Fire Angel IV: Nearly Doomsday

Chapter 5:

Showdown Conclusion

When Fire Angel, Spike Girl, Newair and Gravaien appeared in front of Gloda High, Arienie and the Dragonmen Hunters were still there. The Dragonmen Hunters had recovered.

Fire Angel pointed out, "that's weird…I thought I sent some policemen here."

Arienie revealed, "you did, but they went home."

Armoga checked, "how long have you been battling the Cyos?!"

Newair deduced, "6 hours, according to my watch."

Gravaien figured in shock, "no wonder it's already dark out."

Fire Angel realized in horror, "the Cyos will stop at nothing to get their hands on that ray gun."

Spike Girl concluded, "Helm said they're a barbaric race…selfish and uncivilized to the core. They kill to get whatever they want. We have to stop them!"

Fire Angel realized, "that means that if they can't find us…they'll threaten us like they did with Cy-Krom, or worse. We've got to end this, and fast!"

Sonard pointed out, "but if they see Violet, they'll go after her because she's got the time ray gun."

Spike Girl commented, "least I'll be able to make backup missiles here…there has to be at least some weapons locker in there if it belonged to Truslin Gobet."

Arienie recalled gravely, "let's see…both dragons…gone, a number of policemen dead, one dragon mutant evaporated, only one Saldi left, and a dead police chief. Saldi told me about what happened before she went back home. This is madness!"

Fire Angel pointed out, "you almost forgot that one of the dragons and one of the Dragonmen were evaporated because of Genudamor making the Haunted Gloda City Amusement Park into a flying arena."

Armoga protested, "is that really necessary?"

Spike Girl hinted, "but whose spaceship parts was the evaporating weapon made of, Redra?"

Fire Angel deduced gravely, "Cyo 99's."

Arienie realized, "least there are rations here." Some stomachs started growling.

Spike Girl remembered with a sigh of relief, "good, we're starving."

Newair suggested, "then let's think of something after eating."

Sonard pointed out, "actually, we don't need to eat, so maybe we can think of something…no offense." Everyone else in the Gloda High building went to compartments with rations to eat.

Newair figured, "maybe you will, or maybe I will first."

Julie Nera deduced, "good, we're in."

Julie Nera, recovered Knight Niveru, and Genudamor were disguised as the 3 police officers Julie Nera and the Dragonmen knocked out, teleporting into the Time Zone's main corridor.

Doors leading to more corridors branched out of it. Beyond these corridors were cells, each made to imitate the rich life version of a bedroom in the imprisoned criminals' tastes. They each had a balcony that overlooked holographic images of famous places like the White House, Hollywood, and the Eiffel Tower. They each had a laptop, a fancy desk, an intercom system tuned into a unique frequency to work like a walkie-talkie to help cater to their needs.

Even some of them had bigger beds and a couch to allow their loved ones to visit. In each balcony was a concealed elevator that brings whoever presses the broken floor tile to a bathroom complex worth 4 bathrooms. They were each connected in a square formation to each other by mini-corridors and doors. Each bathroom had a Jacuzzi and a power shower in addition to the regular stuff you can find in a bathroom. There was also a catch: Security measures to ensure the criminals don't escape. Security cameras were concealed through 2-way mirrors built in the hologram emitters, and every glass surface.

Even some fancy chandeliers on the ceilings had the same kind of camera systems with the main structures built into their gold-like branches. Four security guards with tranquilizer darts were on assignment at every cell door. Even the doors to the corridors had 2 security guards each as backup. The only entrance seemed like a bare iron double gate, but it was really a wire covered set of regular double doors.

The wires were attached to the handles, and if the concealed hand pad got an unauthorized set of handprints, the handles would electrocute anyone touching them to knock them out with minor electricity. A 2-way mirror hologram projector concealed this clever trap, yet doubled as a simple security gateway. This was a recently made precaution after the last break-in. Beyond these doors were a number of portals to teleport to the entrances that led back to Earth, each seemingly like a medium-sized pool of water.

Unfortunately, Julie made fake rubber hands to paste over her and the other two intruder's hands.

A security guard questioned suspiciously, "excuse me, but what are you 3 doing here?"

Knight Niveru lied, "don't worry, we have authorization." She took out an old document and handed it to the guard. She went on, "it's a will, for if the police chief of Gloda City died."

The sentry replied coldly, "I know what a will is, Garne." He read the name on the police badge on Knight Niveru's disguise with interest. He realized in shock, "it says that if he dies…"

Genudamor insisted, "he has died."

The guard protested, "I know that! I read it out loud, let me continue. It says that if the Gloda City police chief ends up dying, it's his dying wish for Garne to take his place. In fact, a personal note says that you were his wife. Congratulations, Garne. I know for a fact that it's correct."

He shook disguised Knight Niveru's hand and walked away.

Genudamor whispered, "good job on the research."

Julie assured him, "all for you…you'll see." She led Genudamor and Knight Niveru down one of the prison corridors, holding out her cleverly forged I.D. for the guards to see. The sentries nodded and looked the other way.

Newair suggested, "maybe this database can show us where the Cyos are now." He turned on the Truslin Gobet database near the school office in Gloda High. Spike Girl, Fire Angel, the Dragonmen Hunters, Gravaien, and Arienie were near the school office with Newair. A number of Cyos appeared on the Truslin Gobet database.

Armoga realized in alarm, "they must've hacked into the database, but how did they…?!"

One of the Cyos explained to the others' horror and disgust, "hello Violet. We finally located you with help from forcing one of your friends to talk." She showed a water hose in Saldi's mouth as she hung by ropes around her arms and legs to a water fountain.

Another Cyo continued, "we almost had to drown her. It took a while to locate her, but we got the info we need." Gravaien glared at the immoral aliens on the database's screen.

Gravaien realized in horror, "in the garden of my own mansion."

The screen changed to show another place, another Cyo chuckling there.

He revealed to their deep shock, "your parents are also here, but the only way they and your friend won't be drowned is if you give us the ray gun before sunrise. If you try to save one, it'll be their doom!"

He showed Spike Girl's parents on 2 streets a distance away from each other, both tied up to a fire hydrant with a water hose in each of their mouths. The screen went blank as their expressions grew with a fear that has been unknown to them until now.

Spike Girl realized, "my parents and Saldi…we have to save them!"

Fire Angel asked, "but how?"

Newair started to suggest, "maybe if we give them a fake…"

Arienie offered with partial relief, "that's how we do it! I know of a way we can put the rest of the Cyos in the Time Zone, but we'll need to reprogram that gadget you've got, Redra."

Fire Angel pointed out, "how? It only teleports something based on what city they're in."

Newair hinted, "hey, you've got 2 super geniuses in this room…and I'm the genius who made the gadget."

Armoga pointed out, "but in the year 2097, not in the year 2007."

Fire Angel suggested, "we've still got the other ray gun." Spike Girl took out the time ray gun.

She thought out loud, "if we could get another one of the Swiss army knife gadgets with the time ray gun and come back to the time we left…we'd be able to program that gadget to use its ray gun's limited teleport setting somewhere to teleport anything in front of it to the Time Zone."

Newair protested, "but the Time Zone is a dimension, which has portals to it in the United States. We could only teleport them to one of the portals."

Armoga suggested, "I've located the nearest portal." She showed the others a portal on the Truslin Gobet database's screen.

Sonard realized, "that's in another part of Massachusetts, not Gloda City. We'd have to at least get 2 of those gadgets; one to send them from Massachusetts to that portal, and another to send them from New York to the same one."

Newair argued, "it wouldn't work."

Arienie figured, "we need another plan then."

Spike Girl suggested, "not if we were in 2 places at once."

Fire Angel checked, "how could we be?"

Spike Girl explained further, "we could first rescue Saldi or Violet's parents, then by using the time traveling ray gun, we could have ourselves go rescue the other or others at the exact same time."

Sonard remarked, "that's a brilliant plan."

Armoga replied, "it certainly is."

Gravaien insisted, "then what are we waiting for? Let's do it!"

Armoga pointed out, "we can teleport there."

Newair suggested, "I guess we'll knock the Cyos out. It'll be easier that way."

Spike Girl figured, "Newair, I have a better idea for the arms. Redra and I already have reflexes built into our costumes."

The Dragonmen Hunters, Fire Angel and Spike Girl with disconnected metal arms, Gravaien and Newair on their rocket-motorcycles and in armor, Armoga with metal arms attached, Sonard, and Arienie with the other set of metal arms hidden in her curly golden-brown hair appeared at the entrance to Gravaien's mansion.

