Love Letter Lovelies 4:
Hotspring Holiday

by Sailor Jane and Glee-chan


Jessica was walking down the hallway of LAX after having gone through immigration. Traveling was exhausting. Even though she managed to sleep the entire flight from Japan it felt like she hadn't slept the entire trip. Her whole body was stiff, and for some reason now that she was on solid ground it felt like she was still moving.

Yawning, she blinked heavily, trying to wake up. But her alertness level rose when she saw a Chinese woman talking to someone on her Smart Phone, having also come off a plane. That reminded Jessica of a promise to someone she had left back in Japan. A quick dial later, and Jessica too was on the phone.

"Shi-chan?" Jessica spoke to her friend in a chipper tone.

"Jessie!" Shiho sounded elated to hear her voice. Jessica had no idea what time it was there. "Are you in California?"

"No," Jessica said, "Our flight got lost and I'm stuck at the South Pole…"

"Shut up!" Shiho laughed, not buying her joke.

"Yeah I'm having a dance-contest with some penguins. They're pretty good."

"Baka!" Shiho snorted.

"How are you? You doing okay?"

"Yeah," Shiho assured her, "Kaede-chan and Makoto-chan spent the day with me. We're just about to hit the sack. It must be morning where you are?"

"Si," Jessica said, "Ain't science something?"

"I miss you," Shiho said in a more somber tone.

"I miss you too," Jessica sounded like a love-sick school girl.

"But I'm glad you called," Shiho said, "Did you find your friends yet?"

"I just got through immigration. Took friggin' forever. They're not too kind too Brown people these days. I guess I should just be thankful I'm Mexican and not Middle-eastern."

"Would I have an easier time getting through?"

"Pretty much," Jessica laughed, "Americans love the Japanese."

"Good." Shiho said, "Perhaps we'll visit America sooner than you think."

"I'd like that," Jessica said, "Anyway, let me go find my friends. Talk later tonight?"

"Your tonight," Shiho said, "My morning."

"Okay," Jessie said in English, "I lo-" She has to stop herself from saying the now forbidden words, "I'll talk to you later."

"You too. Take care."

With that, Jessica and Shiho's conversation ended. Jessica looked at her phone for a moment, gazing at her the new picture on her screen. It was of Shiho in her Summer Yukata during the festival. She took a moment to look into those eyes again, until the phone went into sleep mode on it's own. And with that the Latina stepped through the terminal doors.

Ah, that bright California sun and… putrid smog-filled California air. The contrast from Yumoto's mountain air to this was drastic. But there was a pleasant sight waiting for her: her two best friends, Ayla Zhen and Kelsey Greenburg, making-out. Smirking a shaking head, Jessica walked over to them. Both the girls were dressed in their signature matching dresses and long leather gloves, blue for Ayla, purple for Kelsey.

"Hola Muchachas!" Jessica smiled at them.

"Jessie," Ayla started, broke the kiss, and ran to her.

"Buenos Dias!" Kelsey waved to her.

Ayla went right up to Jessica, wrapped her arms around her and kissed her on the lips. It was a welcomed affection after having left behind her girlfriend back in Japan. Kelsey did not flinch at this. She did the same thing, but the kiss between her and Jessica was much more sparse.

"How was your flight?" Ayla asked.

"Slept like a baby," Jessica would now have to get used to speaking in English all the time, "You two?"

"Fine," Ayla said. "Of course, you got to sleep in first class. Kelsey and I were in coach while the other two blancas were living the life of luxury."

"Oh Aylee," Kelsey put her arms around her, "Anytime I'm sitting next to you is a life of luxury."

"You just want to get laid when we get to the hotel, don't you?"

"Mmmm," Kelsey smiled.

"Wait," Jessica said, "Other two… you don't mean?"

Perfect timing, just as they were speaking, the blondetourage came strolling in: Olivia Caldwell and the queen herself, Fiona Winston. They were dressed as expected, with the finest gowns, jewelry and gloves to be spotted in California. They were both wearing sunglasses and oversized hats.

"Don't any drivers in this city speak English?" Olivia complained.

"Jessica!" Fiona joined towards her friend.

"Oh Dios Mio, no!" Jessica laughed, but allowed Fiona to hug her and kiss her on the lips.

"Are you surprised and happy to see us?" Fiona smiled.

"Surprised? Yes," Jessica teased her, "Happy? No!"

Even behind her sunglasses, Jessica could tell Fiona was rolling her eyes.

"They made us swear not to tell," Kelsey admitted.

"Wasn't my idea," Ayla rolled her eyes.

Jessica laughed, "Honestly, I'm just so happy to see all of you again."

"Look at us," Fiona smiled, and scanned her hand across the air like she was writing a title in her head: "The Fiona Five: Adventures in California! Olivia, we need a picture. We can put it in my memoirs." She handed her phone to her friend.

"Hey you!" Olivia commanded an airport official, "Get a picture of all five of us!"

The worker begrudgingly took a picture of them, probably only because they were hot. Olivia took Fiona's phone and complained about the quality of the camera work. She was going to make the poor worker do it again, but he ran as fast as he could before Olivia could command him.

"Well we've got the car," Olivia explained, "Jessica, I need you to translate. I can't understand a word this guy is saying."

"Que tonta eres," Jessisa called her an idiot.

Kelsey and Ayla laughed knowing what she was saying. They all gathered their bags walking towards the car.

"I brought a Spanish-book with me," Olivia pointed her finger at Jessica, "Just so I can understand all your insults on this trip!"

"Let's go!" Fiona whined, "I want to get to Disneyland sometime this century. We only have a day or so-"

"Yes Fiona," Olivia ran after her.

"So how was Japan?" Ayla asked as they got in the car.

