Fire Angel IV: Nearly Doomsday

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2011

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:

An Alien Influence

A month passed since the Gloda City Arcade was destroyed. This was after Redra and his friends graduating 10th grade, around the time when the Gloda City police put up wanted ads against Knight Niveru.

Cy-Krom insisted, "for the last time, it's not my fault!" A crab mutant cyborg being stood in front of him. The being and Cy-Krom were walking together past the Quabbin Reservoir.

The cyborg pointed out coldly, "that's no excuse! In a few days, my entire race will run out of energy. How do I know that the Tester Laboratory…the place I helped you build…wasn't just one of your failed experiments I read from a viewscreen back on my planet?"

The alien being had dark purple crab shells covering his joints, hands, and feet. The limbs of his body were covered in dark purple metal, a dark purple helmet covering his head.

Cy-Krom checked in surprised anger, "Cyo 99, you were spying on me?!"

Cyo 99 sighed. He went on, "yes, Cy-Krom, the Cyos were. We wanted to be sure you kept your end of the bargain. We used a satellite disguised as an asteroid to spy on Earth. We figured no one would scan an asteroid at least a million miles away."

Cy-Krom commented, "you are indeed an advanced race."

Cyo 99 replied, "thank you, but flattery will not help you here. We Cyos saw that you were following our suggestions. However, I'm afraid that it haven't given us good results. If I was in your shoes, we wouldn't have this problem!"

Cy-Krom protested, "then how come you gave me enough money to live in a house for a lifetime and appointed me for the occupation?"

Cyo 99 groaned. He recalled, "I was overruled by our council. We were defending our home planet from a barbaric race from our neighboring moon Slurdan, but don't remind me again of that epic and costly war. Besides, there's the future of my race to be thinking about, or they'll be lost forever."

Cy-Krom continued, "ok Cyo 99, but the Tester Laboratory was destroyed again when I tried to put it back together. The pieces are now too small for my magnetic fields to reassemble…too hard to concentrate on without certain superheroes breaking my concentration! The Tester Laboratory's gone for good this time."

Cyo 99 insisted, "come on, the answer's right in front of you! I've come to this planet in an attempt to rebuild it myself, Cy-Krom. There wouldn't have been enough power on my planet to make the Reelita weapon there."

Cy-Krom tried to point out, "but we don't have a time engine."

Cyo 99 chuckled in amusement. He revealed, "that's where you're wrong." He turned one of his hands into a big ray gun the size of a fist. He went on, "this gun has the ability to teleport anyone it hits to any day in time with help from my helmet's connection to it."

Cy-Krom muttered in shock, "I'm not even going to ask how that works." Knight Niveru and Julie Nera joined them. Genudamor started coming towards sleeping Helm, Cy-Krom, and Cyo 99.

Cyo 99 suggested in alarm, "let's get out of here before they see us. I know what Julie did to the Tester Laboratory." He aimed the ray gun at Cy-Krom. Cyo 99 muttered, "save my people, or you're goners!" Cy-Krom lifted Helm up. The Crab Brothers teleported away just as Genudamor saw Cyo 99.

Genudamor asked, "what the heck are you?!"

Cyo 99 mysteriously replied, "A being that's not going to let anything distract him from his duty." He aimed his time traveling gun at himself and teleported away.

Knight Niveru pointed out, "according to my visor scanner, that gun can time travel anything it hits with its ray. Think of the possibilities of such a device!"

Genudamor thought out loud with a chuckle, "if I get my hands on it, taking over the world would be swifter and a whole lot easier. The Nebarg will return, forever!"

Julie suggested, "I'll find a way to help you get it, Genudamor." She kissed him on one of his cheeks.

Genudamor figured, "I have no doubt."

Knight Niveru pointed out, "the only question is…how?"

The following morning, Redra got up from bed.

He noticed that Saldi was already out of her sleeping bag.

He deduced, "I must have slept in. At least school doesn't start up again yet."

Redra saw on a clock on a nearby wall in his bedroom show that it was 10:00 A.M. He chuckled. He concluded, "I guess it wasn't really that late, I've still got an hour to get ready for another date with Violet. It's so hard to believe that I almost lost it all."

Redra headed downstairs, seeing Roma curled up and sleeping near the nearest stairs. He quietly walked into the kitchen. He noticed a note left for him on the table next to a full bowl of cereal that he usually eats. He thought back to when his mother was alive and leaving notes for him whenever spy work took her away from home. Redra sighed. He still missed her. Redra picked up the note left for him on the table and read it:


I've got to take care of something, and I won't be back until noon. I'd like you to be back here by noon. There's something I think you're finally ready to have, after everything you've been through. You've grown into a great young man, who I'm proud to be a father to. I'd like to give it to you before you go into 11th grade in a couple of weeks, before I forget (you know I sometimes forget things).


Redra thought out loud, "I wonder what he wants to give me. I've got everything I've wanted…good friends, good grades, and a superhero partnership with Violet. What else would I want to have? Oh yeah, now I remember: Being able to finally be able to take a break from superhero duty, the one thing I can't seem to get hold of. Even when I have vacation from school, there's always crime out in the country. It would definitely be something if I could have a real vacation." He began eating his cereal.

Meanwhile, a couple of people were walking down abandoned streets of Gloda City. One of them was a young woman who had very long dark brown hair that touched the ground behind her and a dark blue catsuit with gloves and sandals. The other was a young man with a metal red fox-like mask over his head and torn clothes. The man checked, "was that visit to the future just a dream?"

The woman pointed out with a sigh, "Shacklion, it might be a dream and it might not. There are superheroes and aliens in this galaxy, so it's a possibility that even we have superpowers."

Shacklion replied, "Destricana, that may be true, but how will we know for sure?!"

Destricana answered, "sorry Shacklion, but I can't seem to remember what powers we might've gotten."

Shacklion sighed. He deduced, "it's ok. I remember what I got as possible superpowers. Maybe you should stand back before I test them."