Spike Girl reminded her, "remember, you can see what all of the arms see on split screens on your cell phone. They're wired into it." Arienie took out her cell phone and noticed 4 little screens on it.

Arienie replied nervously, "thanks Violet, I'll keep that in mind."

Gravaien pointed out, "our scanner visors are showing Cyos coming this way." Fire Angel remembered Gravaien trying to escape his parents when they were Kram Bots:

Fire Angel and Saldi eventually got to the mansion, Fire Angel taking out his scanner. Saldi wondered, "why do you have cuts all over?"

Fire Angel hinted, "long story. I found Gravaien and the Kram Bots: They're in a large hedge maze behind the building." He and Saldi ran to the back of the mansion. They noticed 2 familiar looking robots chase after and shoot stun ray guns at Gravaien on his motorcycle. They went deeper into the hedge maze.

Saldi suggested, "know where Gravaien's heading?"

Fire Angel realized, "towards us." He scanned the maze to double check. He deduced in shock, "he is." He hid behind a hedge as Gravaien came into sight, taking a deep breath. Saldi knew what he was up to and ran right past his hiding spot. Gravaien headed for it. Fire Angel tried to breathe fire on the Kram Bots, but the Kram Bots teleported out of range. Kram Bots started shooting stun ray guns in front of Gravaien.

One of them threatened, "you're not to see Saldi!"

Gravaien realized in horror, "how did you know about…?! You're my replacement parents."

The other robot insisted, "Saldi lives with that no good Fire Angel! We're just making sure the son of that crazy former leader of Truslin Gobet, Joliena Roggur, doesn't kill you. The only reason we worked for Joliena was for money, but we had to kill Fire Angel when her work was about to be all for nothing. Joliena stood in our way though, and we ended up killing her by accident."

Fire Angel figured to his shock, "they think I tricked them to kill Joliena when I revealed my secret identity to her, and they captured Saldi as bait for me back at that old house to give them another chance to get revenge on me. They know I'm still alive?!"

One of the Kram Bots pointed out, "yes, Knight Niveru told us." Fire Angel turned around to see the Kram Bots next to him, one of them knocking Saldi out with a stun ray gun.

Fire Angel argued, "but Knight Niveru tried to scrap you."

The other deduced, "simple. We gave Spike Girl to Knight Niveru in person, and we told her how we killed Joliena by accident."

Fire Angel pointed out, "then that means you're working with her?"

The second robot continued explaining, "she said if we tried to capture Gravaien, we'd have the chance to kill you…so now we're even." Gravaien turned around and steered his motorcycle towards the Kram Bots.

Fire Angel insisted, "then where's Violet?!"

The other pointed out, "why would we tell you?"

Fire Angel figured with a sigh, "thought so." The Kram Bots changed their stun ray guns to missile launchers and hovered above Fire Angel. Gravaien was almost able to ram his motorcycle into one of them.

One of the robots muttered, "no!" Gravaien tried to steer his motorcycle out of the way of a hedge, but the motorcycle still crashed. As a result, he was thrown off of the vehicle and onto the back of one of the androids.

The other insisted, "you won't get involved!" She threw Gravaien off of her back. Fire Angel caught Gravaien and put him back on the ground gently. The same robot cried out, "Fire Angel, how dare you touch our son!" Both shot missiles at Fire Angel, Fire Angel using his claws to destroy them.

Fire Angel called out, "stand back!" He took a huge breath and breathed a ray of fire at the Kram Bots. Only missiles were destroyed. He concluded, "or not."

Back in the darkening present…

Fire Angel suggested, "the garden's right behind the mansion."

Spike Girl hinted, "it'll be quicker if you could teleport us there, Armoga and Sonard."

Newair realized, "we'd have more time to knock out the Cyos here then."

Gravaien suggested, "even more time if we split up into teams."

Armoga pointed out, "since when is that a good idea?!"

Sonard insisted, "since we don't have time to think of a better one!"

Newair offered, "Gravaien and I could fly to the garden with our motorcycles. We might be able to stun Cyos by surprise."

Arienie suggested, "that could work, but we should at least hide before the Cyos spot us. And could I go with Newair? It might be safer for me."

Spike Girl figured, "yeah, guess it couldn't hurt…long as you're careful. We don't want to lose more people tonight." Arienie got onto the back of Newair's rocket-motorcycle. Gravaien and Newair soared towards the garden on their rocket-motorcycles. Fire Angel and Spike Girl decided to teleport with the Dragonmen Hunters directly into the garden.

Fire Angel offered, "maybe I should ask the Gloda City police where to put the Cyos after we knock them out, since we don't know where they are now." He disappeared with Spike Girl and the Dragonmen Hunters to the garden. Some Cyos didn't notice as they passed the front entrance.

They assumed, "I thought I heard something…probably nothing."

Fire Angel, the Dragonmen Hunters, and Spike Girl appeared in the garden. Armoga pointed out in alarm, "one of the Cyos is coming this way. If he sees us, he and the rest of them might figure out that we're trying to save Saldi without giving them the ray gun and kill her."

Fire Angel figured, "got a point there, Armoga." He and Spike Girl hovered into a nearby tree, the Dragonmen Hunters teleporting to them to hide. A Cyo came out of the large hedge maze nearby.

The Cyo muttered, "I thought I heard someone." She walked back into the maze.

Cyos near the front entrance concluded in alarm with their built in communicators, "we thought we heard someone talking here too…someone must be nearby."

They went on, "the person could be an intruder…the sound goes away right before we get to see where the sound's coming from. We have to search the place, in case Fire Angel, Spike Girl, or their little friends came to rescue Saldi."

A couple of hours later, Fire Angel, Spike Girl, and the Dragonmen Hunters were sneaking through the hedge maze. They finally saw Saldi with a water hose still in her mouth as she hung by ropes to the water fountain. Six Cyos were guarding Saldi while 6 more were searching the maze for them. Fire Angel pointed out, "I thought only 6 survived, not 12!"

Spike Girl figured in shock, "someone let them go free."

Sonard wondered, "but how could someone do that without the police or Newair telling us?"

Spike Girl recalled, "Newair came with me and Redra, remember?"

Fire Angel realized, "oh yeah, he hasn't even come this far yet."

Armoga informed them, "they're coming." She saw some Cyos nearby with help from her new metal limbs.

Fire Angel thought, "Newair, now's a good time for a knock out." The Cyos were about to see them in the hedge maze, when he saw part of the water hose underneath his feet to his satisfaction.

Spike Girl suggested, "get ready to teleport us to the fountain." Fire Angel quickly tore his claws at the water hose to split it in two. Spike Girl shot a fire electro-smoke missile at the Cyos. They used the crab shells on their hands to bounce the explosion of the missile away as a cloud of smoke stopped most of them from seeing the superheroes.

One of them cried out, "Fire Angel's here, drown her!" Another saw Fire Angel break the water hose. Fire Angel quickly grabbed an open end of one part of the hose and aimed it at the Cyo. It was too late to stop the hose as water came rushing out of its opening.

Fire Angel remarked, "if I got dragon powers related to yours, wonder if you're also powerless against water." The Cyos tried to breathe fire at Fire Angel, but it was extinguished by the water rush as steam rose up. Spike Girl aimed another missile at the wet ground below, the missile blowing up under their feet. They were knocked backwards against the hedges.

Spike Girl realized, "they know we're here."

Sonard pointed out, "that Cyo must've already used his built in communicator, because look at what's coming." Six more Cyos swooped down towards them from the air. Suddenly, they were falling out of the sky unconscious as Newair and Gravaien started shooting stun rays at them from behind.

Armoga deduced relieved, "the plan's working."

She and Sonard started shooting missiles out of their swords at the Cyos, missiles being deflected by the Cyos getting back to their feet. Fire Angel and Spike Girl tried to knock them out from behind, only to be met by deflecting crab shell covered limbs. Two more Cyos tried to punch and kick them from behind. Fire Angel and Spike Girl ducked, the 4 surrounding Cyos knocked backwards by their own armor. Unfortunately, as they got up, 2 more Cyos kicked Fire Angel and Spike Girl to the ground.

They threatened, "give us the ray gun, or die!"

