Love Letter Lovelies 4:

Hotspring Holiday

by Sailor Jane and Glee-chan

As the title indicates, this is a sequel to running series of stories staring The Love Letter Lovelies. But this also is a crossover with Sailor Jane's story, The Fiona Five. This is another collaboration with Sailor Jane, and as co-author, Jane brings her character Jessica Perez into the Shoujo-ai Gleeverse.

Jane and I have made sure this story as assessable to new readers as well old ones, so it's not required for anyone to have read the past works to understand the plot to this story and who these characters are. That being said, this is a sequel, and a better enjoyment of the story comes from revisiting these characters again. The proper order of how to read these stories are as follows:
The Love Letter Lovelies, Love Letter Lovelies II: Lesbian Lesson, Shiho & Izumi, and The Fiona Five.

Part I.

Chapter 1.

Shiho Inoue looked at her phone again. She had been sitting in the train-station for almost an hour. Where was this girl, this Jessica Perez?

Shiho knew that getting off the plane and leaving the airport would take time. After all, foreign travelers would have to go through immigration, then hop on a train and travel to Tobu Nikko Station. All that took time. However, she was starting to regret volunteering to pick this girl up from the train-station for Yui. Was it really much better than helping clean up the Ozawa Inn? Truthfully, Shiho still wished she was still in Utsunomiya, working things out with Kaori. But then again, at least this got her mind off of it.

Apparently, this American college student, Jessica Perez, was the daughter of some famous lawyers in Seattle, Washington. They had visited the Ozawa Inn a few years back. Shiho didn't know all the details, but this summer their daughter was traveling alone for a vacation and would be staying with them. Papa Ozawa wanted his onsen girl, Yui, to go the train-station in Nikko, drive the student back to Yumoto, then escort her to the Inn. But Yui seemed a bit too spacey for this job, so Shiho volunteered to go in her place while she was back at home for the Summer Holiday.

Though it was revealed that the American could speak decent Japanese, Shiho figured she probably still need guidance. Never mind the drive, Yui definitely wouldn't be able to handle a language gap. Even if she could manage that, this girl must be some stuck-up rich type if she could pay the Ozawas for rolling out the red carpet. She loved Yui, but she wasn't suited for this type of work.

So here she was, still waiting.

Finally, a large group of people started coming through the terminal doors. From what Shiho was told, Jessica Perez was Latina. That should be easy to find in a sea of Japanese people. While they had a few American tourists, Latin-Americans weren't as common. Also, apparently the girl would be wearing long red gloves. That made Shiho scratch her head. Wearing gloves in summertime? She wondered if that was some American or Mexican thing, especially since she was some ritzy-type.

That description turned out to be a godsend. Exiting through the doors was a tall, slender, Latina girl, with an hour-glass figure. Her ruby lips were covered with red-lipstick, and her curly brown hair had a red-bow in it. Shiho's eyes saw that she had noticeable dimples in her face. The American was also wearing red sunglasses, her shirt was red and her shoes were red. She really loved red, didn't she? She must have had thousands of dollars worth of jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets. But what really stood out from that outfit was the advertised long red leather gloves. It actually looked a little strange, considering she was wearing jean shorts with them… tight blue jeans at that!

Shiho found herself really looking at this girl's hips and legs. She was hot! Shaking her head, Shiho tried to focus. Just because she and Kaori were on a break from their relationship didn't mean she could go around drooling over other girls. Then again, Shiho was positive that Kaori herself would have been staring at the hot American.

The tourist was carrying around three big suitcases, plus her purse. How long did she plan on staying? She had a blue-tooth in her ear and was talking to someone. Shiho had brushed up on her English, but this girl wasn't speaking the language. She must have speaking Spanish, Shiho wasn't really sure. If the girl was a Spanish speaker, this could be more difficult than she thought. While Shiho knew enough phrases in English to converse, she didn't know Spanish at all.

Finally, Jessica turned in her direction, so Shiho waved at her. Jessica waved back and finally spoke in English: "Mama, I gotta go. My ride's here… Si… hasta luego! Muha!" She made a kiss sound to the phone and hung-up. With that, the American took off her bluetooth as well as her sunglasses. Shiho could now see the girl's big brown eyes. They sparkled like a super-model's.