Jessica sighed and held Ayla's blue gloved hand, "Mi querida Ayla, have I got stories for you!"


"Kaorin came to the dorm looking for her stuff. I told her she couldn't take any until you came back. She called me a wolverine and I called her a fox."

5,432 miles away from Los Angeles, Shiho was sitting in the Utsunomiyo University dorm room she shared with her room mate Nanami Takase. The beginning of the year the two had bonded so much that they scooted their twin beds together to form one big bed to give them more room. Now that she was home, the large bed was serving as a couch for the two of them. She knew that night the two of them would cuddle, like they always did. Shiho had a feeling she'd be needing the small dyed blonde's comforts in the days to come.

"You should have let her take it Nanami-chan." Shiho told her. "Karoin wouldn't have stolen anything important."

"Still, I don't like how she broke up with you. Who does she think she is? Waiting for you to be out of town so she can do that… unforgivable. I'll kick her fucking ass."

Shiho smiled at her feisty friend. She could be such a handful. She might be rich brat, selfish, anti-social, and weak-bodied, but the girl was loyal to a fault. "It's okay Nanami-chan, honest."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I think I saw it coming a long time ago." Shiho admitted. "We both knew it was over, but we were too afraid to end it."

"What sucks is that you still have to see her at work." Nanami reminded Shiho.

"Oh yeah…" Shiho groaned forgetting that little tid-bit. She flopped back first on the bed and placed a palm to her forehead. "Damn."

Nanami took her spot next to Shiho and laid down as well. For a time the two of them stared at the ceiling not saying much. Shiho knew that she should be polite and ask Nanami how her Holiday went, but she couldn't focus on that. Now that she was back in Utsunomiyo, it seemed like life was beginning again. Her romance with Jessica almost seemed like a dream.

"How was your Holiday?" Nanami finally asked. She never really had before. As soon as Shiho arrived she dived into Kaori bashing.

"It was nice. You should have come along. I missed you."

"I don't want to hang out with your lesbo friends again… not after that one time…"

Shiho chuckled, remembering the drunken incident Nanami shared with Yui. Ever since then Nanami had been more homophobic than she was before. The only acceptation, of course, was with Shiho.

"Yui-chan was pretty busy with work, Nanami-chan. Besides, after Mari-chan found out about that, she's to afraid to even look at another girl."

"Serves her right for taken advantage of me." Nanami pouted hautily.

Shiho laughed again. That's not how it went down at all. Drunk Nanami was the aggressor. Still Shiho found it funny that the prudish girl turned into a pervert when she got drunk.

"I guess those Lovelies, or whatever, helped you forget about Kaorin." Nanami went on.

"Yes and no." Shiho said, then admitted something. "Actually I met a girl while I was there…"

"Wow you work fast."

"Actually she was doing most of the working. I just gave in." Shiho giggled. "She's an American, so you'd like her. You'd get to practice your English with her and everything."

"I don't need to practice my English, it's perfect." Nanami bragged.

"Anyway, her name is Jessica Perez. So if you see that's she called, it's for me. We promised to keep in touch."

Nanami sat up, then hovered her head over Shiho's body, her long hair blanketing their faces like a curtain. "Don't tell me you fell for some summer fling."

Shiho felt guilty. "We both know it's over… but there's no harm in continuing to talk."

Nanami knew better. "Great! Come a few months you're going to be sobbing like you did with Ito-san."

"I won't. We broke up… we both know things won't work out between us."

"But you're still talking?" Nanami raised an eyebrow. "Yes, it sounds like the two of you have everything figured out."

"Okay, okay!" Shiho was started to get annoyed at Nanami's bluntness. "So it's stupid. We're stupid. I get it. But I can't help how I feel, and I know she feels the same way. So what if we talk on the phone, or Skype, or whatever else? Maybe we'll fall out of love and meet other people. Who knows? But for right now I just know she makes me happy. So I'm going to hold on to that for the time being."

Nanami gave a sigh and flopped back down again. "Fine."

"I don't need your permission." Shiho said, but was relieved Nanami was giving up pestering her about this.

"What's this chick like?"

Shiho turned her head and looked at Nanami. The girl was trying, even if she had a disgruntled look on that grumpy face. "She's a bit like you actually. She's prideful, full of herself, and rich… But she's also very outgoing, funny, and amazing in bed."


"And… and she fell for me. She likes me for who I am, not for what she can make me." Shiho added on. "That was a big change. I think… I think if we weren't separated by an ocean that I could find myself lost in her."

"How sweet." Nanami said in a deadpan voice.

"Sorry, I know you hate talking about this kind of stuff."

"I did ask so it's my fault." Nanami admitted. "So do you think you'll ever see this Jessica again?"

"I don't know." Shiho closed her eyes, accepting this truth. "Maybe for Kaede-chan's wedding, but logically speaking, no. Our worlds are too different. But my heart says different. I just keep thinking that one day I will see her again."

"Back up… Wedding?"

"That's a long story." Shiho laughed, forgetting about Nanami not knowing about that. "Basically Kaede-chan and Mako-chan are going to get married."

"Can they do that?" Nanami asked.

"I guess so."

"Neat." Nanami spoke with no real attachment to that whatsoever.

She sat up again and seemed to be looking at Shiho's outfit. Nanami did this. She often liked to analyze things and get lost in her own thoughts. Shiho let her do as she pleased while her mind went back to thinking about Jessica. Her room mate had brought up the burning question that plagued Shiho's mind since she left Yumoto: Would she ever see Jessica again? Her heart was pounding just thinking about the possibility.

"Shiho-chan," Nanami high pitched voice interrupted Shiho's thoughts of Jessica. "May I ask you something?"


"What's with the gloves?"