Spike Girl tripped one of them with her legs into the other. She and Fire Angel tumbled away from the dazed Cyos. To their horror, one of them grabbed Gravaien's motorcycle and rammed it into Newair's motorcycle. This was while breathing fire at it. Newair carried Arienie as he flew into the air with his jetpacks. His rocket-motorcycle blew up from being hit by the Cyo's fire breath. The impact of the explosion knocked Newair towards the fountain and Gravaien's rocket-motorcycle to the ground. Four Cyos surrounded it and breathed fire at Newair. Newair kept desperately tumbling out of the path of flames, Fire Angel and Spike Girl running towards him.

Gravaien figured, "I'll get you out. I'm prepared this time."

He sped up his rocket-motorcycle towards the water fountain that Saldi was still tied up to. One of the Cyos swung the crab shells on her right arm menacingly towards Gravaien. Gravaien ducked from an elbow attack, but was knocked next to the water fountain by a surprise kick in the side.

He muttered, "I guess I'm not prepared."

The Cyo taunted, "not true…you're prepared for death!"

She tackled him and pushed him against the water fountain. Gravaien barely tumbled out of the way of a Cyo fist. Saldi spit out the water hose and some water in her mouth. Fire Angel took out the Swiss army knife gadget as the 2 Cyos near them started gaining on him. Spike Girl shot a missile straight at their heads from within a hedge, the impact making them crash to the ground.

Newair muttered, "don't you guys even stop for air?!"

He dove and soared around fire blasts. He had to move away from the fountain to have a chance of surviving a huge fire breath blast coming towards him from 5 Cyos. Newair was still carrying Arienie as he retreated and flew deeper into the hedge maze. Fire Angel and Spike Girl kicked both Cyos near them into some hedges. The hedge maze started to light up aflame. The huge fire blast's resulting flames grew into an inferno, blowing up hedges and even nearby Cyos' limbs. They exploded from the impact of their limbs melting and blowing up first. Fire Angel suddenly realized in horror that the real choice has come, the choice that his dad in the year 2097 was really talking about. The battle earlier wasn't much compared to this situation. If he didn't do something about the growing fire, the mansion would blow up after the hedge maze does...enough to destroy them.

Fire Angel thought in horror, "this must be how the mansion blew up, and all of us could end up dying in the process. A chance to not die myself…this info could change the outcome of the war, but I'm not able to save everyone I know." He ran with Spike Girl through hedges, the Dragonmen Hunters behind teleporting away as another huge fire blast just missed them.

Spike Girl suggested, "what about the teleport function?"

Fire Angel had an idea…but realized that shooting the Swiss army knife gadget at the huge blast of fire might've been the mistake that got them killed. Newair flew to the left of the ongoing huge blasts of fire, shooting stun rays at the 5 Cyos breathing fire. They fell unconscious next to the 4 Cyos that Newair and Gravaien already knocked out when they were still on their rocket-motorcycles.

Newair figured, "one more Cyo left."

He landed next to the water fountain, seeing Gravaien unconscious in between the water fountain and a hovering Cyo in deep shock. She was about to breathe a big gust of fire at Gravaien to finish him off. Newair was about to stun her, when the Dragonmen Hunters appeared in front of the Cyo in an attempt to save them. Sonard quickly shot a bunch of missiles at the alien to try to buy themselves time.

The Cyo instead breathed fire at the fountain's base, straight through the missiles to Newair's horror. Newair landed on the ground and laid Arienie there.

He called out, "look out!"

The fountain started exploding behind the Dragonmen Hunters, the impact destroying them in the process due to exploding stone rumble a second too late. Saldi fell into the water within the fountain, her ropes exploding from above. The water spread out from the pile of rumble seconds before Saldi and Gravaien were next.

Newair cried out in horror, "no!"

Fire Angel suggested, "here's the gadget, but whatever we do, we can't teleport the flames!"

He tossed the Swiss army knife gadget to Spike Girl, both of them still running. They were about to come out of the hedge maze, nearly dying from a monster of an inferno. Spike Girl smiled, knowing what to do.

She shot Gravaien's mansion with the Swiss army knife gadget while running. The entire mansion disappeared.

Fire Angel realized in relief, "we're alive! How though?"

Spike Girl replied with a chuckle, "later, Redra, but your idea saved both of us."

Newair shot the Cyo with a stun ray gun as the Cyo in midair started to charge at him. Arienie snuck up behind the Cyo and used her metal arms to hurl the alien at the stun ray in the nick of time. The Cyo was about to breathe fire when the stun ray hit and knocked her out onto the ground below.

Saldi got up, glancing at unconscious Gravaien worried.

Newair informed them, "he's alive, but barely." Saldi took off Gravaien's armor, seeing that he had large bruises and scrapes all over.

Saldi sadly realized, "he's been beaten up badly."

Fire Angel and Spike Girl were still running from the huge blast of fire behind them, starting to soar into the sky. Spike Girl tossed him back the gadget. Fire Angel realized in shock, "we might not be able to make it!"

Spike Girl insisted, "we've got to!" Fire Angel panicked and desperately tossed the Swiss army knife gadget into the huge fireball. He used his feet to push off of the melting gadget's trigger. The growing fire vanished as the gadget blew up.

Fire Angel figured with ignorant relief, "we almost didn't make it." He landed back onto the ground below with Spike Girl.

She asked in shock, "Redra, what were you just warning me about?!"

Fire Angel deduced in horror, "did I just make it appear right in front of Gloda High?!"

Spike Girl assured him, "don't worry, we've still got the time ray gun."

Fire Angel pointed out, "we first have to save some people, for we've got all the time in the world with that device." Spike Girl took out the time ray gun.

She figured, "yeah Redra, we do. I think we need more help, more missiles, or more gadgets before we go rescue my parents though. We barely saved Saldi, with help from me shooting a missile at a Cyo to give you enough time to disconnect that water hose before they could drown her. We also barely survived with the gadget that you've just used to teleport that huge blast away from us."

Fire Angel suggested, "but Newair from the year 2097 said that the Swiss army knife gadget was his most powerful gadget, and that there wasn't another left."

Spike Girl concluded, "that means that almost all of them sold out, it doesn't mean that there wasn't another created."

Fire Angel pointed out, "but wouldn't it be wrong to steal one from someone else?"

Spike Girl insisted, "you're right, Redra, but we need to get ready to go back in time to save my parents…and the rest of the city as always." She changed the settings on the time traveling ray gun.

Fire Angel suggested, "Newair in the present might be able to help." They started walking back to the remains of the hedges.

Spike Girl pointed out with a yawn, "but I need to get some sleep after this battle with the Cyos is over…we all do."

When they got to where the water fountain was, they saw police cars carrying the knocked out Cyos to the Time Zone and the fountain's remains, but no one else nearby. Fire Angel wondered, "where'd they go?" Newair dove towards Fire Angel and Spike Girl, landing onto the ground next to them. He was close to tears.

Newair revealed, out of breath, "I was…the only one…who was able to…escape." He tried to take deep breaths to return to normal.

Spike Girl checked, "what happened, Newair?"

Newair revealed to Spike Girl's shock, "one of the police cars has got Saldi, Arienie, and beaten up Gravaien in it."

Fire Angel checked in confusion, "how's that bad news? Wait a minute! Gravaien got beaten up?"

Newair insisted, "there's no time to explain! Knight Niveru disguised as a policewoman is driving the police car that Saldi, Arienie, and Gravaien are in."

Spike Girl figured, "that explains the shortage in communications, and why these Cyos keep coming back for more. Now what?!"

Fire Angel realized, "we've got to save them."

Spike Girl insisted, "but we also need to save my parents."

Fire Angel suggested, "then maybe we should go back in time to save your parents, before anything else happens. After all, we have all the time in the world now."

Newair figured approvingly, "I think you're starting to become a genius yourself…welcome to the club." Spike Girl smiled as she used the time ray gun to disappear into time with Newair and Fire Angel, themselves back to back.

Spike Girl deduced right beforehand, "sounds good to me. Newair can take out the Cyos with his stun ray guns...after we take a little detour."

Present Fire Angel, present Spike Girl, and present Newair appeared in Gloda City, seeing Gloda High close by. Present Fire Angel concluded, "we must be back in time, before I accidentally teleported that huge fire blast to Gloda High."

Present Newair asked in horror, "you did what?!"

Present Fire Angel insisted, "it hasn't happened yet, Newair."

Present Spike Girl suggested, "can we focus here?"

Present Fire Angel answered, "yeah, not sure about Newair though."

