A Heroine's Private War

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What makes a hero? Courage, strength, morality, withstanding adversity? Are these the traits that truly show and create a hero? Is the light truly the source of darkness or vice versa? Is the soul a source of hope or despair? Who are these so called heroes and where do they come from? Are their origins in obscurity or in plain sight?

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In the cold blackness of night, with pouring rainclouds hanging overhead stretching out into the horizon, the dazzling city of Tokyo, perched up on pillars that stretched out of the sea and into the sky, illuminated beautifully in the wet night. Neon lights and houselights had it like a magnificent painting.

Down in the lonely streets, a solitary teenage girl walked by herself down a well-worn road, her face briefly illuminated by the lights of storefronts and passing cars, her head obscured by a hood and most of her body obscured by a black raincoat. The light from passing cars briefly illuminated the inside of her hood, showing emerald colored eyes, tuffs of golden blonde hair, and two red markings under her eyes. On her left wrist was a monitor that was alight with two sprites of a wolf and a vulture.

Ignoring the splashes from puddles, she continued on with hands in her pockets and her head hung.

Watching above from the rooftops, with turquoise-colored cloaks flowing in the wind, eight figures watched over her, each holding various staffs with weapons on each end. A gust of wind blew some of the hoods back, revealed masks of many makes hiding their faces. They backed into the shadows, the eyes of the masks glowing in the light.

Walking down the sidewalk of that well-worn road, she passed by storefronts that would normally be alive with activity and customers, but were instead being closed up prematurely thanks to fear that has torn through this city long ago. The reason was clear as she caught the eye of many, many nasty ne'er-do-wells raiding one such store that, when they noticed her, gave her such villainous glares. She took noticed of one of the criminal's hands- on the back of it was a tattoo of a purple fox.

She was planning on this. This will get 'their' attention.

Ignoring their hated yells and jeers for a moment, she continued walking on, slowly but surely gathering the crowd of vile scum as they dropped what they were doing to follow her, readying their weapons. She continued down this path, walking out into the middle of a quickly emptying street.

Finding themselves in the middle of the famed Shibuya Crossing, the girl stood directly in the center, knowing she had attracted dozens of these louts. Now... who will make the first move? As dumb circumstances would have it, one of the criminals made the first move, charging at her with a drawn knife. Their bodies were going to hate them at the end of this.

He was right on top of her when he swung his knife like a sword. The girl's briefly glowed before she suddenly leaped over the bad guy with such grace and elegance, moving too fast for him to realize she had jumped before she was right behind him. A hard kick to the head had him sliding facefirst on the street.

Another thug charged with a hidden switchblade, aiming directly for her head. She ducked down as a glow appeared over her left hand and expanded into a blueprint that began filling itself in. It took the form of a rectangular rifle with a blocky magazine stock on the bottom and a scope on the top. He only had a few small seconds to look back before she fired, getting him in the gut. The criminal fell onto his front, grunting and whining in pain as he held his stomach. The shot did not kill- none of her attacks ever will.

The girl dainty brought herself back up, aiming her rifle at the crowd of badness. She scoffed a snicked and lowered it. She held up her other hand and gestured them to come at her. Despite their partners going down like bricks, everyone else pulled out knifes, pistols, brass knuckles, and baseball bats; a couple of them even had katana's.

They need bigger toys.

Raising her empty hand, she stretched it out towards the side. A glow appeared over her right hand and formed into a cylindrical shape that went from her wrist to the tips of her fingers. Her hand grasped around a handle that had formed first. The rest of the weapon formed around her, taking the form of a cylinder with three spikes that curved outwards. A spark ignited before bursting outward, taking on the form of a sword of blue light. Raindrops evaporated when they hit the blade.

It was on now.

She stepped to the side to avoid a shot before returning one in kind. She fired several more shots, taking more down as everyone else charged towards her. She dodged several more shots before swinging her blade hard, taking four down in a single swing.