Both of them stopped walking.

Destricana stepped backwards to get out of range as Shacklion shot some lightning bolts from his bare hands.

He realized in amazement and relief, "we both have superpowers. I see now that it wasn't a dream. Destricana, where's my army?"

Destricana asked back, "nearby of course. I assume you're gonna need them?"

Shacklion suggested vaguely, "yes Destricana. These powers could give us the needed advantage, when we start another assault on the government."

Destricana replied, "I'll be back with our army." She ran onto another street, when she had only tried to walk near the street where Shacklion was standing.

Shacklion deduced, "super speed. This'll be like taking an elevator."

Violet wondered, "Newair, how did you find us in here?" Newair, out of breath, collapsed on a seat near Redra's. They were in a fast food place. Violet was at the seat across from Redra's.

Newair revealed, "Redra, the Dragonmen Hunters told me they're still watching over you. I tried to call first, but your cell phone was…off line. Sorry if I'm intruding."

Violet insisted, "not at all."

Redra checked, "but why are you out of breath?"

Newair pointed out, "I ran all the way...nonstop! It's a long way from my house to here on foot, but I came to tell you that there's trouble."

Redra wondered, "what kind of trouble?"

Violet pointed out, "Redra, we're superheroes for crying out loud! You should know by now what kind of trouble by now."

Redra sighed. He replied, "yeah, I know." He went into a nearby bathroom to change into his metal costume. Violet went into another bathroom to change into her metal costume.

Spike Girl checked, "so, what's going on?" She and Fire Angel came out of bathrooms in their costumes.

Newair revealed, "I located some kind of hidden ship where the Tester Laboratory used to be, and Genudamor's trying to steal it. My satellite on the moon found Genudamor, and that's how I located this ship and his forces."

Fire Angel insisted, "Newair, what ship?! It certainly wasn't there before."

Newair answered, "I don't know, it's not like any ship I've ever seen before…very advanced. It's probably from another planet. Maybe Genudamor wants to use its technology..."

Spike Girl interrupted with a groan, "probably another attempt at global world domination. They never learn!"

Fire Angel added, "and as usual, we have to stop it."

Newair responded, "see you later." Fire Angel and Spike Girl flew out of the fast food place. Newair figured, "well, might as well not let this go to waste." He started eating some unbitten leftovers left behind by Redra and Violet.

Fire Angel commented, "at least we get to test out the costumes you upgraded…you usually don't disappoint." He and Spike Girl started to hover over Boston.

Spike Girl replied, "thanks, but I know how much you want to retire."

Fire Angel sighed. He insisted, "Violet, that's only because I realized how dangerous superhero work could potentially be."

Spike Girl recalled sympathetically, "you just don't want me to die again. I appreciate the thought, but…"

Fire Angel interrupted, "that's only part of the pain. It's because of what Julie put me through a month ago."

Fire Angel remembered what he had gone through after the day he missed a month ago…battling Genudamor and Julie's forces in a cavern in the past…upgrading himself in Julie's previous hideout before it blew up…getting trapped in virtual reality and barely escaping it…surviving Cy-Krom's murder attempt…and Knight Niveru using Genudamor's hologram projector turret to try to turn the police force against him. Almost the entire world got enslaved to Genudamor. Fire Angel and Spike Girl landed near Warehouse Alley and started running towards a big distant circular red disk.

Spike Girl protested, "I admit, what you've gone through…what we've gone through was too cruel to put into words. But Redra, against all odds, we're still alive! Can't you be happy with that?"

Fire Angel went on with a sigh, "true, but I'm seriously worried about the future…about consequences for the actions going on around us. I don't think Genudamor will let us know how to make more Nebarg implants, and we don't even have a clue of where Knight Niveru's soul ray gun went."

Spike Girl suggested, "try not to worry…for once." She and Fire Angel reached the circular red disk, seeing Genudamor going through a metal door built into the vessel. The red disk seemed to be big and wide enough to fit a building in. It had a bunch of rocket engines underneath it.

Fire Angel realized in amazement, "it's a spaceship." They used their metal arms' scanner function to scan the huge disk in front of them.

Spike Girl suggested, "Redra, I see that you're right. I could die again, so in case I do..."

She retracted the spikes on her metal costume and took off her helmet. Fire Angel nodded as he took off his helmet. Spike Girl hugged him. They kissed for what seemed to be hours, both of their arms around each other. When they heard the sound of rockets nearby, they had let go of each other. They slowly moved away from each other to pick up their helmets lying on the ground nearby. Soon after they had put their helmets back on, they smiled a little as they flew after the hovering spaceship.

Fire Angel suggested in mixed feelings, "time to fly!" He and Spike Girl chased after the flying spaceship into the clouds above. A huge blue triangle came out of one of the spaceship's sides.

Spike Girl deduced in horror, "it's a weapon, and it's aimed at us!" She had scanned the triangle with her metal arms.

Fire Angel concluded, "Genudamor or one of his henchwomen must've seen that we're near it." He and Spike Girl dodged and soared around a big purple ray that got launched out of the triangle's tip with help from their metal costumes' built-in reflexes. The ray nearly hit them. It instead hit a car below, the car evaporating into nothingness from very intense focused heat.

Spike Girl muttered, "oh darn, that's bad!"

Fire Angel suggested, "no kidding…but as long as we're together…"

They used their metal costumes' built-in extra muscles to move themselves faster through the sky. They soared faster towards the spaceship. Spike Girl took out her dark red gun and started shooting fire electro-smoke missiles at the weapon. The weapon shot rays that evaporated them with intense heat, smoke engulfing half of the vessel. Fire Angel breathed a big gust of fire at the weapon, the weapon's armor bouncing the gust of fire back at him.

Fire Angel recalled in shock and horror, "that looks like something that the Crab Brothers could do when I was in 9th grade! Who the heck made this ship?!"

