Adam, a baby-faced student with stylish glasses and prickly black hair, walks into the main office where a large banner hangs over the top: "Winter Ball Tickets Sold Here!". No one is behind the desk, so Adam sticks his hands into the pockets of his white sweatshirt, and waits for someone to arrive.

Juliet, holding a single slip of paper, walks in.

"No one working the office?" she asks, parking her short stature next to him.

He shakes his head, "Yeah, they're probably just coming back from lunch. You're ordering Winter Ball tickets too?"

She shakes her head, "No. Just dropping off Mr. Callahan's attendance sheet. I was thinking about going though...but I don't have a date."

" don't need a date, just go with friends," Adam waves off.

"Easy for you to say. You have a date," Juliet counters.

He rolls his head around, "Yes, but it isn't that different from going with a friend or a group. We'll still be mingling around, talking to friends. And besides, going with one of those forced dates is so stupid. You spend the whole night with someone you hardly know, and it's just awkward."

She nods, "Yeah, but it's still a dance. Like, last year I went to Homecoming with some friends and it was all couples making out to white pop top 100 songs."

"Well...yeah, couples are always going to be attending the dances. And the music isn't always the best. Like at last year's prom, the slow dance was to Sam Smith's "I Know I'm Not the Only One". Good song, but damn was it awkward for any couples there," Adam laughs.

Juliet groans, "Oh my gosh, I hate the music they play at dances. I mean, it's not as bad as when we were in middle school and they were basically playing Radio Disney's Greatest Hits on repeat, but still. I wanna hear some Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy-"

"Oh my god, I love Panic! at the Disco!" Adam interrupts with a burst of excitement, "What else would we play?"

" Ed Sheeran," she adds.

His jaw drops, "No, I love Ed Sheeran-"

"He's overrated," Juliet counters, crossing her arms.

Adam crosses his arms in turn, imitating her voice and posture, "You're overrated."

She lowers her arms and chuckles, "Hmph, I guess that's why school dances always play whatever the top 100 songs are. Most people have different music tastes."

"Yeah, and it'd be kind of weird if one song they're playing Jpop and the next they're playing classic rock," he chimes in.

Juliet raises an eyebrow, "Who at our school listens to classic rock?"

"It's not as uncommon as you'd think. I see what people are listening to on Spotify," Adam retorts.

A teacher comes out from one of the office doors behind the desk of the main office, "Sorry to keep you waiting. You two buying Winter Ball tickets?"

"Just him," Juliet gestures to Adam, "I'm just dropping off Mr. Callahan's attendance sheet."

She places the piece of paper on the desk while Adam gets out his wallet. After waving goodbye to him, Juliet walks out of the room.