"Hello!" Shiho spoke english in her best accent, though figured the American would notice her Japanese inflections, "Jessica Perez?"

"Konichiwa!" Jessica walked forward smiling. She also had an accent.

Shiho bowed politely and continued in English, "Nice to meet you. Welcome to Japan."

"Awww," Jessica put her arms out and hugged Shiho, "Kawaii!"

Shiho felt a little uncomfortable having this stranger hug her like that out of the blue, she gave an awkward hug as well. It wasn't that she was opposed to physical affection, but generally she liked to get to know the person first. She had to deal with a number of foreigner-types in Utsunomiya, where her University was, so understood the cultural divide. But even for a foreigner, Jessica seemed extra friendly. Maybe she had watched a bunch of anime, like a lot of westerners who came to Japan seemed to do. The way Jessica said "Kawaii", a phrase meaning "cute", in a higher pitched voice probably meant she had.

Once the clingy American let her go, Shiho struggled to make her English phrases work: "Uh… I am here… to take you… to Ozawa Inn… Let us-"

"Please," Jessica spoke in Japanese, "Let's talk in Japanese. It's good practice for me."

"Eh?!" Even with the accent, Shiho was surprised to hear Jessica speak Japanese so clearly. A lot of Americans Tourists attempted to speak the language, but it was always difficult to understand them. Jessica certainly had a bit of that American accent, but she pronounced everything perfectly. "Well, okay, I guess my English isn't too good anyway."

"It wasn't bad," Jessica laughed, but clearly thought Shiho's English needed work. "What's you're name again?"

"Shiho Inoue," She responded. "I live with the Ozawa Family, so you'll see me around."

The American's eyes seemed to be scanning her. Those beautiful brown eyes lingered on her a bit longer than what's she'd expect. "Well thanks for coming to pick me up. Shall we go?"

"Yes," Shiho felt slightly shy after that look, but pointing in the direction of the parking structure, "I'm parked in the next building."

"Vamos!" Jessica spoke that phrase in Spanish.

"What does that mean?" Shiho grabbed two of her bags.

"It- oh thank you," Jessica responded to Shiho taking two of her bags, now speaking in Japanese again, "It's like: 'Let's go.'"

"Oh okay," Shiho gave a smile, then laughed a bit, "Vamos then!"

Jessica laughed, "You are so cute!"

Shiho was beginning to wonder if this girl was a lesbian or not. She didn't want to ask, fearing homo-sexuality was a touchy subject in America. It didn't matter anyway, she wasn't going to hook up with some Latina-American, even if she was at a standstill with Kaori.

"Thank you Perez-san," She said, remembering that Jessica was supposed to be an Ozawa Inn guest. She wasn't being as formal as an Onsen Girl was supposed to be, even if she technically didn't work for the family anymore. Coming out here was a favor for Yui.

Jessica, however seemed to notice the shift in politeness. "Please, call me Jessie."

"Oh," Shiho corrected herself, "Okay Jessie-san?"

Laughing a bit Jessica shook her head. "Just Jessie's fine. Not being Japanese, I'm sure adding honorifics after my name sounds weird, right?"

Hearing Jessica say that caused Shiho's heart to skip a beat. That was one of the things, her old friend Maria used to say. That had been about five years ago, but the memory of her friend's death still popped up every so often. Since Maria had a western name, she didn't like people using honorifics with it. "Just Jessie, then."

As they lugged Jessica's luggage to the car, Jessica was just talking non-stop about herself, her flight, how much she was looking forward to seeing some sights and getting some authentic Japanese food. All this was spoken relatively well in Japanese, with an occasional phrase in English or Spanish. The Spanish seemed more out of habit, a flair to how she talked, Shiho guessed.

"How do you speak Japanese so well?" Shiho asked her. Unfortunately the question came out more demanding than she intended. If Jessica noticed, she didn't call her on it.

"I took Japanese for three years in High School," She admitted. "I already spoke fluent English and Spanish, I didn't have any desire to learn French. So when I saw they offered Japanese as a foreign language requirement, so I took it. I love the language. It's so uniquely different to European languages."