Fire Angel thought back to his first encounter with Helm:

Redra, Roma, and Saldi were heading to Redra's house, until Redra saw Helm climb up a building with his half-claw fingers.

Redra realized, "two adventures in one day? I'll be back."

Redra changed back into Fire Angel and flew towards Helm. He checked, "who are you?"

Helm replied, "I'm Helm, and I'll have my revenge!"

Fire Angel insisted, "but I don't even know you."

Helm responded, "enough talk!"

Fire Angel muttered, "boy, you are crabby today." Helm held onto the building with one hand, and with the other tried to grab Fire Angel.

Fire Angel called out, "whoa!" He dodged Helm successfully.

Helm recalled, "remember the 1st bank robber you ever fought?"

Fire Angel deduced in horror, "you were that bank robber?!"

Helm pointed out, "A bank robber's brain in something else's body, but you won't catch me this time!"

One of Helm's arms and hands rotated fast and changed into a drill.

He went on, "I'm back, and I'm now Helm!"

Helm carved a big hole with the drill he created and swung through it. Helm stopped the drill by thought, turning it back into an arm. Helm ran out the front door of the abandoned house he fell into. Fire Angel shot fire breath at Helm as he came out of the abandoned building. Instead of damaging Helm, the fire breath bounced off of Helm's crab shells and headed for Fire Angel.

Fire Angel wondered in shock, "how is that possible?!" He swooped down towards the ground, nearly missing getting hit by the blast. He thought out loud, "fire won't work on him. What do I use to defeat this guy?!" By the time he was on the ground, Helm was out of sight. Redra sighed. He muttered, "he's gone."

Back in the present…

Fire Angel and Spike Girl got closer to the spaceship while dodging the gust of fire that passed them by. The vessel created a clear bubble-like shield around itself.

Fire Angel wondered in alarm, "what the…?!"

Spike Girl insisted, "we're trapped, but then again…who really owns this ship?"

Fire Angel answered, "I don't know either, but we have to get inside, or we have no hope in escaping. My metal arms' scanner function shows this shield would act just like the armor on that ship."

The Dragonmen Hunters dove towards the spaceship. The spaceship's shield started to their horror shrinking and closing in on Fire Angel and Spike Girl.

Cyo 99, Helm, and Cy-Krom appeared with the Tester Laboratory's database of giant computers and the Reelita weapon, back in Warehouse Alley. It was on top of a warehouse that collapsed to pieces under the weight. Helm realized in surprise, "that warehouse wasn't there before."

Cyo 99 revealed to Cy-Krom's rage, "I'm sorry we Cyos had to kill your wife to motivate you to create the Tester Laboratory, but you were slow at understanding how powerful we really are." Memories came rushing back to Cy-Krom…of his life as an honest scientist, and when it took a major turn for the worse.

Cy-Krom muttered, "I became a criminal in an attempt to get equipment to build the Reelita weapon myself! I didn't think I had time to explain the real reason why I stole electronics…and all because I was blackmailed! I lost everything I cared about…because of you!" Cy-Krom recalled when he became a criminal:

Fire Angel saw a masked man ransacking an electronics store. He deduced, "now that looks suspicious." Fire Angel and Spike Girl went into the store.

Spike Girl insisted, "step away from the electronics!"

The figured replied, "fat chance, Fire Angel and Spike Girl." Spike Girl shot fire missiles at the masked man. The man tumbled out of the store, carrying a large pile of electronics. Fire Angel breathed fire at him, but the masked man tumbled again.

Fire Angel challenged, "is that the best you've got, coward?"

Cy-Krom replied, "I'll show you another trick I know." The man jumped towards Fire Angel and grabbed his legs. He hurled him through the air. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb at the man and charged at him with her spiked suit. The man grabbed onto an elevator cable and slid down it, onto the top of an elevator. Fire Angel flew towards the elevator chute and landed next to him. Spike Girl followed right behind.

Fire Angel commented, "not bad. Have you tried taking a career in wrestling?"

The masked man Cy-Krom insisted, "enough talk!" Fire Angel made his claws come out of his hands. The man grabbed onto another elevator cable.

Spike Girl remarked, "are criminals always postponing their arrests?"

Cy-Krom protested, "I won't be arrested." More elevators were lined up next to each other.

Fire Angel called out, "oh great!" The man jumped from cable to cable, Fire Angel and Spike Girl on his trail.

Cy-Krom challenged, "want these electronics? Catch!" The man threw some electronics into elevator cables and tied them together. He went on, "I'm Cy-Krom. You can choose to capture me, or save the elevators." The man tied more cables together and punched a hole through a glass wall. He suggested, "what's it gonna be?" The man bungee-jumped through the glass wall. Elevators went in opposite directions. This made knots get tighter on the cables, electronics wedged in between them.

Spike Girl suggested, "I'll save the elevators, you get him." She rammed the electronics out of the cables and started to untie them. Fire Angel swooped down towards Cy-Krom. Cy-Krom threw an electro-smoke bomb onto the ground.

Cy-Krom revealed to their frustration, "I took a bomb when you couldn't see me. Try to get me now, Fire Angel!" Fire Angel looked around, but when the smoke cleared, Cy-Krom was gone.

Back in the present…

Helm complained sadly, "I never knew mine…I was on the streets!"

Cyo 99 replied in a cold tone, "oh, shut up! It's not always about you…it's about me!"

Cy-Krom went on, "you just don't get it, do you?! I was inside worried that you'd kill my daughter next if I didn't build the weapon in time, but I instead had to use the parts to help protect myself from Fire Angel and Spike Girl…when they almost stopped me from stealing electronics from the Gloda City Mall a year ago. I tried to eliminate the possibility of being stopped by those superheroes…so, knowing that Fire Angel had difficulty stopping Helm before, I decided to turn into a crab mutant in an attempt to make the job of building the Reelita weapon much easier. And others thought it was my reputation as a scientist!"

