The Experimental League

Chapter 6:

Live and Let Live

In the Experim building…

The laser hit the light above…lighting it aflame. Commander Masterlock's laser.

He muttered to himself, "un-fricking believable!"

The lighting system was going up in smoke. Commander Masterlock got on his comlink, "Captain Aura! We have got to move…and superfast!"

He was fly charging up the last flight of stairs…as the stairway itself was starting to go up in smoke.

One level away…

Captain Aura sighed, "yeah: I saw." She, Mecha Man, and Alice Blaze had their hands off the Enhancer touch pads. Mecha Man started to ask, "ok. Why am I always the last…?" Captain Aura pointed out, "you want to talk about it in a shitload of hurt…or do you want to get out of here?" With no roof above…the flames were coming up from the floor below.

Alice Blaze pointed out nervously, "call me crazy. But…I don't hate this overgrown crap freak enough to let him die." JellySaucer was just coming to. Captain Aura sighed reluctantly, "no: I wouldn't. Take everything you want: Let's just blow this shithole!"

Mecha Man reached for his Enhancer. Mecha Man figured, "craptastic. I'm right behind you." Commander Masterlock was just blowing his way in…with a laser hole in the wall. He called out, "let's move it, people!"

Telepathically, Alice Blaze whispered softly, "I know you hurt…big JellySaucer guy. Let's get you back home to be all better…ok?" She and Captain Aura carried JellySaucer out of the burning office. The Experim Headquarters burst in flames…like a giant bonfire.

Mecha Man carried his entire desk over his shoulders, with the Enhancer and his personal computer. Commander Masterlock just shook his head at Mecha Man…flying alongside him. Mecha Man called out to him, "what?!" Commander Masterlock muttered defeatedly, "nothing. Just…nothing."

Meanwhile, just outside…

Sentinel was heavily bruised. But…Tidal Wolf was holding up well enough to help him up.

Sentinel wondered, "did we… Violent cough! Do it?"

She urged on, "come on, Jon! You just got hurled out on your ass a bit. Though… Slight chuckle. I think you got his full out."

Tidal Wolf was just passing the stunned body of WildClaws. Sentinel slightly smiled, "well…that's something."

Across the United States…

The shuttles were lying in the ground…in the streets. Lifeless. Silent. The Krambit Bots arrived…ending up on damage control for MasterLock Gambit Agency. But, with two thousand Krambit Bots total on damage control…it was expected to be done in a matter of a week. Crimson Sorceress, Mister Essence, Silver Sorceress, Tidal Wolf, Goliath, and even Mecha Man were there with them: On damage control.

JellySaucer and his people were so astonished by the mere concept of caring…that they made a alliance with Earth's powers that be. They greatly helped pay for the damages…with their own water purifying pinkish coral. Their coral was already starting to replenish the ocean life mutlifold…which meant environmental efforts to protect the oceans could go into national insurance.

JetScorcher, WildClaws, and DarkCloak were being taken into Masterlock Gambit Agency custody. MasterLock Gambit Agency was paying for the damage to Experim headquarters…and the companies beyond. This was leaving much deserved opportunity for the companies' insurances to go into restoring the cities.

Ten days later, out in outer space…

Captain Aura, Commander Masterlock, and Alice Blaze were on their way back to Earth…from a purplish pink gas planet. They were bringing back three huge water tanks filled with pinkish coral…on their backs.

Alice Blaze moderately slighed, "well Tana…we did it. So, why do I feel like the crap mess isn't over?" Teary eyed under her helmet, Captain Aura reasoned, "WaveBoard."

Commander Masterlock figured, "we saved the world, soldier. We saved a fricking walking jellyfish…because we knew it was right. That makes all the difference we can make."

Captain Aura slightly chuckled, "still… I wish we could have saved them. Even if it meant relocating them to a remote planet…where they couldn't harm us worth a shitload."

Alice Blaze figured, "you really think so. Still… Slight chuckle. I'd have loved to see you try."

Somewhat assuredly, Commander Masterlock figured, "it's not your fault, Tana…or yours. It's not anyone's. He had telepathic implants that blocked your telepathic powers. And… Sniffle. We just didn't think he'd go this fricking far."

