The Portrait of Horrors

By Shadowgate

27 year old Beth Hardaway just lost her grandmother to a battle with cancer. She along with her eight year old daughter Caitlin cleaned out her grandma's apartment.

After cleaning everything out Caitlin took notice of a picture frame. The frame was golden and black on the inside.

"Mom this looks weird" said Caitlin.

Beth asked "what's so weird about a picture frame?"

Caitlin answered "well the gold and black is just so powerful."

Beth said "it's a nice old fashioned picture frame. I want to keep it."

Caitlin put the picture frame in the back seat of the car and they went home.

Caitlin's two best friends Jennifer Hut and Harry Fame came over later that day. When Caitlin showed Jennifer the picture frame and how shiny the golden outer layers were Jennifer was impressed.

"The gold is beautiful" Jennifer said.

Then suddenly there was a flash.

Caitlin and Jennifer saw a picture of Jennifer in the park. Suddenly a car drove by. The man in the car jumped out and grabbed Jennifer and drove off.

Both girls were horrified by the image they saw.

Jennifer screamed and then Caitlin yelled "mom!"

Beth rushed in and yelled "kids what's all the screaming about?"

Caitlin answered "we saw a moving image in that picture frame. It showed Jennifer being kidnapped in the park."

Beth responded sternly "alright girls you're too old for that kind of make believe."

Caitlin said "Jennifer really saw it and so did I."

Beth became very angry and yelled at her daughter.

"Enough now it's hard enough to deal with the death of my grandmother without this kind of crap! The picture frame is just sitting there and you need to knock it off."

Jennifer yelled out loud "I'm afraid to go to the park now after what I just saw."

Beth went on to say "I don't want to hear anymore."

Beth went back into the kitchen.

Soon after she did another image appeared in the picture frame. It showed Harry Fame in his bedroom hanging with a rope around his neck.

Harry yelled "oh my god somebody killed me!"

Beth stormed out of the kitchen into the living room and yelled "children what the hell is going on now?"

Harry answered "I saw a picture of me in that portrait and I was hanging with a rope around my neck."

Beth gave Harry a mean look as if he was telling an absolute fib but then a loud howling sound was heard.

Beth looked at the picture frame and saw herself in it. Then she saw a tiger eat her alive.

Beth screamed "Caitlin get that picture frame out of this house!"