Cy-Krom recalled when he used the Tester Laboratory to become a mutant:

Cy-Krom took the elevator to the 2nd floor. The group that Violet was in started heading towards the 1st floor. Violet noticed Cy-Krom in the area. She went to a bathroom, changing into Spike Girl. Spike Girl came out of the bathroom. She called out, "give up, Cy-Krom!" The group that Redra and Saldi were in reached the 2nd floor. Redra went into a bathroom, changing into Fire Angel.

Cy-Krom challenged, "come on, you're helpless without Fire Angel!" Fire Angel came out of the bathroom.

Fire Angel insisted, "I'm here, Cy-Krom. Surrender!"

Cy-Krom chuckled. He replied, "I don't think so."

He dove towards a cylinder-shaped container, with a hermit crab still in hand. Fire Angel and Spike Girl tried to stop him, but Cy-Krom threw the hermit crab into the container. He shot magnet spikes at them. Fire Angel zoomed past the magnet spikes. Cy-Krom created another magnetic field and tried to hurl Fire Angel at the floor. Fire Angel activated his claws. He used them to swing off of the ground and back into the air. Spike Girl shot fire missiles at Cy-Krom, but he shot lightning as a counterattack. They blew up in mid-air.

Fire Angel asked the hermit crab, "what is Cy-Krom up to?"

The crab responded, "he's gonna try to mutate himself with me."

Fire Angel recalled, "Helm." He dove towards the hermit crab. He insisted, "I'll get you out." Cy-Krom punched Fire Angel aside and took control.

Cy-Krom responded, "you're too late! With this mutation, I'll become in charge of the Tester Laboratory." He set a timing mechanism to activate the combine button. Cy-Krom flew at another cylinder-shaped container.

Fire Angel called out, "stop him! He's gonna mutate into Helm's body!"

Spike Girl replied, "on it."

She rammed her spikes into the cylinder-shaped container, smashing the container's door to bits. Cy-Krom went into the other container, the combine button function activated. The two cylinders combined into one. A monstrous humanoid came out of the container. He had crab shells instead of skin and 2 hands with claw-like fingers. He also had a human shaped crab-like head, claw-like toes as part of each foot, and spikes all over.

Cy-Krom called out, "face the ultimate power! I am Cy-Krom!" He activated guns in his fingers, shooting a ton of magnetic spikes across the 2nd floor. Fire Angel flew around them, getting scrapes left and right.

He groaned from the damage. The police came in.

One of the police officers checked, "someone called us?" One of the guards nodded.

Another officer asked, "what is that thing?!"

Spike Girl deduced, "A mutated Cy-Krom." She used her spikes to bounce the magnetic spikes away from her. Cy-Krom charged at policemen like a rhino.

Fire Angel realized, "I can't let this happen!"

He breathed fire at Cy-Krom's head, but the fire bounced back towards Fire Angel.

He muttered in relief, "just as I thought."

Fire Angel swung out of the way with his claws. The fire hit a back door next to Cy-Krom, knocking the policemen out of range.

Fire Angel figured, "sorry, but it had to be done."

Cy-Krom realized what happened too late in shock. He charged out of the room and fell down a set of stairs, to a door to the 1st floor. Fire Angel and Spike Girl dove towards Cy-Krom. Everyone on the neighboring floors watched the scene. Cy-Krom shot a magnetic field at the stairs, making the set of stairs bend around itself. It tripped Fire Angel to the ground, the metal bouncing Spike Girl backwards. Cy-Krom got up and tried to open the door to the 1st floor.

Fire Angel threatened, "don't even think about it!"

He ripped a piece of metal from the twisting stairs. He breathed fire on it and threw it at the magnetic field. The metal part twisted into a loop, into a ball.

Fire Angel remarked, "batter up."

He dove at the ball in the center of the magnetic field and grabbed it. He swung from it with his claws, successfully passing the magnetic field. Meanwhile, Spike Girl started getting pulled into the magnetic field.

Spike Girl thought, "I wonder…"

She shot a fire missile at the ball, the magnetic field connecting it with the hovering ball. The fire missile pushed the ball forward, pulling the magnetic field along with it.

Spike Girl warned, "look out!"

Fire Angel retracted his claws and soared to the ceiling. The magnetic field ripped and hurled the door at Cy-Krom. Cy-Krom's armor bounced him into the fire missile, blowing it up. This made Cy-Krom lose his concentration and the magnetic field. Cy-Krom's feet and the ball landed on the ground below. The ball bounced Cy-Krom into the door, knocking him out.

Cy-Krom continued, "ever since that day, I became obsessed with getting rid of Fire Angel and Spike Girl…plan after plan failing! Even a plan that Genudamor and Knight Niveru had that created the Reelita weapon failed when Fire Angel helped destroy it last summer. No one else but Knight Niveru knows that I suggested the Reelita weapon from the start of that alliance!"

Cyo 99 commented dryly, "bravo."

Cy-Krom kept going in frustration, "now I don't have to anymore. I even made myself seem like a criminal to make sure no one else knew what my real goal was. I acted selfish to have a good excuse to leave Genudamor and Knight Niveru, and it worked all too well!"

Cyo 99 pointed out, "even the Cyos can't predict the future."

Cy-Krom muttered, "I secretly intended to break away from them to be able to secretly regenerate the Reelita weapon for you, Cyo 99…but no, you had to drop down from your planet and finish what you started!" Cy-Krom remembered when the flame spike clones were created:

Cy-Krom checked, "did you hear that, Helm?"

Helm suggested, "we'll actually be able to take over the world for once?"

Cy-Krom replied, "no you fool! Genudamor and Knight Niveru won't need us anymore, which means…"

Helm concluded, "even if they take over the world, we'll still have to fight them to have a part in it."

Cy-Krom pointed out, "exactly, but I might have a plan to make sure that doesn't happen to us." He and Helm ran out of the room they were in, the bright-orange robots flying towards them with rockets under their feet and jetpacks on their backs.