Present Newair insisted, "Redra, I'm a super genius…of course I can focus! Wait! I see someone. Just in case, let's hide." He, present Fire Angel, and present Spike Girl hid behind a nearby house.

Genudamor taunted, "until we meet again for the last time, Fire Angel!" Julie touched him, Genudamor and Julie vanishing before past Fire Angel and past Spike Girl could get past the remaining Cyos.

Past Fire Angel muttered sarcastically, "I can't wait."

He kicked one of the Cyos' heads, police shooting bazookas at the Cyos from below. Past Spike Girl stayed close to past Fire Angel with her metal arms attached to his metal arms as she shot fire electro-smoke missiles at some of the remaining Cyos. Police officers put 2 knocked out Cyos into a police car and took them to the Time Zone. This was while putting the 3 knocked out policemen and Shacklion into 2 more police cars.

Present Fire Angel realized, "umm…Violet, I think we're hours early."

Past Spike Girl insisted, "if you die, Redra, I'm going with you." Past Fire Angel breathed fire at one of the Cyos' limbs. One of the Cyos reflected the fire blast at past Fire Angel with crab shells on his hands, fire spreading on past Fire Angel and past Spike Girl from their metal costumes without doing any damage.

Present Spike Girl concluded, "yeah, it seems that way." She changed the settings on the time ray gun as past Fire Angel punched the heads of 2 more Cyos. Both fell to the ground knocked out as policemen below put them into police cars for transportation to the Time Zone.

Present Newair muttered, "let's get it right this time." Present Spike Girl used the time ray gun to vanish into time with present Newair and present Fire Angel.

Hours later, past Fire Angel and past Spike Girl, whom no longer had fire on them, were still in the sky battling Cyos. Ten Cyos remained in the night sky as present Newair, present Fire Angel, and present Spike Girl appeared behind the scenes. Past Spike Girl reported, "Redra, I'm almost out of ammo…and hungry and tired." She battled one of the remaining Cyos in hand-to-hand.

Past Fire Angel responded, "me too." He took out his Swiss army knife gadget with one hand while using the other with help from his extra muscles to throw one of the Cyos towards another close by.

Present Spike Girl sighed. She deduced, "close enough. Let's just wait for the Cyos to start leaving." Present Newair and present Fire Angel watched the scene with her. Gravaien and past Newair suddenly appeared on rocket-motorcycles, both in copies of Newair's armor. Past Fire Angel from the past scanned them with his metal arms and put the Swiss army knife gadget back into his pockets.

Past Fire Angel concluded in relief, "Newair and Gravaien?! How did you…?"

Gravaien revealed, "when Saldi told us about the possibility of people dying soon in a terrible battle, Newair created some rocket-motorcycles and armor for us to be able to stand a chance in battle." He shot his stun ray guns at one of the Cyos from behind and stunned him, the Cyo descending to the ground unconscious.

Past Spike Girl realized, "that must've been while she tried to find the Dragonmen Hunters." She put her dark red gun away and dodged a fire blast from a Cyo with help from her armor's built-in reflexes. Past Newair shot stun rays at the Cyo that tried to breathe fire on past Spike Girl and knocking her out. The Cyo fell to the ground unconscious. Past Spike Girl suggested, "maybe it'd be easier to dodge if we moved away a little from each other, Redra."

Past Fire Angel responded, "yeah, but I'll still stay close." Past Spike Girl's metal arms came off of past Fire Angel's.

Present Fire Angel thought, "do I really sound like that?"

Past Fire Angel was inches away from past Spike Girl in midair as he dodged one of the Cyos trying to ram him. He took out his Swiss army knife gadget and shot it at past Spike Girl. She got sent back to Gloda High as past Fire Angel shot the Swiss army knife gadget at past Newair, then Gravaien. Past Newair and Gravaien vanished to Gloda High.

Past Fire Angel realized with a yawn, "I must get some rest." He shot the Swiss army knife gadget at himself, disappearing right before a gust of fire breath coming from one of the Cyos hit him.

One Cyo suggested, "we'll search the city."

Another pointed out, "wait! Spike Girl has parents."

A third Cyo realized, "so…oh, good plan."

Present Newair figured, "that's when they decided to capture your parents." The remaining Cyos started to fly away from the smashed ruins of the Gloda City Amusement Park on their surfboards.

Present Spike Girl concluded with relief, "that's how we can do it! Let's go this way." She flew after them along with present Fire Angel and present Newair while the Gloda City police tried to place unconscious Cyos into police cars.

Present Newair commented, "it's a good thing that the police below aren't looking up. The past could be changed if they did."

A while later, the tailed Cyos landed on top of the roof of Spike Girl's parents' house and were joined by another group of Cyos led by Julie Nera. Fire Angel, Spike Girl, and Newair watched them from on top of the roof of the nearest apartment building. The Cyos figured, "Julie Nera told the other party through their communicators to meet us here…so we'll see what she wants since she's freed most of us from prison."

Newair concluded in shock, "so that's how there was more Cyos at the mansion! They were freed from the Time Zone behind the police's backs."

Fire Angel asked in surprise, "Julie Nera's working with the Cyos?!"

Spike Girl answered, "apparently, Redra, she is."

Julie suggested to everyone's shock, "Cyos, I know how you can get Cyo 99 back, even with Spike Girl having the time ray gun. Heck, they could be spying on us now. Shacklion told me what happened before he got knocked out and about Cyo 99…and I know about the task that he and Destricana was given by Cyo 99 himself."

A Cyo suggested, "then tell us how, umm…"

Julie replied, "my name's Julie Nera, and I know what it's like to lose someone important. I almost lost my husband, thanks to the Truslin Gobet Company and Fire Angel for preventing him from returning to normal life. In fact, they might think differently if they knew that he wants to use his brilliance to improve the world."

One of the Cyos figured, "all we came here for was to get the ray gun back."

Newair pointed out, "I don't really care if that's true or not, because they shouldn't have to resort to criminal life to get that…we ourselves got a better shot at that."

Fire Angel whispered, "Genudamor is still twisted."

Spike Girl reminded him, "it seems to be Julie Nera with the criminal plans these days, not Genudamor."

Newair wondered, "she's telling them about Saldi, so that's how they knew how to find her. It took a while to locate her…they were told to lie about it, but why?!"

The Cyos checked, "after we capture her and set her up to drown if the superheroes try to rescue her, what next?"

Fire Angel muttered, "when I get my hands on her…"

Julie deduced calmly, "simple, Saldi knows where the superheroes are."

The Cyos assured her, "we'll force the information out of her, Julie."

Julie Nera figured sickly amused, "I knew you probably would. I knew that you're powerful enough from watching the recent battle of the Cyos and Shacklion vs. Fire Angel, Spike Girl, and friends from a distance."

Spike Girl realized in horror, "she's just working with them to try to kill all of us! They already are a barbaric race without her interference."

Fire Angel pointed out, "probably to get Genudamor's revenge."

Newair suggested, "or she'll take the ray gun for herself and trick the Cyos."

Spike Girl figured, "maybe both."

The Cyos summarized approvingly, "let's see…we capture Saldi and Spike Girl's parents near Warehouse Alley…and you already put Fire Angel's dad and dog in the alley itself? We'll get the ray gun at last."

Fire Angel asked, "how did she do that? And you sure we can't kill her?"

Spike Girl assured him, "no, even though we really want to."

Julie assured them, "yep, that's the plan."

Newair pointed out, "Julie Nera's a master of disguise." Spike Girl changed the settings on the time ray gun and used it to disappear with Newair and Fire Angel into time.

They appeared above Warehouse Alley. Fire Angel reminded them, "we've got 4 captives to save."

Spike Girl recalled, "she's thinking big again."

Newair suggested, "I see a Cyo! This way." He flew with Fire Angel and Spike Girl into Warehouse Alley below. To their shock, Genudamor and a number of Cyos surrounded them.

Fire Angel realized, "they knew we'd be coming, but how did…?!" Suddenly, Newair revealed who he really is.

Spike Girl realized in horror, "he's a Cyo, and he told them right when we showed up that we're here! We didn't bother to scan him because he had us fooled." One of the Cyos turned off the hologram projector that was projecting a disguise around him to make himself seem like Newair.

The imposter Cyo revealed to Fire Angel's horror, "when Knight Niveru forced Newair to tell her what was going on, threatening to kill Gravaien with the other 12 Cyos that blew up with the hedge maze if he didn't tell her, she suggested to bring you here with one of us in disguise to finish you two off."

