'Cause I know
that you know
we already know
your snowball lies
that perfect pitch you use
to acerbate the pain from my bones

And your marble eye speaks
what my stagnant throat hush

«It is my fault»
you would say
before you lock me alone
in the dark and damp room
then you will come
and you will save me
I know
you would save me everytime
so you never gonna lose me
and now I am your favorite
your unique

your little stupid

and cute

and naive

and soft

and pure

an n

annoying dolly


Always cheeking me out from your special list
I have always been your last salvation
and you will always be my first remorse
but honey
won't you ever say the truth

stop being so gentle after the nightmare
you have dragged me in
you wake me up
so I could recover
from the rotting process
and be like new
vacuum packed

I love you how
(h)ate me

Tantalizing me,
toying with me
waiting for the right time to
grab my neck and break it
and leave me on the stove
frying myself on my own fat

don't be so sweet if you are going to put the chain on my back
if you kill me
do it with your own venom fingers
put them inside my ribs
and vandalize my insides

But you better tell me the truth

You can fool them

but not me

not your another piece of corpse