The land of Prospero, our immortal world. It has held us and brought us life for so long, but I wish to achieve something worthy of it. I, a child born of another age, in a task set upon me years ago will script our world for those of the future to know, for even when time is lost. I have traveled all around the world, I have walked the halls of the grand palace, scoured myself in the darkest slums of the spiral cities, I have walked and talked with men that I could be branded a heretic and traitor for simply knowing. I have also forged friendships with men know as heros and martyrs of the empire. I wish now to be known as a chronicler.

I have journeyed across many lands. I have had adventures no man would believe, I still have trouble believing them at times. It has been my live's work to gather this knowledge, now I will with the most delicate of hands work to put my knowledge to use for more than just I. The problem is where to begin and where to end. I have learned in my time that the beginning and the end have no real place. A writer does not end a story merely finds a place to stop for now. It is what I must do in some eventuality, but history will continue long after I am naught but dust. So though my work may find its finality, the task of my kind shall never reach the same.

The beginning though is an arbitrary thing. In time there are no true beginnings and no true endings. No one truly knows the extent of what they shall do in the grand scheme of the gods who spin the fates. Your greatest action may be incomprehensible to you, a single act that causes another action and then another and another. History is born of men who could never understand what they will do or they will work the barest of knowledge. A single child with a stone can spark a revolution. A simple nomad who knows no law can birth the line of those who will be emperor and empress, ages before this time. It is all part of the great work as a friend told me once, the great work which is endless and whose joys are without bounds. The work of men and gods, the quest for our advancement and hunger for more.

This great work though has not always brought our peoples to Elysium. With every rise of the cycle there must be a fall. It is the ash brought on by the overuse of the soil, yes the fields shall grow in a most prosperous of manners and yet the soil will begin to reject your seeds and choke your lively hood. This is as predictable as winter following the summer. I brings me to a question though. Does the universe laugh at our pain or it is purely for the sake of laughing gods that no matter how far we come we shall never truly change. Is it that history shall always repeat itself or will man always make the same mistakes. I beseech you though to not misinterpret my words as a woe of our sweet Prospero and our people.

I have always felt a great affection this wondrous land and what it must await for. As ages come and go it just waits for us to learn and give us so much. It gives all that it gives willingly, for I believe it loves us. Love is the only reason dear Prospero would hold us so close when be bring both creation and destruction upon her. It is an endless rise and fall like the ebb and flow of gentle waves. First we take from her to build and than we brutalised her to destroy. For it can only be love that our sweet world would allow up to live.

In conclusion history is wondrous and from it we know they cycle and our world. I will tell you, the phoenix of our age is a heart of our world. In great fires we rise to succumb to ash and be reborn

Hello readers I know i have not produced much recently as I am having trouble thinking of writing and along with just stuff this month so I have been working on the lore. I figure this will let you all learn about the world and allow me to express my world without have to remain consistent to a singular plot or posting in order. This will be constantly edited and I would love if any of you have questions which I can answer here. Due to not being posted in chronological order and than arranged into chronological order (this is cause i am covering different sections of lore at any time) the newest chapter is marked with NEW!

I am doing the book as if written by an actual historian of the world, the age of the phoenix (same as trials of the witchunter) the exact date is undetermined. I felt it gave it some character.

I hope you enjoy and hope you read the trials of the witchunter to go along with this