Fire Angel deduced, "Julie Nera broke all the Cyos from jail, but how did she…?!"

Genudamor assured him, "Julie told me you can tell them…they won't live to tell it anyway."

The imposter Cyo revealed, "simple, Julie Nera knocked out a bunch of policemen and disguised them all to look like Cyos from behind the scenes while Knight Niveru hacked into security. The disguised Cyos simply walked out of the Time Zone. During that time, the security override gave enough time for Knight Niveru to put Genudamor's video camera footage into one of the security cameras. It was broadcasted all over security monitors, distracting the police long enough for Julie Nera and the Cyos to escape along with Genudamor and Knight Niveru. Knowing that you have the time ray gun, Julie Nera planned a meeting to trick you to come here to us."

Another Cyo figured, "however, being able to capture your friends from the mansion was just a fortunate chance, where we found a different way to get the ray gun." She grabbed the ray gun in Spike Girl's hands, Spike Girl and her struggling to have it back.

A second Cyo insisted, "we didn't want you, we only wanted the ray gun." Genudamor charged at Fire Angel, Fire Angel flying above Genudamor and towards Spike Girl.

Genudamor muttered, "not this time, Fire Angel!" He soared into Fire Angel's path as he tried to dodge him. Julie suddenly appeared next to Fire Angel and touched him and Genudamor at the same time. She vanished with Fire Angel and Genudamor.

Julie decided, "time to put an end to this, now!"

Fire Angel, Genudamor, and Julie appeared in the middle of a street, another Fire Angel flying above. The original Fire Angel figured, "this looks familiar. It can't be!" When the other Fire Angel got to the White House, it was 2:00 a.m.

The other Fire Angel realized, "security guards…they're surrounding it." He scanned the White House. He concluded, "the White House has the same floor plans as before." The other Fire Angel didn't realize that another Genudamor was now right next to him, until he kicked the original Fire Angel into some security guards.

A voice out of nowhere called out, "cut! Cut! We've got intruders in here!" Lights turned on around the real Fire Angel and real Genudamor, showing that they were on a movie set with a stunt double playing as Fire Angel. Fire Angel started to get up.

Fire Angel pointed out, "now that's just rude! Sorry about that." A tall man in a nearby director chair that said cut had short black hair, a black and white striped fancy tuxedo over a black undershirt, and regular blue jeans.

The interesting man called out into a walkie-talkie, "security!" He got out of his director chair, which had the words "Arim Cresim" painted on it. The words went down the back of the chair like a stack of building blocks.

Julie realized, "sorry Genudamor, wrong place." She teleported away with Genudamor, Fire Angel grabbing Genudamor's leg right before he vanished from the Hollywood movie set.

The man corrected over the walkie-talkie, "never mind…false alarm." He sat back down in the director chair smiling.

Julie Nera, Fire Angel, and Genudamor appeared in the Truslin Gobet headquarters under Detroit in Michigan. Julie Nera corrected herself, "ok, now we put an end to this." Julie Nera and Genudamor charged after Fire Angel as he ran towards a familiar looking database view screen with a control panel close by.

Fire Angel realized with relief, "there's the on/off switch again." He flipped the switch, the huge view screen black. He concluded, "it's out of power! It must've been left on when…oh, shoot!" He remembered when he first came into this Truslin Gobet headquarters, it was left on for months.

Genudamor taunted, "and you're going offline!" He punched through the view screen as Fire Angel tumbled out of Genudamor's reach to dodge the attack.

Fire Angel thought, "if that gun's still here…" He got an idea, hovering through a familiar hallway with Genudamor and Julie Nera chasing after him.

Julie whispered, "I'll cut him off!" She disappeared. Fire Angel dove towards a meeting room and breathed fire at the floor. He quickly landed onto the ground and started running.

Fire Angel estimated, "the place will blow up in an hour at the rate these flames are moving around."

He saw Julie appear next to him. She punched Fire Angel through a door and into the meeting room up ahead. Fire Angel crashed into one of the meeting room's chairs. It collapsed as Fire Angel noticed a big opening under the table in the center of the room.

He recalled, "the secret compartment."

He used his armor's echolocation system and built in extra muscles to stay conscious from the impact of the fall. Genudamor swooped down towards Fire Angel and shrunk himself. Julie Nera appeared next to Fire Angel again and kicked him towards the big opening. Fire Angel slid across the floor as fire started spreading into the meeting room. Fire Angel grabbed onto the table and swung himself into it from underneath. The table collapsed to pieces above as he fell into the opening below. Two more openings were next to a pushed in part of a wall near Fire Angel, one to his right and the other to his left.

He figured, "there's a fly around…here."

Genudamor enlarged near Fire Angel, Fire Angel being tackled by Genudamor. Both of them battled each other in hand-to-hand combat, their claws clinging as they kept flipping sideways to avoid tripping themselves.

Fire Angel cried enraged, "you're not keeping me away from Gloda City!"

He hovered in the air and spun his two legs in a circle. Shocked Genudamor was kicked into the opening to the left of Fire Angel. Julie Nera appeared next to him.

Julie insisted, "time to pay!"

She kicked Fire Angel into the opening to his right. Julie appeared next to him as he tried to fly away. She punched him before he could. Fire Angel crashed onto the ground, where Genudamor kicked him towards an energy gun built into one of the walls nearby.

Genudamor suggested, "turn the weapon on, quick!"

Julie appeared next to an on/off switch. Genudamor hurled Fire Angel into the other on/off switch as he was kicked backwards by Fire Angel. Genudamor muttered, "you and your friends took away my army, my career, and my insanity!" He was pushed off of one of the walls with help from rubber cushions behind the metal flameproof walls around him.

Fire Angel thought, "I was counting on it to turn off Julie's suit, not mine!"

Julie appeared behind Fire Angel and punched him into electricity shot by the energy gun. Fire Angel punched with both of Julie Nera's fists headed straight towards electricity coming from the energy gun in one of the walls. Genudamor kicked him from behind to try to help it along as Fire Angel nearly got his suit with fire breath. Still tired, Fire Angel couldn't dodge the attacks as the electricity was about to electrocute him.

He realized, "I have one chance." He threw his handheld scanner into the path of the electricity in front of him as he tumbled to the ground. Fire Angel ran for his life as the handheld scanner fell disabled and the energy gun stopped firing.

Julie insisted, "get him!" Genudamor flew after him, Julie appearing next to Fire Angel. He hovered in the air and pushed both of his feet into her while hovering. Julie was pushed backwards into a wall as the energy gun went back into a secret compartment in the impenetrable metal flameproof walls. The fire had spread to the smashed view screen, the view screen and the meeting room exploding from above.

Fire Angel realized, "the place is starting to blow up!" He swung himself into the room covered in flames above. His armor kept him protected from the flames as wires and water sprinklers blew up all over.

Julie checked worried, "where's Fire Angel?!"

Genudamor answered, "he's trying to get out." He soared into the aflame room that Fire Angel swung into. Fire Angel took out his cell phone as he ran out of the aflame room.

He figured, "I got to send a text message to someone, someone that Julie Nera would never think of interrogating. That's it! But I need to send hacking codes into a certain computer as well as time to type the message. Wait a minute! I think I saw some hacking codes when I was scanning that gadget in the year 2097."

Fire Angel breathed fire towards Genudamor, Genudamor seeing it with help from his echolocation system. He dodged the fire blast as Fire Angel used his strength to rip a nearby door's hinges off.

He thought, "I'll use this as a shield." He quickly pushed the nearby door onto the ground and picked it up. He placed the door back into place in its frame as he ran.

Genudamor muttered, "where'd he go?!" He landed back onto the ground, Julie appearing next to him.

Julie insisted, "the place is gonna blow up. Let's just go!"

Genudamor suggested, "ok, but let's electrocute the place first."

Julie figured approvingly, "that'd get rid of him for good. Let's do it! I'll teleport us out right before the energy gun discharges." She teleported back to the energy gun hidden below the aflame room with Genudamor.

Fire Angel realized, "darn it! I don't remember all the hacking codes."

He ran towards sleeping quarters in the Truslin Gobet Headquarters. He went on, "and I'm too tired to fly. I have an idea, but it'll be risky."

Fire Angel saw the floor and walls behind him being electrocuted and covered in flames, electricity and fire coming towards him. He pointed out nervously, "I'm running out of time too."

