough to form parachute shapes to cushion the landing. Then, it quickly returned to their positions on the unharmed bodies.

Talianna used her limited telepathy to see through the eyes of DarkCloak…being able to react fast enough to counteract her punches and kicks. Unfortunately, when the gaseous tar surrounded her…it messed up her vision. Whether it was through another person's eyes or not…this was the case.

Talianna was kicked violently for the ground below by DarkCloak. Then, she repeatedly knocked her into the ground by more midair kicks. Talianna coughed up dark red liquid…as she fell into a stunned state. Luckily…her psychokinetic suit briefly turned into a parachute to cushion the fall.

When Talianna woke up…

She found herself inside a medical room. More specifically, inside the MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters in New York. She wondered in a surprisingly calm manner, "where am I?"

Talianna had on a white medical patient gown. She was lying on a matching medical bed. The remaining cyborg with medium brown hair concluded, "you're in a MasterLock Gambit Agency headquarters."

Talianna deduced, "never heard of it." The cyborg agent figured, "good. How are you feeling?"

Talianna figured, "a little shaken, but otherwise…"

The cyborg agent sighed, "your less than kind friends are hovering over MasterLock Gambit Agency. Most likely because they want to leave this place intact."

Talianna deduced as she sat up, "sounds likely."

The cyborg agent sighed, "with the Krambit Bots busy with other missions, and the Alien Counteraction Force taken out…we're left fricking defenseless."

Talianna concluded hopefully, "there's still you."

The cyborg agent moderately sighed, "a nice sentiment. But…what can one super soldier do…against who knows how many aliens are out there?"

Talianna urged, "get it together, soldier! Moderate sigh. Please. We are possibly the last hope for Earth."

The cyborg agent added, "well, now that we have your nice friends' support…"

Talianna sighed nervously, "there may not be much support from them…especially considering what just happened." The remaining cyborg concluded gravely, "if the time comes… I'll be ready."

Talianna figured, "least four of us have spirit. Maybe if we all work together…that could be enough." She gave the cyborg agent a pat on the shoulder.

Sounding a little better, the cyborg agent said, "perhaps. But…what about Lilly?" Talianna wondered, "what about her?"

The cyborg agent deduced, "I… We weren't sure if she was on your side or not. She's currently locked up in a holding cell."

Talianna realized, "ohh…ok. Well, I can go talk to her…and see for myself."

The cyborg agent said, "good luck." He had a metal door go up with the press of a button. Talianna commented, "talk about tight security."

The cyborg agent deduced, "sometimes old fashioned is the way to go. I'll walk you down." He led Talianna to Lilly's holding cell, with armed MasterLock Gambit Agency agents outside and the door locked.

When the cyborg agent opened the door though…Lilly was gone.

Talianna gasped. She used her limited telepathy to see through the eyes of the nearby agents. She was quickly realizing that their views of past and present lovers were keeping them…from realizing anything else. That is, until they sensed something was wrong. Largely thanks to Talianna seeing through their eyes.

One of the nearby agents wondered, "what happened?" The cyborg agent sighed, "Lilly…got away." Talianna concluded in realization, "telepathy."

The cyborg agent wondered, "now, how do you explain that?" Talianna sighed shakily, "it's a long story."

The cyborg agent deduced, "considering what's happened…we bought some time."

Past the trail of dazed bodies of agents, WaveBoard was carrying a knocked out Lilly over his shoulder. WaveBoard asked casually, "looking for someone?"