She spun to the right just as several baddies swung their bats. She pushed off the ground and flipped backwards to avoid getting hit. They continued attacking her and she continued dodging, leading her right into a group with sharp knives.

She caught notice of that and ducked down just as she landed in front of the knife wielders. She performed a 360 sweeping kick, knocking all seven of them off their feet. She summoned the same exact blade on her left hand, replacing the rifle, and spun around, striking all seven. Like with the rifle, the slash did not kill them, but they were temporarily paralyzed.

She swung her blade over the back of her neck, catching a katana that had been swung in a killing motion. She pushed him back before delivering a nasty kick to the hips. He was sent flying backwards into the door of a really fancy car. She shot at the katana that had clattered on the ground, shattering it.

That distraction gave the briefest window of opportunity for a decked out APC to come speeding in from out of nowhere, catching her completely by surprise as she wondered where in the world they got that. The screeching tires caught her attention, allowing her the window to roll out of the way as she wondered how. Heavily armored soldiers in black and purple combat armor filed out of the APC, firing military-grade assault weaponry towards her. Now she really wants to know where they got all this, especially military-grade gear.

One of the last ones out shouldered a RPG-11 and fired. She pushed herself up off the ground and dug the right blade into the asphalt. She swung with all her might, kicking up a small meteor storm that pelted the APC and blocked the RPG. The rocket hit one of the fragments, causing it to explode prematurely.

The blast from the RPG sent her somersaulting backwards, forcing the weaponry to disappear. She stopped and landed on her back, coughing hard to catch her breath. The blast had taken the hood off her head and for the trench coat to flutter. Long and stunning golden-blonde hair flowed down over her shoulders and down to her hips. The more shocking features about her were the fox ears that popped out of the top of her head, along with the large and fluffy tail as golden blonde as her hair and with a white tip.

She raised her head to glare at the soldiers, her eye color changing from emerald-jades to blood red. The markings under her eyes grew.

She got up off the wet ground and charged right back into the fray, summoning the blades to both hands. She moved too fast for the gunfire to get a proper hit. Even the minigun on top of the APC couldn't land a hit, and it fired 300 rounds a minute. She sliced though the soldiers like butter, taking out seasoned fighters with they were nothing but rookies and this was their first day on the job.

She dodged another RPG shot, flipping over the fired grenade. She grabbed the tail and tilted it upwards, allowing it to fly harmlessly into the air where it would explode against nothing. She then took down the fellow with the RPG before moving onto the APC. She pierced the hood of the vehicle and ran on top of it, dragging the blades behind her.

Reaching the end, she swung both blades forward. Once she was back on the ground, it fell over into two pieces. She changed the left blade back into a gun and fired, taking out those who were inside.

She moved her attention upward before leaping backwards to avoid another attack, this time by one of the robed figures; this one was wielding a staff with two ultra-powered chainsaws on both ends. The figure landed on the pavement with enough force to leave a crater. Moving as if it didn't fall from a great height, the figure raised up the chain-lance and swung it with all the strength it could muster. Speed overcame strength here, though, as the girl dodged back to the APC, pulling the men within out to prevent them from getting sliced up.

There, two more figures came from the sides- one wielding the same staff, but with two Chinese Guandao blades, while the other had Aztec Machuhuiti. Both swung their weaponry… milliseconds after she had leaped up into the air.

She summoned guns on both her hands and aimed down. She didn't have time to fire as yet another jumped off a building towards her, this one wielding a staff ended two shotguns with a quadruple-rounded barrel like a Gatling gun, with bayonets like the Egyptian Kopesh. She spun around and fired at him as he fired in kind. The shots collided, creating a concussive blast that knocked them both backwards.

A legion of magical chains appeared out of nowhere and wrapped around her body. She followed the chains to the source- yet another member; the chains wrapped around her left arm, while her right hand held a much, much shorter staff with chakrams on both ends. This goon swung her left arm upwards then thrust it down, launching the blonde into the air, where two other fellows in the same cloak fell from the clouds, both of whom were wielding double-ended scythes.