The flame spike clones instructed, "halt, betrayers! We heard every word you two said." When Cy-Krom and Helm looked behind them, they saw the bright-orange robots. Genudamor and Knight Niveru ran towards the flame spike clones.

Knight Niveru wondered alarmed, "what's going on here?!" The flame spike clones turned around to face their creators.

One of the robots revealed, "we heard the Crab Brothers planning to take over the world for themselves."

Helm checked suspiciously, "how do you know us?"

The second clone remembered, "we used to be the Kram Bots that fought alongside you on the Tester Laboratory, the day the building blew up." The jetpacks on the clones' backs each started shooting missiles from a turret attached to its top at shocked Cy-Krom and surprised Helm.

Helm challenged, "no one can go through the Crab Brothers' armor. You machines don't stand a chance!"

The flame spike clones went on, "we have a connected mind, not two separate minds. You'll pay for trying to overthrow our creators/masters Genudamor and Knight Niveru!"

Knight Niveru commented, "I like the sound of that."

Genudamor offered, "now to see how well they do in combat. Take a seat."

He pressed a button on a wall. A pair of blue seats rose from the ground and a television set lowered from the ceiling. He suggested, "popcorn?" Genudamor sat down in a seat and pressed a yellow button on one of its armrests.

Knight Niveru replied, "don't mind if I do."

She sat down in the other seat. A filled big bag of popcorn fell from the ceiling onto Genudamor's lap. The Crab Brothers split up and ran further into Warehouse Alley. The flame spike clones teleported from above to being right in front of one of them. The Crab Brothers rammed their crab shell armor into the flame spike clones, pushing them aside. The robots quickly recovered, chasing after the Crab Brothers once more. The flame spike clones transformed their hands into missile launchers, shooting missiles out of their hands and jetpacks at the Crab Brothers. Cy-Krom shot lightning out of his fingertips, making missiles explode in mid-air.

Cy-Krom challenged, "is that the best you've got?!" Helm ran faster as lasers came out of one of the flame spike clones' set of robotic eyes. Fire started to expand through Warehouse Alley from the laser blasts.

Back in present day…

Cyo 99 and Helm were slowly getting intrigued by this backstory.

Cy-Krom solemnly explained further, "the plan to regenerate the Reelita weapon failed when Julie Nera destroyed the Tester Laboratory. Now I wish you had chosen someone else to create the Laboratory…because in case you haven't noticed, I miss my old life! I've had enough of pretending! I had to leave my daughter to try to protect her in my quest for making the Reelita weapon."

Cy-Krom thought back to destroying his own home:

When Saldi got home, she slammed her bedroom door shut. Cy-Krom checked, "anything wrong, Saldi?"

Saldi pointed out sadly, "Violet, Redra, and Newair think that you are the criminal that broke into the Gloda Mall yesterday."

Cy-Krom gulped. He had lost track of his daughter's life due to investing so much into his work. He wondered, "are they friends of yours?"

Saldi revealed, "I'm not so sure anymore."

Cy-Krom advised, "A word of advice: Know who your real friends are." He locked the door in his bedroom.

Saldi checked in alarm, "dad? Dad?!" Cy-Krom took out his new-made gadgets and put them on.

Cy-Krom fake chuckled, yet came across as the real deal, "ha ha ha!"

Saldi asked, "dad, are you feeling okay?" Cy-Krom launched a spike into the bedroom door, making it collapse.

Cy-Krom called out, "I'm Cy-Krom!"

Saldi stood frozen next to the room. Cy-Krom had a black metal suit and blue gauntlets on. He hinted, "you'll understand why someday." Cy-Krom shot more spikes out of his gauntlets, making holes in the wooden floor under his daughter's feet. Saldi ran for it, spikes going back into the gauntlet like magnets.

Saldi called out in fear, "I don't understand. Why are you doing this?!"

Cy-Krom hinted, "if you were in my position, you'd do what I've done."

Back in present day…

Cy-Krom muttered, "now, we fight to the death. I've had enough of you!"

Cyo 99 replied in disgust, "oh, for the love of…! You can't be serious! I was gonna offer you 2 free tickets to my world as a token of gratitude…a chance to restart a civilian life, and you don't even want that?"

Helm figured, "doesn't that sound good to you?"

Cy-Krom stubbornly insisted in tears, "it's a tempting offer, but I'm not gonna live peacefully with the monster race that tore my life apart…and would probably do it again whenever they wanted! I know I probably won't live, but I don't even care anymore. I took the job too seriously, and still you had to get it yourself! Before we fight though, in replacement of your token of gratitude, could I have a word with Helm?"

Cyo 99 figured with mixed feelings, "without you creating the Tester Laboratory, I wouldn't have the Reelita weapon. Go ahead."

Cy-Krom suggested gravely, "Helm, after I die today, will you find a way to tell my daughter Saldi Cy-Krom about what I just told you?"

Helm replied in shock, "you mean…your life story?"

Cy-Krom insisted, "yes, she must understand my intentions. She must realize that I wasn't really an evil man. It shouldn't be a problem for a great partner."

Helm responded in deeper shock and understanding, "I heard it all…you were even more clever and brave that I could've ever imagined. I could've learned more from you. Heck, you even brought me back to life…I'll never forget that. However, I still hate Fire Angel and Spike Girl, but I'll tell Saldi in private."

Cyo 99 concluded, "how touching…too bad you won't live to see the Reelita weapon for its true purpose."

Cy-Krom suggested, "thank you Helm…now leave me to my death." Helm nodded solemnly and left Warehouse Alley.

Cyo 99 insisted, "now, we battle."

Cy-Krom desperately shot lightning at Cyo 99 from his fingertips. Cyo 99 blocked the lightning bolts with the crab shells covering his hands, the lightning reflected back at Cy-Krom. Cy-Krom just stood where he was.

