The Experimental League 2: The Spotlight Collection

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2012

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:

Moon Sorceress

A white and blue house was among several others in the suburbs of California. It also happened to be Moon Sorceress's house.

Moon Sorceress, fully armored in her nanotech armor, flew down onto her roof when no one else was looking. Then, she carefully made her way through a bedroom window. It was nighttime outside, with the stars out in the dark sky.

Moon Sorceress sighed with some relief, "maybe now I can enjoy some alone time."

Around her was a fancy gold like chandelier and old fashioned brown walls. Moon Sorceress also noticed her cat, walking on the bed. In a corner of the room were a liter box and a stood up scratching post.

Moon Sorceress said, "oh…I almost forgot about you. Maybe it's this damn heat." She was taking off her helmet to let her shoulder length brown hair loose, when she heard something coming from her helmet's comlink.

Moon Sorceress picked up her helmet to hear it, "Moon Sorceress…are you there?"

Moon Sorceress sighed, "what is it, Captain Aura?"

Captain Aura revealed over the comlink, "Riverside's suburbs are being Fireball."

Moon Sorceress exclaimed, "but I just got home!"

Captain Aura insisted, "tough. Silver Man and Blue Wolf need your help."

Moon Sorceress concluded reluctantly, "fine. I'm on my way." She put her helmet back on, and flew out of the bedroom window. Moon Sorceress closed the window behind her.

She added as she left, "don't get into trouble before I come back."

Fifteen or so minutes later…

Moon Sorceress could see the smoke and flames as she arrived on the scene of a aflame house. Hovering over the roof was Fireball and Blue Wolf, exchanging fists and kicks in midair.

Coming out of the house through a broken window was Silver Man. He urged, "come on!"

He was escorting some random residents from the burning house by carrying them in his arms. Behind him were several explosions.

Some armed members of Truslin Gobet and a fire truck came to the scene. One of the Truslin Gobet members called out, "stand down!"

Blue Wolf urged with a small chuckle, "oh, he's not getting away this time." Firefighters started putting out the fire with their water hose. Moon Sorceress used her gravity controlling powers to make herself lighter as she flew towards Fireball.

Fireball chuckled, "with my powers, I'll kill you all!"

With his limited telekinesis, he shot fire at the firefighters, Truslin Gobet agents, and incoming Moon Sorceress. Silver Man had let go of the unconscious civilians he carried out of the burning house and let them down gently onto the sidewalk. He then noticed the incoming fireballs. Moon Sorceress shifted to the left to dodge on her way up.

She muttered, "let's make this quick."

Silver Man cried out, "no!"

He shot missiles from his chest plate at the fireballs, turning them into explosions that knocked the firefighters backwards. The Truslin Gobet agents flew towards Fireball, using their missile launchers to turn the fireballs coming toward them into explosions. The water hose itself accidentally hit Silver Man, knocking him against the sidewalk. The firefighters started to get back up.

One of them muttered, "that was close."

Silver Man commented sarcastically as he got up, "you're welcome." He flew up towards Fireball, knowing that he saved the people that were trapped in the flaming house.

Up above…

Fireball was knocked backwards, through a burned out opening in the roof. He crashed into the floor, with flames dancing around him.

Fireball chuckled again. He figured creepily, "old flames…dance for me!"

He controlled the flames to shoot little fireballs at Blue Wolf, Truslin Gobet agents, and Moon Sorceress. Some of the flames hit Blue Wolf's nanobot armor, resulting in several little explosions. Her healing factor and super strength was shrugging off the explosions, despite them knocking her backwards in the air.

Some Truslin Gobet agents went down from being hit by the little fireballs, crashing down into the house below and falling into unconsciousness.

Blue Wolf muttered, "damn fireballs!" She began to charge at Fireball.

Moon Sorceress muttered, "ughh…if I only I could sense him!"

She saw a large cloud of smoke where Fireball used to be. When Moon Sorceress and Blue Wolf landed in the house, the smoke had cleared. But, Fireball wasn't anywhere to be seen. The fire was being put out by the hose outside though. Silver Man soon after came down to where Moon Sorceress and Blue Wolf were.

One of the Truslin Gobet agents that followed them inside asked, "nothing?"

Blue Wolf insisted, "come on…he can't have gone far."

Suddenly, Blue Wolf was knocked towards some flaming stairs by a surprise attack. The Truslin Gobet agents reactively aimed their stun guns in the direction of the surprise attack.

Blue Wolf muttered, "you coward! Show yourself!" She flew out of the way in time as she said this.

One of the Truslin Gobet agents urged, "don't shoot! We might hit Blue Wolf!"

Then, Blue Wolf was hit by another surprise attack out of nowhere. Blue Wolf was knocked against a wall. She coughed violently as she started to get back up.

Fireball chuckled, "if you insist." He then appeared next to Blue Wolf.

One of the Truslin Gobet agents called out, "now!"

Before anyone else could react, a big fireball hit Blue Wolf, the still conscious Truslin Gobet agents, and Silver Man. They were knocked to unconsciousness by the blast, with Blue Wolf and Silver Man's nanotech armor half melted into a tar like liquid. The floor collapsed where Silver Man and Blue Wolf landed. The stun guns' aim ended up being off, which led to the stun gun beams just hitting wood and disappearing into nothingness. Then, with no more fire left to control, Fireball flew towards a broken wall with a broken window.