The two hit with the force of a freight train, blasting the girl back down onto the center of the Shibuya crossing. She hit enough force to turn dissipate all puddles in the immediate area while also briefly causing the rain to stop.

The cloaked figures that were in the air came floating down, touching down effortlessly like a graceful swan. They all looked towards the new crater, in the center of which was the girl who was struggling to get up on her feet, blood dripping from her mouth. She managed to do so as the light from the storefronts were obscured by a new shadow.

Above her stood the cause of all of this. His cloak was much more ordained with a golden diadem fashioned around the neck like a collar. In his right hand was, of course, another staff- this one double-ended by two different trident types; one end had three prongs while the other end had five, Unlike the others, this was ordained with many fancyful markings of Greek inspiration.

As she got to her knees, the heart monitor in her wrist glowed and the wolf and vulture sprites popped on out, gaining very real forms, getting between him and her to protect her. The vulture spread his wings while the wolf snarled.

Despite being bloodied and bruised by the hard landing, the girl got onto one knee, still determined to keep fighting. She raised her right arm to the side, as far as it could go. A otherworldly, ethereal glow began to surge around her hand. At the same time, the two programs turned into balls of light that later surged into her chest. This prompted her entire body to begin glowing.

Gripping the trident tight, the leader flipped it so that the five-pronged side forwards and then charged towards her.

A sword handle formed in her hand. She grasped it with both hands and held it backwards as he began his charge. She yelled loudly as a helmet appeared over her head and a fully-formed razor-katana appeared in her hands. She swung with all her might, striking the trident.

Both weapons hit the other, creating a intense and breathtaking explosion of magical proportions- a white dome that covered the entirety of Shibuya that unleashed a shockwave that encircled the entire world in seconds.

There are many people who you would never expect to be a hero. Farmers, bartenders, people just living their daily lives, unaware of the destiny the universe has in store for them.

This is one such story... but the hero is far from having heroic qualities. She is not a noble paragon of virtue. She is not beloved by all and hated by her enemies. She is not willing to give her life. She is far too frail, depressed, and broken for that. Yet... her selflessness, moral compass, and love for her sister may be the only things standing between the world and total annihilation.

This is the story of my mother, Fui Yamataka...

But i am getting ahead of myself. Let us rewind, back to when it all began... when her life changed forever, thanks to a chance yet fated meeting between a fox and a hound.

But the hound was having issues of his own...

Deep within the bowels of Cyberspace, a electrical realm filled with coding and information, a program was being pursued. A heavily modified metal cyber wolf in design, the A.I. program ran for its life. Behind it were a pair of hunter programs designed to destroy rogue A.I's, modeled after Praying Mantises.

Keeping up its momentum, the Wolf A.I. spun around and shot electrical bolts out of its back. The bolts hit one, turning it into code that disappeared. The other dodged and continued it's pursuit. The Mantis, in turn, swung it's pincers, sending blade beams at the Wolf.

The blade beams hit the electrical current under it, sending the Wolf A.I. rolling along the current until it skidded to a stop. In the real world, someone was experiencing major connection problems on their phone as the electrical current carried the wi-fi.

The Mantis landed and slowly made its way to him. The Wolf growled as it struggled to get up. The Mantis' arms stiffened, becoming swords. Once the Mantis was close enough, the Wolf lunged up and bit the Mantis on the throat. He bit down hard, crushing the throat. The Mantis dissolved into coding that entered the electrical current like its brother before.

The Wolf panted heavily, growing tired of this game of cat & mouse. A painful ringing filled his mind, making him exclaim in pain. He held his head as he gritted his teeth. It soon ended, allowing him to finally move. "W… why… why are they chasing me…?" He panted. He looked back to see if more were coming. "Where did they even come from?" He headed further into Cyberspace just as more Mantis' appeared to pursue him, pushing him towards fate.