Cy-Krom muttered, "Saldi…" The lightning electrocuted and killed him as he fell to the ground dead.

Cyo 99 sighed. He muttered, "if only there was no war back at my homeworld..."

He carried Cy-Krom into the collapsed warehouse and laid him next to the Reelita weapon.

He went on, "I have to find my ship, or all of this will be for nothing! Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed."

Cyo 99 got out a white surfboard and jumped onto it. Halves of metal rings folded out of the surfboard and attached to Cyo 99's feet. The surfboard slightly floated above the roof, Cyo 99 soaring into the sky with it.

He realized in suspicion, "hmm…that cloud didn't cover this place before."

Helm ran out of Warehouse Alley teary eyed. He noticed that the whole city was engulfed in fog.

He asked, "what the Cyo happened?!"

Helm saw a revived Tester Laboratory in front of him from a distance. He deduced, "I thought that it blew up. What is going on?!"

As he got closer to the revived Tester Laboratory, he strangely saw more and more Dragonmen fling out of the building.

Helm figured, "they're multiplying. Am I dreaming?"

He suddenly tripped over the sidewalk and fell through the road due to the impact. Helm fell through a sewer and hit the bottom. A cloud of dirt surrounded him and faded. He realized with a groan, "not a dream."

He kept groaning from pain as he got up. He pulled himself out of a big hole in the sewer, coughing up sewer water as he carefully pulled himself back onto the sidewalk.

An hour later, Helm got to the Tester Laboratory. The surprises were not over. A mutant Helm lookalike ordered, "line up in single file. Come on, we don't have all day!" A line of citizens were lined up in a column in front of Helm.

Helm asked confused, "umm…excuse me, but who are you?"

The other mutant suggested, "hmm…check him." A couple of Dragonmen with police badges clipped onto some of their scales came out of nowhere and searched Helm from head to toe.

One of the Dragonmen concluded, "he's clean!"

The Helm lookalike figured, "well mister, I'm kind of busy out here doing my day job, but Cy-Krom can answer any questions inside. In fact, he'll probably want to see you immediately."

He thought to himself, "to kill this crazy imposter."

Helm responded with mixed feelings, "sure."

The mutant lookalike instructed, "guards! Lead him to Cy-Krom." The 2 Dragonmen with police badges nearby followed Helm. He walked past the line of jealous citizens and flew through a big open window.

The accompanying guards warned, "don't touch anything!"

They all landed into a little room with a giant computer machine filling most of the space. Past a nearby doorway, a museum-like hallway with scattered pictures of Fire Angel and Genudamor hung up on its walls.

One of the guards suggested, "this way."

They escorted Helm past another Dragonmen guard. The sentries acknowledged each other with a unique non-verbal greeting: A fist bounced off one leg followed by a military salute. The escorts and Helm walked into a very wide elevator.

One of the escorts reminded the other, "4th floor."

The other pressed a button in the elevator, the elevator doors behind them closing. The elevator's walls rotated as the elevator rose up to the top of this modified Tester Laboratory.

Helm thought, "this Cy-Krom has too much time on his hands…probably from taking over the world somehow. It doesn't really add up though."

The elevator doors' opened up on the opposite side. He saw an entrance to some living quarters. A set of stairs close by led up to the roof. The label "Property of Crab Brothers" was on a big orange sign right above the entranceway. The near Dragonmen guards led him up the staircase and onto a balcony. It was as big as a bedroom. Couches of varying colors surrounded the perimeter.

The Dragonmen sentries revealed, "he's at his throne. After all, ruling the world is hard work."

They left Helm on the balcony. Helm saw in shock Cy-Krom sitting in a black cushioned chair decorated with jewels. In front of him was a laptop and phone on top of his personal desk. It was strangely labeled in gold "Cy-Krom the revolutionary tyrant".

Cy-Krom asked suspiciously, "who's there?"

Helm revealed nervously, "it's me…Helm."

Cy-Krom demanded, "according to a security camera, Helm's still at the front entrance! Who are you really?"

Helm pointed out, "I'm serious! There's potentially a second Tester Laboratory out there! If you could take a closer look…"

Cy-Krom interrupted, "I'll look into it…hold on."

He pressed some buttons on his laptop's keyboard. He deduced in shock, "hmm…very strange. I haven't seen that in Warehouse Alley before. Do you recognize this?"

Cy-Krom was looking at a security camera that pinpointed the original Tester Laboratory database and the Reelita weapon left behind in Warehouse Alley. Helm recalled what he, Cy-Krom, and Cyo 99 did to get the Reelita weapon in the past.

Helm responded in amazement, "yes, it's the database I was referring to. Personally, I think it's great that you took over the world and all. Now, what happened since the Reelita weapon disappeared last summer? When the Tester Laboratory blew up for the first time?"

Cy-Krom tried to correct him, "you mean the only time. Oh, I almost forgot…you're from a different timeline. This place has been built out of a number of houses: Fire Angel's, Spike Girl's, and even Newair's homes, after what us Crab Brothers did to finish them off. The laptop I'm using on this desk is Fire Angel's reprogrammed laptop."

Helm asked in deep shock, "all 3, wiped out?! You don't sound like the Cy-Krom I know."

Cy-Krom added, "Gloda City police too. You see, when we turned technology against them…we won in this reality." Helm remembered when the Crab Brothers lifted Gloda City into a cloud. He realized that it stayed in a cloud and a giant magnetic field was still intact...that plan never stopped in this twisted reality.

Helm asked, "what changed you?"

Cy-Krom revealed with a chuckle, "it's so simple. I had to keep playing the role. Months later, I grew to like the power…so much that I've been on a conquest to kill whoever dared to try to overthrow me."

Helm replied with mixed feelings, "I see. What happened to Genudamor?"

Cy-Krom calmly revealed further, "he and his forces keep trying to overthrow me, against an army of Dragonmen to replace the military. Therefore, I've managed to hold him off. The citizens out there are seeking advice from me, from all over the world. My research into genetics of science is literary curing everything from mental disease to reviving the environment…now you see how I've become a revolutionary. Now, are you gonna join the world, or fight it?"

