love is Not a thing that I feel

it is a thing that yoU do

to me


Love is yoU looking at me

and seeing me

and making my chest giggle

with a twitch of your eyelid.

love is staring at yoU

oVer a see of heads

and yoU

looking uP

and meeting my stare

and both of us

glancing away like

it didn't happen.

Love is yoU saying my name


not a BIG deal

because why wouldn't yoU

say my name because

it just feels so natural

on your lips.

Love is your lips

and the way they spr ead

when yoU're talking

or singing

or smiling.

Love is your fingers

brushing against mine

making my skin b.u.r.n.

like a sneeze.

Love is yoU looking

at someone eLse,


at someone eLse,


to someone eLse,


someone eLse,

and tyIng a rope

around my chest and pulling

me back into truth


Love is a thing that You feel.

Love is not a thing that i do

to yoU