The Myth of the Howling Wind

Once, before modern times, storms were kind. They brought rain which watered the plants and wind that stirred up the soil. Farmers welcomed a storm with open arms. The Goddess of wind, Cierra, was especially happy with her existence. She had a childlike joy about her. She danced through fields and drifted through forests, singing as she went. Little birds flew on her soft winds, plants used her breezes to spread their seeds, and mankind harnessed her strong gusts to use for transportation. Cierra was beloved by all. Temples were built in her name, offerings placed at her statues. Even the other Gods were under her spell, especially the God of Thunder, Halcipher. On a particularly blustery day, Halcipher spotted Cierra as she was hiking up a mountain. He came down from a dark cloud, and approached her with a cocky grin and a bouquet of Thunder Flowers the color of a gray sky that roared every now and then. Cierra was resting against a moss covered boulder when he appeared in front of her.

"Hello Cierra," he smiled.

Cierra wiped a glowing hand across her forehead as she eyed him.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Halcipher, God of Thunder. But I'm sure you must have recognized me, as I'm quite renowned amongst the Gods and Goddesses." He handed her the bouquet of Thunder Flowers.

She just cocked an eyebrow. Halcipher's smile slipped a bit, but he remained persistent.

"Listen, I've seen you dancing across the lands, and I can't help but think that we have a lot in common."

"Really? And what exactly is it we have in common?" Cierra swirled around a hand, pulling a water bottle out of thin air. She drank while Halcipher continued, brushing off her obvious disinterest like it was an annoying fly.

"Well, we both are adventurous, powerful, and beautiful I might add," Halcipher leaned towards Cierra gesturing to her mortal vessel. This body was a tall willowy one with blond hair and blue eyes. Her original form was simply a spiral of wind. Halcipher was currently in his mortal vessel as well: a stocky muscular man with black hair and devilish eyes. He looked like trouble, and Cierra was determined to end this little discussion sooner rather than later.

"Listen, Halcipher," Cierra started.

"It's Hal. Call me Hal," he interrupted, grinning despite the negative reaction he was getting.

"Ok, Hal," Cierra responded with a slightly sarcastic tone. "I don't see us being good together."

"But we are good together," Hal interrupted again, "we both work in the storm department! You blow things about and I laugh as I watch you. Perhaps you just hadn't seen me before."

Cierra had definitely known he watched her during her storms; she just ignored him because, frankly, he was a well-known jerk. Multiple friends of hers like Daisy, the Goddess of sunshine, had been hurt by his heartless habits. She intended to not be another notch on his belt. So she sighed and gave him a hard stare.

"I just am not looking for a relationship right now. Please leave me alone and be on your way. As you can see, I'm enjoying a lovely hike by myself this afternoon." With that, she brushed past him, tossing the water bottle back into an invisible slit in the air. As she walked away from him, Hal glowered at her back. Then he turned on the spot and left his mortal self behind.

Cierra huffed as she finally reached the top of the mountain. She stood, sweating and grinning at the horizon. It was now dusk and the sun began to slip down the sky. She turned, looking for a place to sit when she realized she was not alone. A human man was sitting on a rock that was the best place to watch the sunset.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" She walked up to the human. "May I sit for a bit?" She pointed to an open seat next to him.

"Please," The man smiled and gestured to the spot. He had chestnut hair and green speckled eyes. His smile was kind and Cierra immediately liked him.

"I'm Cierra," she introduced herself.

"Thomas," the man responded. "But everyone calls me Tom." Cierra smiled and then leaned back against the rock. The two of them sat there for a while, watching the light leave the sky. They talked, and after an hour, Cierra felt stirrings in her heart, and she asked if they could meet again. Tom laughed and said he would love to. Cierra was having the best time, and she didn't think to look up at the ever darkening sky, where the God of Thunder watched in spite.

A couple of months later, Cierra was quite sure she was in love. Thomas spent almost every day with the Goddess of Wind, completely unaware of her powers. All he saw was a beautiful mortal woman whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He intended on asking Cierra to be his bride, and one winter day he was out in the fields of his father's land, practicing. He spoke to a tree, trying to figure out the best way to ask his love to marry him. Suddenly, another man was walking towards him. He grinned at Tom, brushing his black hair out of his dark eyes.

"Going to pop the question, are you?" He leaned against the tree, somehow making Tom feel threatened as he nodded yes. "And who's the lucky girl?"

"Her name is Cierra," he responded suspiciously.

The man grinned, "Is this Cierra tall blonde and sarcastic?" When Tom said yes, the man chuckled darkly. "I've been with that one, and trust me; she isn't worth your time. She may be beautiful, but she's not very bright."

Tom bristled, "My Cierra is very intelligent and if you were with her and it didn't work out, it was probably because you're the one without any brains." Tom promptly turned his back and marched back to his father's house. He didn't know who he had just royally offended. The God of Thunder, enraged, took to the skies and rounded up his colleagues, the Goddess of Rain and God of Lightning. Soon, a storm began to brew, and the Goddess of Rain, Rayna hurried to warn Cierra.

"He's in a real frenzy, he is!" Rayna screeched. "Says a 'human worm' spoke to him disrespectfully and he wants to create a big storm to punish him. He's going to rip up the human's lands, and he sent me to get you!" Rayna had turned tomato red, "The nerve of that God, summoning us to him like cattle!" As Rayna grew angrier, rain began to fall as thunder and lightning struck the sky. Still, Cierra refused to add her winds. She simply sat listening to her friend shriek about Hal and all of his vices.

After a while, once Rayna ran out of fumes, she wandered off and Cierra went to find Tom. He was waiting for her at his father's house; he told her that they were going to go on a little hike. Cierra glanced at the ever darkening sky, but agreed to the outing. Soon, they were on the top of the mountain where they had first met, and Tom was standing before Cierra, a beautiful ring in his hands. Cierra gasped as he asked her to be his wife, but before she could respond with a definite "Yes yes yes!" Hal materialized in front of them in the form of a dark cloud shaped like a man. Before Cierra could even scream, Hal swiped at Tom, and laughed malevolently as he fell. Even Cierra's wind couldn't save him as his body landed with a sickening crunch on the ground below the cliff.

Cierra slumped onto her knees, screaming Tom's name. She sobbed as the thunder grew stronger, victorious, the lighting arcing through the sky, and Rayna's tears of sympathy fell from the heavens. But soon, too soon, Cierra became enraged. Shrieking, she turned on Hal who stood triumphant on the rock where her beloved had just offered a lifetime of love. Cierra wanted to destroy him; she had never felt so angry before. Suddenly, the wind picked up; it slammed into the mountain, whipping through trees like never before. The animals ran for cover, the birds landing on sturdy trees as fast as they could. Cierra tried to slice Hal with her winds, but failed. He simply turned into mist and drifted away, leaving Cierra with her broken heart and morbid rage. And every winter, around the time that Cierra's beloved was taken from her, her winds grow enraged. So, when you hear the wind "howling" through the night, you are hearing the Goddess of wind crying out with the pain of her lost love.