Suddenly, one of the citizens in line to go into the building took off her disguise and grabbed the other Helm below.

Helm suggested, "their latest attack?" Cy-Krom nodded.

He suggested, "excuse me. Dragonmen military, fire!"

Outside, Dragonmen with military hats on surrounded Cy-Krom. They began breathing fireballs from combined fire breath at the incoming flame spike clone army. The flame spike clones teleported to dodge the blasts while shooting clouds of missiles at them. The missiles got destroyed in fire breath. Genudamor enlarged on one of the incoming missiles and swung off it to get onto the roof in a single maneuver. Julie Nera appeared on the roof, kicking the other Helm towards present Helm.

The other Helm commented, "I can't believe he didn't kill you!"

Present Helm remarked, "who do I remind you of?!"

He flew over the other Helm before he could speak.

He grabbed and threw him at Genudamor. Genudamor and the other Helm crashed through the Gloda City airport's roof.

Present Helm chuckled. He figured, "Genudamor might be the easiest villain I can capture for interrogation. Besides, it'd be a great victory for the living Cy-Krom…maybe even leading to my double's death."

Helm flew away from the balcony and headed for the Gloda City airport. Knight Niveru and Julie Nera appeared in front of him.

Knight Niveru pointed out, "we don't know what you are, but you're obviously working for Cy-Krom."

Julie insisted, "and trying to kill Genudamor! We won't let you."

Present Helm responded in fury, "just try to make me!"

He breathed a huge gust of fire at Julie and Knight Niveru. The 2 villains dodged the fire blast long enough for Cy-Krom to get closer to them.

Present Helm called out, "get out of the way!"

He tried to push the 2 villains aside as they tried to close in. Julie teleported to the airport while present Helm kicked Knight Niveru in the chest. Shocked Knight Niveru fell backwards into a big empty pit, where the Gloda City police station used to be located. Some military Dragonmen below breathed fire at her as they dove into the hole.

Present Helm dove towards the Gloda City airport, which had a sign on its entrance that said "scheduled for demolition tomorrow".

He realized with a groan, "Julie has teleporting abilities, there's no point in going down there now!"

He soared away from Gloda City, thinking of what to do in this alternate reality.

Present Helm thought:

I should first take a look at all the fact, like Cy-Krom…my leader and mentor in either reality. Let's see…right before we brought the Tester Laboratory into the present, we had to teleport the giant computers along with the Reelita weapon.

That was secretly with Cyo 99's ray gun while making it seem like these machines were blowing up with help from me and Cy-Krom battling each other.

Apparently, there was a warehouse that wasn't supposed to be where we thought when we came back to the present. With the Reelita weapon disappearing last summer, there was no way for the Crab Brothers in this reality to restore the weapon! That would mean no way of sending Nebarg soldier bots from the future down on Genudamor.

Those robots blew up a…warehouse. It was the warehouse we appeared onto! It remained as Genudamor and Julie' headquarters...I heard about Julie on the news. They came out to fight because they were accidentally forced out of hiding! Apparently, the warehouse wasn't destroyed until now…but there was still a security camera...

Helm from the present recalled the security camera forced to the Crab Brothers, while hovering past the Gloda City Arcade:

Back at the Crab Brothers' hideout, Cy-Krom had used his huge magnetic field to bring a security camera to him. This was from the warehouse above the Truslin Gobet headquarters in Warehouse Alley that blew up recently.

Cy-Krom suggested, "let's see how those Nebarg soldier bots we've sent to Warehouse Alley are doing. Think you can check it? I've got my hands full here."

Helm looked at security footage from the security camera. He saw Spike Girl flying towards the fully rebuilt Tester Laboratory and Reelita weapon. The 4 remaining Nebarg solider bots were chasing and shooting at her from behind.

Helm deduced, "must have been footage taken when it was ripped off of a building. Spike Girl's involved with destroying most of our armies!"

Cy-Krom checked, "and Fire Angel?"

Helm pointed out, "according to the footage, a conversation was recorded as it was ripped off a building…between Fire Angel and Spike Girl not so long ago." Helm replayed the footage, this time listening more carefully. He concluded, "Spike Girl's on her way to us, while Fire Angel's underground."

Helm recalled, "there's something that doesn't fit though. What was the conversation? Oh, I remember now.":

Spike Girl wondered in worry, "Redra, what's going on in there? The place could blow up any minute!"

Fire Angel pointed out, "that's why the flame spike clones decided to leave! They think I'll go down with the warehouse."

Spike Girl checked, "what will you do?"

Fire Angel suggested, "I see an opening near me that Newair and Genudamor went through."

Spike Girl warned, "be careful." Fire Angel used his metal arms to fling himself through the opening where the trapdoor that Newair went through was. He dived into the Truslin Gobet Headquarters below as the warehouse blew up from above.

Fire Angel assured her, "don't worry! I'm underneath the explosion." Firefighters put out the fire from the explosion.

The chief checked, "no one's trapped in there, Spike Girl and Fire Angel?"

Fire Angel and Spike Girl confirmed, "no one is." The firefighters drove away from the alley. The army of Nebarg soldier bots gaining on Spike Girl was now down to 4 members.

Spike Girl suggested, "I'll investigate the Tester Laboratory to find the Crab Brothers and the Reelita weapon. Newair couldn't have gone far."

Fire Angel replied, "see you there, Violet."