He ran up some stairs almost out of breath, the sleeping quarters behind him electrocuted and covered in flames. Fire Angel saw a storage room nearby and quickly went through a backdoor. He picked up a scanner visor behind him.

Fire Angel figured, "now I might be able to find a way out of here, but where are Genudamor and Julie Nera?!" He ran into another hallway, fire and electricity creeping up behind him. He thought with relief, "good thing I remembered how I found equipment for my mother when we went back to the year 2097 to stop Genudamor from controlling the entire world with Nebarg."

He was recalled how he got equipment in a Truslin Gobet headquarters:

Fire Angel concluded, "according to the map, it's in this room."

He opened a storeroom door easily just by turning the doorknob and went through it. He realized, "only 15 minutes left."

Fire Angel took a suit of armor made of metal casing and a visor that was the same kind as Joliena's. He figured, "12 more minutes, and I get teleported here along with Violet."

Fire Angel quickly closed the door and ran back towards the time machine. When 12 minutes were almost up, he activated the Zref bomb again and kept running to the time machine, dodging frozen Truslin Gobet workers on his way.

Back in the not very distant past…

Fire Angel deduced, "that might mean that a teleporter could be stored beyond this hallway."

He swung through a trapdoor above him. Fire Angel quickly closed it behind him as the trapdoor started to heat up from growing fire and electricity. He was in a storage room, with an old rope ladder coming out of a hole in the ceiling. He figured, "or that."

Fire Angel climbed up the ladder and saw that the hole seemed to lead into a sewer above him. Fire and electricity started reaching the ceiling and destroying the ladder. He insisted, "come on!" He jumped off of the aflame ladder and grabbed onto the edge of the hole.

Fire Angel swung himself through it right before fire and electricity started to climb out of the hole after him. The ladder exploded below. He assumed, "I'm getting closer to the surface."

He came out of another hole coming from the side of an exposed sewer pipe and landed into dirty water below. Fire Angel ran through the sewer pipe, fire being put out as it spread through the disgusting wet pipe. He realized, "the electricity's spreading through the sewage!" He kept running, electricity going through the dirty water behind him. Fire Angel remarked, "and I don't know how much longer I can survive the electricity or the smell."

A while later, Fire Angel pulled himself up through a manhole cover and swung himself onto a road. Vehicles came towards him at high speed. He commented, "what are the chances of myself getting in this much danger?!" Fire Angel barely swung himself over a jeep's hood with his armor's built in reflexes, landing onto nearby sidewalk.

Julie figured, "we should've known you'd escape that." She and Genudamor had appeared next to Fire Angel.

Fire Angel realized in horror, "you used the energy gun to electrocute the place?!"

Suddenly, a big explosion from under the ground blew up a number of random buildings. He, Genudamor, and Julie were knocked backwards against street signs before they could react.

Fire Angel realized in deep shock, "there goes that Truslin Gobet headquarters."

He got back to his feet with pain and ran down the sidewalk. Julie Nera and Genudamor chased after him, past a thinning crowd of surprised citizens. Fire Angel deduced, "I have to get back to Gloda City. How many people died in that explosion?! How many more?" Spike Girl appeared in the air.

She revealed sadly, "the ray gun's destroyed, Redra. We've got to hurry and save the city!"

Fire Angel struggled to say, "you can…tell me later…but I'm almost…out of breath. Can I…get a ride?"

Spike Girl replied sympathetically, "of course." She swooped down towards Fire Angel, Julie Nera appearing next to her.

Fire Angel cried out, "Violet, look out!" He stopped running to catch his breath. Spike Girl turned around and blocked Julie's attempt to kick her by kicking her legs away.

Genudamor called out, "no!" He swooped down towards Fire Angel, shrinking himself to try to gain speed. Spike Girl punched Julie Nera away against an apartment window up above. She crashed through it before she could react, shards of glass everywhere in a simplistic bathroom. Spike Girl landed on the ground below.

Julie insisted, "not today."

She switched the bathtub water to showerhead while Genudamor enlarged himself in front of Fire Angel's face. Fire Angel tumbled backwards on reflex as Genudamor kept trying to kick him in the head. Julie quickly turned on the water and aimed the movable showerhead at Spike Girl. She was about to aim a missile at Julie, when she realized to her horror what she was up to. A blast of water rained down towards Spike Girl, Spike Girl barely tumbling out of range. Julie put it back to normal in frustration and teleported out of sight. Spike Girl noticed Fire Angel, kicked in the head into the road by Genudamor.

Spike Girl called out, "hang on!" She shot a missile at Genudamor while saying this, the impact of the explosion sending Genudamor back onto the sidewalk. Spike Girl used the initiative to tumble to Fire Angel and carry him out of range of a passing garbage truck in time. She commented, "it's about time I saved him this time." Spike Girl soared into the night sky as Genudamor and Julie appeared in front of them. She quickly spun her legs in a circle sideways like a floating turbine, kicking Genudamor and Knight Niveru straight for the ground. Fire Angel was unconscious as Spike Girl flew upwards. A frustrated Genudamor and Julie chased after them.

After a while, Fire Angel came to and pointed out, "I think I can fly again." They were hovering above Gloda High.

Spike Girl checked, "do you want to though?"

Fire Angel yawned. He revealed, "not really, I just want to go to sleep."

Spike Girl responded, "thought so."

Fire Angel wondered, "what's happened to the rest of my friends?"

Spike Girl assured him, "I'll rescue them." She dove towards Gloda City below, Genudamor and Julie Nera coming back.

Julie taunted, "we're still here…but you won't be!"

She tried to punch Spike Girl. Spike Girl held Fire Angel in one hand while using her other hand to grab one of Julie's arms and hurl it back at her. Julie flipped out of range of her own arm while trying to kick Spike Girl. She made spikes come out of her armor. She pushed Julie Nera's leg away with one elbow and grabbed the other with the hand on the same arm. Julie spun her other leg around to kick herself free, Spike Girl struggling to keep Fire Angel safe.

Spike Girl challenged, "let's do this in a more appropriate place for this showdown."

Julie figured, "not a bad idea." She quickly touched Spike Girl and Genudamor, Spike Girl throwing Fire Angel towards his house.

Spike Girl figured sadly, "I'm sorry Redra, but you want to rest."

She disappeared with Julie Nera and Genudamor.

She thought, "and you would be too tired to survive if you stayed with me."

Fire Angel crashed through a window built into his house. He landed into his bedroom with a big thud, knocked out from the impact. Fire Angel was unconscious on his bedroom floor with glass shards around him, one of a window smashed to pieces.

Spike Girl, Genudamor, and Julie Nera appeared in an aflame mansion, the mansion in front of the entrance to Gloda High. Spike Girl realized in horror, "Gravaien's mansion." She saw that she was on a familiar looking balcony of the mansion, fire on the walls and floor. Firefighters outside were trying to put out the fire from outside with water hoses, thanks to Spike Girl calling them just in case.

Genudamor suggested darkly, "we'll leave you to deal with the Cyos." Julie teleported with Genudamor out of the mansion, Cyos coming towards Spike Girl from above.

The Cyos recalled, "you did destroy the ray gun…being strong enough to rip it into pieces…as one of us was struggling to get it out of your hands right after Fire Angel vanished."

Another threatened, "you'll be next in line!" They breathed fire at the balcony, the balcony starting to melt. Spike Girl ran off of it and into the aflame mansion. The mansion's walls and ceiling were melting around her as if it was made of wax.

Spike Girl cried out, "I don't have time for this!"

The Cyos went on to her shock, "we've been building a machine with help from forcing one of your friends to help us…while one of us disguised as Knight Niveru back at the hedge maze remains distracted you. We've used databases built into our helmets to find out about you and him."

Spike Girl noticed a big metal box with yellow lights all over. Nervous Newair put the finishing touches to it with some Cyos surrounding him.

They continued sickly amused, "we'll let you go now, Newair. As a matter of fact, we'll bring you out!"

Some of them grabbed Newair. Newair's stun ray guns were disconnected from his armor as Newair desperately tumbled into one of the Cyos' crab shell chests. The impact bounced Newair upwards as he turned on his jetpacks and started flying away.

Spike Girl called out in horror, "Newair!"

The Cyos instructed among themselves, "get him! If he alerts the police about us…we'll have more people fighting us. On the other hand, more explosions…more power for us!"

One of them pressed one of the lights on the metal device given to them by Genudamor. The metal box opened up as an antenna came out of the top and started glowing.