Captain Aura muttered, "you're right. And if he tries to kill anyone else…I'll be ready to kick the shitload out of his smug face. Again…and again."

Alice Blaze remarked, "and people think I have issues. Slight chuckle. Just let me watch."

One month later...

In Mecha Man's efforts on damage control…he had come across a tall unused Experim building that had been converted into real estate.

Mecha Man bought it off of some high society people…under Captain Aura's request. She discovered it too…and Mecha Man already had a new Experim Headquarters by then. That tall tower of a building became the Experimental Tower: A high security protected real estate tower of glass…turned into the Experimental League's own official headquarters.

In one of the Experimental Tower's bedrooms…

Mecha Man and Alice Blaze were in a bedroom…with their psychokinetic armor in their suitcases in a white closet. Mecha Man's had become jet black….with a spike on either shoulder and streetlight like electronic lights across. Alice Blaze's had become rose red, with a black widow like emblem.

They were also lying in a red bed, under the thin sheets.

Alice Blaze was saying, "how was your day?"

Mecha Man slightly chuckled, "you seriously are asking that question?"

He sat up, looking at hints of nakedness.

Slightly smiling, Alice Blaze shrugged, "don't know: Just wanted to see how you'd react."

Mecha Man slightly sighed, "do you always do that?"

Alice Blaze commented, "it's what I do. You love it…and you know it." Mecha Man slightly chuckled, "I just don't mind it. Well…not just."

Alice Blaze slightly chuckled, "well…that's something." She suggestively moves her hand up to his side.

Mecha Man commented, "I don't need the Enhancer to know that something. Do I?"

Alice Blaze figured, "you going to pretend not to be cold…or are we really going to be craptastic dicks?" Mecha Man slightly smiled, "well…now that you mention it… I'm sure there's some shitty mob bosses out in the world that we can really turn into crap messes. We still have the Enhancer, you know."

Alice Blaze chuckled hard, "ohh! Say no more." Mecha Man started to move out of bed. But…Alice Blaze didn't let go of his side.

Alice Blaze muttered, "I said say no more. Now shut up…" She slightly chuckled, "…and give me some real action first."

Mecha Man just slightly smiled back. Alice Blaze let him lie down on top of her…as they started shivering. They started kissing deeply…with the air conditioning set to near freezing.

Up in another bedroom…

Captain Aura was in a bedroom, with her psychokinetic armor in her suitcase. It was just to the side of the bed. Her psychokinetic armor had become dark blue…with three bright red hoop like patterns from arms to ankles. And its gauntlets were mostly bright red…with dark blue fingertips and knuckles.

There was a knock on a white door. Captain Aura was in a mostly white American flag T-shirt and dark blue ripped jeans…as Tana. She also had her then slightly curled hair down.

She said, "come in."

A young American soldier with blondish red short hair opened the door. They've only known each other for several weeks…in the streets of New York. His name was Rodain. A soldier who joined the Army, just a year ago.

Fairly nervous, he checked, "umm... I don't mean to be rude. But…do I have the right address?"

Kind of impatiently, Tana slightly sighed, "yes. I should for shit hope you think so too."

She opened the suitcase…showing her psychokinetic suit in plain sight.

Nervously, Rodain slightly chuckled, "to be honest…Captain… I was expecting someone in a gown. Not that you aren't beautiful in…"

Tana slightly chuckled, "it's just a codename, dear. You can call me Tana. I do have two secret identities. But… Slight sigh."

Rodain started to say, "if this is a shitty time for…"

Tana insisted assuredly, "no. You're good. It's just… Moderate sigh. This is my first time too. In six years. But…it still feels a shitload of awkward."

Rodain slightly smiled, "guess we can be awkward together."

Slightly nervously, Tana added, "yeah. Slight chuckle. All right."

They lied down on the bed, looking in each other's eyes for a while.

Then…Tana inched closer. And, she kissed him. Her arms were finding themselves around him. Rodain kissed her back for longer. And before they both knew it…she was on top of him. But…with a cautious like care. They both awkwardly smiled at one another…before starting to kiss deeply.

Outside of the Experimental Tower, it was a calm night in New York. Or…as calm as you can get for a state that has a lot of traffic on any given hour.

The Experimental League had earned their positions of power. And…the experimental stage was truly over.

The End?