"I see," Shiho decided to continue her small-talk, as she walked to back of Papa Ozawa car, fingering in her pockets for the keys to open the trunk. "So Washington is the capital of The United States right? That's where you're from?"

"No," Jessica corrected her, "You're thinking of Washington D.C. I live in Washington State, it's on the opposite side of the country. Seattle, Washington."

"Oh," Shiho spoke, "What's Seattle known for?"

"Well," Jessica mulled it over, "Do you listen to any grunge rock? Nirvana, Soundgarden?"

"Uh," Shiho responded, "No, not really…"

"Your loss," Jessica shrugged her shoulders.

The drive from Nikko to Yumoto was a decent sized one, about 80 minutes. Normally tourists took the Bus Network to get around Okunikko Mountain, or else rent cars themselves, but on occasions like this Inns would send employees to fetch V.I.P.s. This was more of what more sophisticated places like Fujiya Hotel or the Odo Onsen would have done, but occasionally Papa Ozawa would try his hand at being more fancy. Shiho had done this before on a few occasions when she still worked for the Ozawas, so this wasn't unknown to her.

As for Jessica, she was still talking incessantly. When she said she wanted to practice her Japanese, she wasn't kidding! But it was very one-sided.

"And Dios Mio!" Part of Jessie's conversation came through as she drove. Anytime Jessie threw in some Spanish phrase, it caught her off guard, "this little kid on the plane would not stop crying for the entire flight! I mean, okay, I was a baby once, I get it. But I didn't pay for a first class ticket to hear this kid scream for 12 hours." She then muttered something else in Spanish, which sounded like a rant.

Jessica readjusted her gloves while she was saying this. She was still wearing them… what was with the gloves? But she refrained from asking. Truthfully, Shiho was getting a little tired of entertaining the American, so she contributed less and less to the conversation. Jessica might have picked up on this, because she slowly quieted down. Maybe the long travel time may have been getting to her. Her head was bobbing up and down, trying to stay awake to look at the scenery around her. But her eyes were barely open now.

Shiho tried to be as quiet as possible as she drove, wanting to let the girl rest. Unfortunately being quiet meant she had nothing to think about but her current situation with Kaori. They had been dating for over a year, and Shiho found herself falling for her big time. But Kaori was different.

Their romance started off pretty hot and heavy, mainly due to the fact that Kaori was a sexual person. Shiho had just gotten out of a long-term relationship with Sora, and Kaori was there to make her feel better. But that's what their relationship was built on: Kaori sleeping with Shiho. Even though they tried, there was little else there. They liked each other, yes, but other than flirting they didn't have much in common. Truth be known, Kaori fulfilled the physical part of the relationship she was missing from Sora, while her dorm mate, Nanami, filled the emotional part. It wasn't healthy, and it was for this reason the two of them decided on taking a break during school holiday. Well… it was Kaori who decided it.

"How much longer will it be?" Jessica asked in broken Japanese. Now that she was drowsy her skill with the language was starting to slip a little.

"We'll be there in less than an hour. You can sleep if you want." Shiho told her, taking her eyes off the road for a few moments to glance at her.

Jessica looked as if she was mulling over what Shiho said. At first she thought the American was confused, as if Shiho had spoke that too quickly, but then she realized this wasn't the case. "Es Hermosa… I don't want to miss anything."

"Don't worry, you have plenty of time to look at the sites." Shiho reassured her.

Jessica looked over to her, trying to keep her eyes open, "Will you be joining me Shiho?" She really must be sleepy, she sounded almost like a little girl.

"I don't work for the Inn, so I-" Shiho looked at Jessica again and saw she was asleep. Turning back to the road, Shiho sighed softly.

Would Yui really have to be the one trailing behind this girl? She didn't want to count her tall friend out, but she couldn't image Yui being able to play a good hostess for a V.I.P. But at the same time she didn't want to spend her whole holiday working. She wanted to visit Kaede and Makoto.

But as Jessica's large chest rose and fell from her heavy breaths, Shiho started to soften a bit. It wasn't Jessica's fault that her holiday might be cut short, so she should keep that in mind. Besides, if she was following Jessica around, eventually she might get to see the girl in the hot spring.