They deduced with a chuckle, "it's starting to suck up electrons from the flames. We'll be able to have energy after all!"

They surrounded the box, breathing fire at hovering Spike Girl and Newair. The ceiling started melting above as the antenna started shooting colored rays all around it like a disco ball.

Newair pointed out nervously, "it's lights are transferring electricity to their helmets, and the rest of them."

The Cyos figured, "I guess we didn't need the Reelita weapon after all." Lightning bolts came out of the mutated lights and electrified the Cyos' helmets.

Spike Girl realized in amazement and shock, "that thing can recharge a Cyo?! That was the reason they invaded?! Shoot!" She flew towards the Cyos, dodging fire blasts around her. The ceiling started transforming into liquid metal stalactites.

Newair sighed. He revealed, "yes. They released everyone else that got captured by Knight Niveru in exchange for me building their device." He flew around the mutated stalactites that threatened to pierce through his armor.

Spike Girl asked suspiciously, "where are you going?" She scanned him with her handheld scanner.

Newair reminded her, "to find my guns! They must've stored them somewhere." He dove through a nearby melting arcade in the mansion. An arcade game called Boltman, a Captain Aura pinball machine, and an arcade game called Phoenix was in the small room.

Spike Girl thought, "he's the real Newair." She put the handheld scanner back into her pockets, swooping down towards the circle of Cyos. She dodged liquid metal stalactites and fire blasts around her with help from her armor's built in reflexes and her jet-backpack.

The Cyos summarized, "in a few minutes at this rate…our energy within our robotic limbs will be restored…wirelessly through our communicators…and the mother ship will come for us."

Newair commented with a sigh, "I should've known."

Saldi, Gravaien, and Arienie ran into Fire Angel's room. Gravaien shot his stun ray guns at Knight Niveru as the Gloda City police came charging into Fire Angel's house with bazookas. She revealed cruelly, "there's some Cyos over here! When I played dead near the ruined police station and saw Shacklion's henchmen revealing themselves to be Cyos, I followed some of them secretly when some of them tried to hide in near alleys. That's when I saw them use their hologram projectors to disguise themselves…and now for that reason…I can arrest you all!" She motioned the Gloda City police up the stairs to Fire Angel's room as Arienie quickly shut the door.

One officer assured her, "we'll get them, Garne."

Saldi asked worried, "what do we do?!"

Gravaien pointed out, "there's a broken window. It seems big enough to fly through." A loud knocking started on the other side of the door.

Arienie suggested, "one of us would have to stay behind though. I'll hide. I've been living on the streets for a year, so I've got good experience at it. Go!"

Saldi got onto Gravaien's back and said good luck. Gravaien flew through a nearby window smashed to pieces. Arienie opened the trapdoor to Fire Angel's TV room and closed it slowly above. Disguised Knight Niveru walked into the room.

An officer insisted, "there's no one here!"

Fake Garne deduced, "they couldn't have gone far." She pointed towards flying Gravaien. She protested, "there!"

A second officer assumed, "those must be the Cyos you were talking about, Garne." Arienie listened in on the conversation from inside the room below.

Fake Garne directed, "you two try to shoot them down from here! The rest of you to the vehicles. I'll catch up!" She stayed behind next to 2 police officials with bazookas. Outside, police got into near police cars and helicopters. Knight Niveru punched the two police officers close by from behind, both of them knocked out from hits to the head.

Arienie wondered in a whisper, "what was that?!" She lifted the trapdoor a little to see disguised Knight Niveru taking some bazookas and some walkie-talkies from the victims above. Arienie realized in shock, "Knight Niveru…Newair told me that it was her." She cautiously went through the trapdoor and silently walked out of the room.

Spike Girl was hovering next to the Cyos. The device closed as the antenna retracted back in.

The Cyos concluded, "we've got energy for the next century…we're done here."

Spike Girl remarked, "I'm not so sure you'll need it where you're going."

She ripped off one of the arcade games from the floor and hurled it at an aflame liquid metal stalactite coming out of the ceiling right above the Cyos. The flames on the stalactite lit the potential bomb on fire as it fell on the metal box. The console and stalactite exploded. The impact knocked the Cyos backwards as the metal box blew into smithereens.

A Cyo threatened, "you'll be joining Cy-Krom…with his other failures!"

Only their reflexes and chest shells saved them from being encased in melting metal. They started bouncing off the liquefying metal like giant pinballs. Spike Girl struggled to zip past them, but one launched her into a liquid metal stalactite. To her horror, the jet-backpack stuck to the inside of the stalactite as the walls started to melt into sickening blobs. The Cyos extended their limbs and dove to the next floor. A huge hole was in place of the energy device.

Newair realized in shock, "I can't find my guns!" He flew back to where Spike Girl was. He went on, "and in 15 minutes, this place will blow up from intense heat. What happened to you?!"

Spike Girl insisted, "forget about it. The Cyos here, they said that a mother ship will come." She tore her jet-backpack off with her missiles and gun inside. The stalactite behind her exploded off along with the jet-backpack and its contents. Spike Girl and Newair fell towards the 1st floor below and kicked off of it to get out of range. The stalactite hit the 1st floor, violently knocking the Cyos against the walls below.

Newair figured in relief, "they're knocked out from hitting the exploding floor…good work!" He scanned the Cyos with his scanner visor.

Spike Girl muttered, "now if only my summer reading wasn't inside…"

Newair insisted, "I have enough money to replace them, but right now we've got to get out of here before the place blows up on us!" The ceiling exploded above them, Newair swooping down towards descending Spike Girl.

Arienie knocked out a police officer from behind with a fist as she gently put him on the ground.

She figured, "these might come in handy."

She took a flashlight and a can of pepper spray from the knocked out figure and placed both items in her pockets. Arienie ran into the backyard as helicopters started to take off into the air.

She thought nervously, "they're probably after Gravaien and Saldi."

Arienie jumped into the air and grabbed onto one of the helicopter's doors' handles. The door came open as Arienie swung herself into the helicopter.

One of the misguided officers protested, "hey! You can't come in here!" Arienie quickly took out the can of mace and sprayed it at the two officials in the cockpit. Their eyes immediately closed as Arienie cautiously dragged them to the back of the helicopter.

Arienie realized in horror, "who's piloting this thing?!"

She quickly got back in the cockpit, the helicopter almost crashing into the backyard. Roma came out of the house as Arienie barely steered the helicopter upwards. She concluded in fear, "the helicopters are heading that way, and I've got less than an hour to get to Gravaien before they can see again!" She steered the helicopter after the other Gloda City police helicopters in the cold night air. Gravaien and Saldi were flying in the night sky, the helicopters pursuing from behind.

Saldi realized, "we've got to escape! If we could just find Violet, we might be able to reveal the truth about Garne."

Gravaien's mansion blew up from behind Spike Girl and Newair. Spike Girl and Newair ran out of the place as firefighters fortunately put out the rest of the fire. Newair started to explain in horror, "when the mother ship finds out that the Cyos in that building died in the explosion…"

Spike Girl finished the sentence, "…it'll know who kept the Cyos in there, thanks to their network." Police helicopters approached them from a distance. Spike Girl realized gravely, "they'll think I killed them on purpose, but I was just trying to knock them out so I could make a deal with the ship: The knocked out Cyos' lives in exchange for them not returning." They both kept running towards the helicopters.

Newair reminded her, "it almost worked, but Knight Niveru's probably still in control of the Gloda City police, and we've got less than an hour before the mother ship gets here. Now what?!"

Spike Girl hinted, "can I borrow your jetpacks?"

Newair replied with partial relief, "sure. Here you go." He took off his system of jetpacks and handed it to Spike Girl. Spike Girl put it on.

Spike Girl suggested, "thanks, but it might be a good idea if you run, Newair. Knight Niveru captured you before! She could do it again. Good luck." She flew with Newair's system of jetpacks towards flying Gravaien. Newair tumbled onto a nearby street in the opposite direction.

Gravaien realized with relief, "it's Violet!" He had checked her with his visor scanner. Police helicopters behind them started hovering in the air. Strangely, police cars stopped driving on the road, except for one fleeing helicopter.

The officers wondered in horror, "where's Garne going?! What the heck is going on here?!"

Spike Girl called out, "she's a phony! She's really Knight Niveru!" Suddenly, the helicopter that was trying to escape changed course and started shooting rockets at the Gloda City police to the other's deep shock.

