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This is another angsty one shot, and it does contain some mild suicidal thoughts and mild romance near the end, so if you don't like then don't read.

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You stand on the bridge's ledge and look down into the water, reflecting for the umpteenth time on why you are here.

Her, and how much of an idiot you feel.

She's your best friend, but lately the girl you affectionately call your "red-headed angel" has lately been proving that red is the Devil's hair.

You've known her since you were both in diapers, and through the years you've had some memorable moments.

Like how in Kindergarten she always made time to play with you at recess, or how in second grade she defended you from a bully, and like how in middle school she stayed up all night to help you finish a project after your partner ditched you. Those times were easier…..but then High school kicked in.

Then you started getting feelings for her. Every dance, every hug, every time you brushed her hand with yours…..you felt something different…yet wonderful all at the same time. You never acted on those feelings, because you were scared to lose what you had. You were scared to risk the connection.

She once compared what you had to spider silk, durable and flexible, strong as steel yet light as a feather, tough and reliable…..the stuff that a home is made out of. For years you both relied on that connection to keep you sane, happy, and tethered not only to one another, but the earth as well. The bond grew stronger as more threads, more reasons for you to connect, more shared memories were added. Those new memories wove into the old ones seamlessly, and the silk grew stronger with each passing day.

Until you became confident in its ability to withstand these new feelings, even you letting her know about them.

The thing about spider silk is, that it's strong until a human walks right through it and severs the bond. Severs months of hard work and shared memories until they are just broken strands fluttering in the wind.

That's what happened when a new man entered the scene. You knew right away he was trouble, but she became enamored…caught in his web, not yours. He began to spend more and more time with her, indirectly shoving you out of her life.

A strand snapped then.

School projects, movie nights, long drives where you would turn on the radio and talk to one another while you took a shortcut to nowhere. All those things you did with her were suddenly put on hold, because he needed her, and she believed that she needed him.

More strands snapped for each "no" that she gave you. You don't hear the regret in her voice, don't hear the sorrow underneath that one word, and don't hear the desperation as she forces herself to turn you down. All you hear is a no, and all you feel are strands breaking.

You can't even pull her aside for a conversation without him swooping in like King Kong and snatching her from you, carrying her up the skyscraper of wealth and privilege. A place where you can never go….

Because just like in the movie, he swats down every attempt you make at flying that high, sending you back down to the earth.

More strands break.

Until finally you're hanging on by a thread…..hanging onto a friendship that she doesn't want to save.

The last strand breaks on a cold day. You've lost your dream school scholarship to another candidate, months of hard work and saving up every penny you could from working two measly jobs were gone the second you read that letter. Your family tried to comfort you, your friends tried to cheer you up, and other colleges leapt at the opportunity to finally have a shot at claiming you, but it doesn't matter. You need her.

She's been with you ever since you submitted the letter months ago, you feel she needs to be with you in the end.

She comes over and instantly understands the situation before you speak a word, she sits and lets you vent, let's you get angry. She takes the anger and makes it go away in her embrace, she takes the frustration out over a home-cooked dinner, and she takes the tears and turns them into soft friendly kisses on your cheeks as she brushes them away. Maybe, just maybe….you feel the strands start to find one another again, and they begin to knit themselves back into that strong connection.

She leans forward as she wipes the last tear away, pressing her lips lightly to yours. You can't tell if the kiss is one of pity, love, or just a spur of the moment thing, all you know is you aren't imagining anything….she's kissing you!

Buzz, Buzzz, Buzzzz.

You both jump as her phone buzzes and she blushes "I'll be right back" she hurriedly whispers before checking her phone. Probably her mother or something, they always interrupt.

Her face suddenly freezes and turns to absolute worry as she lets her phone slide from nervous fingers. "I need to go" she says and stands up to gather her jacket and purse. You peek over at her phone to see who has her all worked up when you see the text's sender.


Need you now, usual place? Is all the text says, and it's from him.

For a brief moment you feel anger, pure anger…..and turn to her "Are you alright?"

"Yeah" she says "Just need to deal with a personal problem." She scooped up her phone and walked out without as much as a goodbye.

You feel the strands instantly snap, all of them. Your connection is gone….and it can't be repaired. You sit there on your couch for what seems like hours, silently letting yourself shatter into a million pieces. You're not important to her…..not as much as he is, you need her now and she just left you at your lowest point for another guy.

"Well fine! I don't need her!" You shout to an empty house, and it surprisingly feels good. Drives always help you when you're angry, so you get into your car.

That's how you find yourself on the ledge of a bridge, looking down into the water. Maybe jumping wouldn't be such a bad idea….simply letting go. You've lost everything else already, including the connection that meant the world to you. The only benefit was, you could jump without hurting her, she'd moved on…this decision wouldn't affect her at all.

You look up and thank all the people in your life, people who would probably be hurt by this decision, but it's not enough to make you reconsider. It was time to say goodbye and hope for a better life on the other side.

Suddenly you hear your name and you turn, oh it's just her you think to yourself.

She doesn't care about me.

You hear brakes, then the car door opening as she runs out yelling, ordering you to get down from the ledge. By the tone of her voice she's crying, regretful, and scared.

The strands perk up, intent on finding their better halves and reconnecting with her, but you resist. She'd be happier with him anyway, she'd already shown you that she'd abandon you when he calls….even when you're at your lowest.

You look down at the water, knowing it would be better this way. You'd be free from pain and she'd be happy with someone else, and she wouldn't be hurt by your actions.

Her cries of worry fade, and you're not sure if they aren't being heard or if they've stopped, but you soon feel a hand slip into yours. You turn to see her standing beside you, holding your hand. She doesn't ask for an explanation or anything. She just stands there before finally saying "We're connected….toy aren't leaving this word without me."

Before you can even ask why she answers "Because I love you and you love me. No one is getting in our way. He called for a pointless and stupid reason and I left…when I came back you were gone."

She squeezes your hand and looks down at the water, showing no fear "So are we going to be together in this life or the next?"

The strands connect with their better halves instantly, and you know the answer. You can't drag her down with you…..not ever.

"This life." You say and you step back from the ledge, helping her down.

She throws her arms around you and slams her lips into yours before you can even react. You stumble but manage to hold her close and kiss her back, both of you feeding off of mutual love and fear. She pulls back for air and holds you at arm's length "Don't you ever scare me like that again! Don't you ever try to leave me again you hear me!" She manages to say all in one breath.

You wordlessly nod and she runs back to her car. "Back to your house, on the double! Now!"


The door to your small, hole in the neighborhood house is kicked open and the two of you fall in, a tangle of limbs and lips as you close the door by pressing her body against it. Your hands and mouths both hungrily explore each other, you've waited for so long…and apparently she feels the same way. Clothing is discarded with loving urgency as you both tumble back into your bedroom, where you make the transition from best friends to lovers, and you both feel a new connection being forged alongside your old one.

And that transition only strengthens your bond, because two is always better than one.

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