Present Helm realized in horror, "but the warehouse didn't blow up, so that could mean that Spike Girl went in to help Fire Angel deal with the flame spike clones since they wouldn't have left! They also wanted to rescue Newair from Genudamor, so Spike Girl must have shot some fire electro-smoke missiles at the robots and used them as a distraction. With the flame spike clones distracted, Fire Angel and Spike Girl went into Genudamor's hideout. Wait a minute! Fire Angel, Spike Girl, and Newair were all in the same place…when Cy-Krom used the big magnetic field covering Gloda City to put the police station and Genudamor's hideout underneath the city. Apparently, since all 3 of them are now dead, the attempt was unsuccessful. With no one to stop him in Gloda City except for Genudamor's forces, Cy-Krom apparently had enough time to take over the world. Now I see how taking the Reelita weapon in the 1st place from back in time created this alternate reality. Strangely enough, I liked the original Cy-Krom better!"

Suddenly, Helm saw Cyo 99 land his surfboard next to his spaceship. The circular large red ufo was exactly where the original Tester Laboratory used to be.

Present Helm realized in fury, "his purpose for coming here, in either reality…killed the spirit of Cy-Krom, my creator!"

He dove towards Cyo 99's spaceship as Cyo 99 himself went into the vehicle. Helm pulled himself through the closing door. He barely fell into the inside of the ship when the door closed behind him.

Cyo 99 asked in alarm, "who's there?! Show yourself!"

Helm heard doors opening around him, Cyo 99's footsteps echoing throughout the vessel. No lights were on, except for the dim ones circling the doorways. Helm flew through open doors, searching for the control center to the ship. The spaceship itself started to hover off the ground.

Helm decided, "following his suggestions, I was created. If I stopped this alien from existing, I wouldn't exist…and I like my powers! I don't want to change what happened to my creator, for he wanted to die to ensure that the Cyos can be defeated! I do know though that this alien's race is barbaric to kill someone just for motivation. I must stop him before he kills again, because the next target could be my creator's daughter or me. Cy-Krom wouldn't have wanted his daughter to die, and I personally want to survive too!"

He flew into a circular room, where Cyo 99 was resting his eyes in a pilot chair. Helm turned his hands into drills, drilling a hole around Cyo 99 as quick as possible.

Cyo 99 muttered, "what the…?! You again?!"

Surprisingly, he stood up. With lightning reflexes, he jumped off the piece of ship that fell towards the ground below. It landed back into place like a jigsaw puzzle, an aflame rocket engine attached to the falling piece of ship responsible for it. Helm dodged being hit by Cyo 99's time traveling ray gun as the ship was instead hit by it.

Helm cried, "for the Cy-Kroms!"

He rammed Cyo 99 with all of his might. Cyo 99 and Helm's shells were knocked against each other, both mutants pushed backwards from each other with great force. The structure around an active rocket engine cracked and broke away under Cyo 99's weight. He fell into the path of an active rocket engine coming through the hole Helm drilled. He cried in horror as the rocket engine propelled him right for the spaceship's ceiling. Helm desperately tried every control he could think of. Soon after, to his relief, the rocket engines turned off. The spaceship started falling faster and faster towards the ground below.

Helm muttered, "one chance."

Cyo 99 sickly amused replied, "oh, come on!"

Helm breathed a huge gust of fire onto Cyo 99 in disgust and rage. Cyo 99's reflexes and strength saved him from colliding with the ceiling as he pushed off of the ceiling and tried to swing around the active rocket engine. He couldn't dodge the fire in time, the fire reflected back at the control panel Helm crashed into.

Helm quickly lifted up the control panel itself to Cyo 99's horror and shock as wires disconnected all around him. He hurled it at the fire. The fire blew the control panel up, the explosion pushing Cyo 99 backwards. His healing factor helped him recover from the fall as he tried to get up from the ground.

Unfortunately, the fire spread on a wire still attached to the exploding control panel and into the center of the control room's main computer. Helm dived through the hole left in the ship. The control room behind him blew up to smithereens, followed by the rest of the ship blowing up behind him. The time traveling ray gun, the only item surviving the explosion, fell down towards Helm.

Helm chuckled as he soared towards it. He saw the explosion vanish from sight as he grabbed the time traveling ray gun in the air.

Helm figured, "strange…oh well. Time to restore the Reelita weapon back in history…at least then there wouldn't be 2 of me, and score one for the sane Crab Brothers verses the insane Cyos!"

Helm returned to Gloda City. He gladly shot the time traveling ray gun at the Reelita weapon and the Tester Laboratory database, time traveling both items back into the past where they belonged. Suddenly, the alternate reality world started to alter around him. The collapsed warehouse, the flying Dragonmen military, the alternate Crab Brothers, the flame spike clones, the cloud around the city, the Gloda City Arcade…all of it started disappearing before Helm's eyes. He just stared in amazement at what he achieved. Everything changed back to normal, back to the way it was before Cyo 99 went back in time to get the Reelita weapon. That is, except for dead Cy-Krom still lying on the ground in Warehouse Alley.

Helm deduced sadly, "I won't forget you. I'll keep your death wish…I at least owe you that."

He flew away from Cy-Krom's remains.

The Dragonmen Hunters had gotten to the bubble-like shield. Fire Angel and Spike Girl used the shields' inside to bounce around the spaceship, its rays hitting the shield instead of them. The tip of the spaceship's huge triangular weapon's rays bounced off the shield and reflected back at the ship itself. This was the spaceship in the current reality, not the alternate one. Parts of the ship evaporated into nothingness as the purple rays hit it.

Spike Girl and Fire Angel realized amused, "it's not invincible…against its own evaporating rays."

They went back to bouncing around the ship. More evaporating beams reflected back at the ship and destroyed more of the vessel as though the sun smashed into it.

Armoga deduced in amazement, "it seems like you two have it all under control. We'll see you later."

She and Sonard flew away, knowing that Fire Angel and Spike Girl would escape.

Fire Angel suggested, "I see a big enough hole to enter the ship. Let's go!"

They flew towards a hole on top of the ship together. They dodged more evaporating rays as they dove through it. Inside the ship, Genudamor, Knight Niveru, Julie Nera, Destricana, and Shacklion were all waiting for Fire Angel and Spike Girl to come in.