The police reported to her, "it seems as though 2 bazookas were attached with wires to the vehicle itself."

Saldi muttered, "no!" Spike Girl flew towards the fleeing helicopter.

Spike Girl realized, "it's Julie Nera and Genudamor hovering near it, both with a bazooka in their hands!" Gravaien and Saldi landed onto sidewalk below. Arienie parked the helicopter she was piloting onto the ground. She ran out of the vehicle right before recovering policemen inside slowly regained their eyesight.

They asked confused, "what happened?" The 2 got up from inside the parked helicopter. The police in police cars and police helicopters shot rockets out of their bazookas to counteract the rockets coming from Julie Nera and Genudamor's bazookas. Spike Girl zipped past barely missing explosions. She chased after the fleeing helicopter.

Gravaien pointed out, "they know the truth now. We can go to sleep." He took off with Saldi on his back into the night sky. Arienie searched down the streets, looking for an abandoned building to rest in. Newair went back home.

When Spike Girl caught up with the fleeing helicopter, the sun was starting to rise in the sky. She had kept swinging off of bazooka rockets that collided with each other, giving herself enough momentum to catch up. Julie Nera and Genudamor threw their bazookas aside right after running out of ammo. Genudamor sighed. He tried to point out, "apparently, the plan backfired…again."

Julie insisted, "not yet, Genudamor." She used her claws to rip off a helicopter doors and swing into the vehicle. She suggested to his satisfaction, "pilot the helicopter to Fire Angel's house! He might still be unconscious." Spike Girl dived into the helicopter.

Genudamor started to ask, "how did you…?!"

Spike Girl cried out in anger, "no one's killing Redra!" She kicked Julie Nera into the remaining helicopter door before she could teleport away, Julie Nera knocked against the door. Genudamor came into the helicopter and tackled Spike Girl from behind. Knight Niveru steered the helicopter towards Redra's house up ahead.

Genudamor protested, "and no one's taking down my wife!" He battled Spike Girl in hand-to-hand combat in the helicopter, their claws and limbs dangerously clinging.

Knight Niveru questioned, "what's that up ahead?" She tried to steer the helicopter around a gigantic hovering blue disk shaped spaceship. It seemed as big as a castle and had countless rocket engines underneath. Genudamor and Spike Girl stopped fighting to see the ship in horror. A huge blue triangle came out of one of the spaceship's sides.

Spike Girl realized in shock, "they know where I am, but how did they…?!"

The Cyos revealed, "from hacking into your handheld scanner right before a few of us blew up in a mansion once upon a time…we figured out how to hide a tracking signal into the scanner…and obviously it works." This was through tapped walkie-talkies on Genudamor's and Julie Nera's police disguises in the back.

Julie protested, "but we helped you!"

The Cyos pointed out darkly, "unfortunately, you're on the same vehicle…and in our way."

Spike Girl muttered sarcastically, "great, just great!" She saw a big purple ray shoot out of the tip of the triangle.

Knight Niveru realized in shock, "we've got to get off!"

Genudamor suggested, "yeah, let's go." He, Julie getting up, Knight Niveru, and Spike Girl soared out of the helicopter. The ray evaporated the helicopter into nothingness with very intense heat. A bubble like shield surrounded the gigantic ship, Genudamor, Julie Nera, Knight Niveru, and Spike Girl trapped. Genudamor slipped some strange microchips to his and Knight Niveru's backs.

Julie taunted, "we'll send Fire Angel the remains of your pocessions." She touched Genudamor and Knight Niveru, about to teleport away from the ship as the microchips flashed in sync. Spike Girl quickly bounced off of the bubble like shield. A number of evaporating beams hit Julie Nera, Genudamor, and Knight Niveru as they bounced off of the shield in a barely missed attempt to kill Spike Girl. Right before they vanished, quick bright flashes of light surrounded them.

Spike Girl deduced sadly, "it had to be done...there was no other way." She flew towards the ship, holes coming out of the ship with Cyos flying out of them like hornets. The huge triangle weapon retracted back into the ship.

The Cyos cried out in fury, "kill her! She's a threat to our race." A huge army of them charged towards Spike Girl.

Another remarked, "and we thought the Experimental League was bad." Spike Girl barely survived their attacks with help from her healing factor and armor's built in reflexes and strength. The Cyos started to become unconscious. Gravaien was hovering right outside of the bubble like shield, shooting his stun ray guns at them.

Gravaien pointed out, "I just dropped Saldi off, and now see this ship!"

Spike Girl concluded, "thanks. The shield seems to not be able to bounce things from the outside." She zoomed past Cyo after Cyo, who were getting hit by stun rays coming from Gravaien. Spike Girl dove into one of the holes that the Cyos were coming out of, into the core of the ship.

A while later, the ship's core was torn apart by Spike Girl. The ship blew up as Spike Girl tried to fly away. Right beforehand, a signal within the ship started flashing on automatic. The Cyos were blown up from the impact of the huge explosion, around the same time bursts of electricity started coursing through them. Gravaien and Spike Girl were pushed out of the sky before they could notice. Spike Girl realized in mixed feelings, "we won…at a heavy price." She regained control of the system of jetpacks she had.

Gravaien reminded her in partial daze, "yeah, but I got to get some sleep." He regained control of his jetpacks and started to hover.

Tired Spike Girl pointed out sadly, "but your mansion blew up." She flew towards her house.

Gravaien asked in horror, "it did? Where do I go now?!"

Spike Girl hinted, "where do you want to go?"

Gravaien checked, "to be with Saldi, so…would Redra's father let me live at his house, Violet?"

Spike Girl answered, "I'm not so sure he can take care of 3 people."

Gravaien thought out loud, "then maybe I'll live with Newair. I enjoyed being in the middle of the action, like yesterday. I might not still be here if it wasn't for his technology."

Spike Girl suggested, "maybe, but you'll still probably find someplace to live, even if it's not Newair's home." She landed next to her house and waved goodbye to Gravaien. Gravaien left and waved goodbye also. Spike Girl and her friends all slept most of that day.

A couple of weeks later, Redra, Violet, Saldi, Newair, Arienie, and Gravaien were in 11th grade.

Newair and Violet built some of Newair and Gravaien's armor into Fire Angel and Spike Girl's armor. Newair's system of jetpacks were built into Spike Girl's armor, Gravaien's stun ray guns wired to hidden compartments built in its chest, and Newair's scanner visor built into Spike Girl's metal costume's helmet was wirelessly connected to the armor's echolocation system to turn it into an X-ray like system.

Newair built the same functions for Fire Angel, except Fire Angel didn't get stun ray guns…since he had fire breath. Gravaien started living with Newair. He helped Gravaien get a new motorcycle.

Getting tired of living on the streets, Arienie decided to live with Violet. Violet's family didn't mind. Violet thought at the time, "if I could live with 2 dragons, it'd be easier to live with Arienie."

Newair and Gravaien became good friends, and so did Violet and Arienie.

In fact, Violet convinced Arienie to ask Newair out, which had her former crush go out the window and a more hopeful one in its place.

Newair also got a motorcycle and even raced Gravaien sometimes. However, Newair gave up the merchandising job for a job of supplying the police force with hi-tech gadgets of his design, in hope that they'd be more prepared for crime fighting.

Spike Girl quit her job at the Gloda Mall to help Newair with his job in the mornings. She also took up the merchandising career in the afternoons, mainly to pay for the fire electro-smoke missiles system she's grown used to. Plus, due to being able to zip by through homework with no mistakes, she always wanted to fill up her free time more.

Saldi and Gravaien still dated, and so did Redra and Violet.

Roma got bored with the "Superhero/Villain Battle" game. She started to surf the web and play online games instead using the computer controls with her paws. Redra just has to clean it more often.

The disguised policemen that looked like Cyos were found out and released from the Time Zone, but Shacklion was still locked up.

In the year 2097, Gravaien will probably not become less active and happy, because he's got Newair and Saldi to hang out with. He enjoyed flying, but the future could always change in time.

Because of the deaths that came when the Cyos showed up, Violet and Redra went back to doing high school stuff as though they were regular kids to get a break from superhero work.

After all, due to Newair's new business deals, it's only when the supervillains come knocking that the country needs superheroes. Yet, Fire Angel and Spike Girl's metal costumes stayed in their closets, in case supervillains come knocking or if another superhero really needs their assistance.

Everyone still wonders though if this is truly the end of the war...or if it's just beginning.

The End?