Moon Sorceress muttered, "don't you dare walk out now! You're under arrest!"

Fireball turned to Moon Sorceress, "for what…having a ball?"

Moon Sorceress pointed out, "not when it costs innocent lives!" She blasted her gravity powers at Fireball, but he simply dodged them as the blasts hit a wall by accident.

Fireball remarked, "this coming from someone who just brought down the house!" As he flew out of the house, the ceiling above Moon Sorceress started to collapse from losing some of its support.

Moon Sorceress cried out in defiance. She reactively blasted the incoming floor boards with low gravity blasts to make them explode at the molecular level, with dust from the debris coming down by storm. With help from her thin air tanks though, Moon Sorceress wasn't coughing much.

She tried to chase after Fireball, but he was out of sight by the time the debris had been cleared away. Moon Sorceress muttered, "he got away."

Some hours later…

Moon Sorceress, Silver Man, and Blue Wolf were in the Truslin Gobet headquarters in California, sitting at the meeting room table. Silver Man exclaimed, "how the hell can he have invisibility?!"

Moon Sorceress sighed, "I don't know."

Blue Wolf commented, "I'm just surprised he didn't use it earlier."

Moon Sorceress wondered, "did you at least put one of your tracers on him?"

Silver Man concluded, "unfortunately, no."

Moon Sorceress argued, "so all we can do…is wait?!"

Silver Man figured, "seems like."

Moon Sorceress protested, "but he wants to kill people for fun…like Dark Stalker! Are we really gonna just…?!"

Blue Wolf pointed out, "look. I'm kind of upset about that myself, but what choice do we have?"

Moon Sorceress went on, "ughh, fine! But, you better get a tracer on Fireball the next time he escapes."

Silver Man urged, "I'm sure I will."

Moon Sorceress responded, "good."

An hour or so later…

Moon Sorceress was back in her bedroom, with only her National Guard army like clothes on.

She was sitting on the edge of her light green bed, talking on her cell phone. She was saying, "what do you mean by I'm being too hard on myself?"

Spider Sorceress responded over the cell phone, "even during those five years in alien boot camp, we didn't know about the invisibility thing."

Moon Sorceress sighed, "I rely on my powers too much."

Spider Sorceress pointed out, "big deal. So does Fireball."

Moon Sorceress pointed out, "but…he was powerful enough to take out Blue Wolf and Silver Man."

Spider Sorceress added, "but not you…and you almost had him. There's always a next time…even for his victims."

Moon Sorceress sighed, "I miss you."

Spider Sorceress chuckled, "that's sweet…but it's only been two days since the Experimental League switched me for Blue Wolf."

Moon Sorceress added, "I know. And talking to you helps."

Spider Sorceress wondered, "I miss you too…but maybe we could get together sometime this week?"

Moon Sorceress figured, "sure. Where?"

Spider Sorceress concluded, "the Experimental Tower. What better place is there…besides your house?"

Moon Sorceress commented, "nice save. I'll be there…when we're both off duty from our duties."

Spider Sorceress reasoned, "we can set up a time soon. Feel better now?"

Moon Sorceress deduced, "much…but how are you holding up?"

Spider Sorceress added, "better…from talking to you."

Moon Sorceress wondered, "why? What's wrong?"

Spider Sorceress sighed, "Dark Cloak hasn't been sighted for weeks, but Alice Blaze thinks she's got a lead."

Moon Sorceress went on, "what lead?"

Spider Sorceress explained, "Alice Blaze has been gathering information on the New York National Guard, and most of the members in training have been having the same instructor."

Moon Sorceress muttered, "great. We have two supervillains causing trouble in two different states."

Spider Sorceress assured her, "I'm sure we faced worse."

Moon Sorceress concluded, "true. Well, goodnight."

Spider Sorceress chuckled, "I should probably get some sleep myself. Good night." Moon Sorceress and Spider Sorceress hung up their cell phones.

Moon Sorceress thought, "can't wait to take out my frustrations on Fireball."

On the next day…

Moon Sorceress, Silver Man, some Truslin Gobet agents, and Blue Wolf were flying among the suburbs of California, when they saw a rising fire coming from another house.

Silver Man urged, "remember the plan?"

Moon Sorceress insisted, "I still think it's a bad idea. I mean, what if one of us misses?"

Silver Man insisted, "who's the super genius here?"

Blue Wolf sighed, "come on, you two. Let's just get this over with."

She, Silver Man, Moon Sorceress, and the Truslin Gobet agents with them hovered above the burning house. Fireball was hovering above the burning house as well.

Fireball remarked with a small chuckle, "did you just come here to get burned again?"

Moon Sorceress urged, "urghh! I can handle this."

Silver Man urged, "but what about…?!"

Moon Sorceress pointed out, "is getting your ass kicked part of the plan too?"

Silver Man went on, "ughh!"

Blue Wolf pointed out, "guys, we don't have time for this! It's a bigger house…with more civilians to save."

Silver Man muttered, "we'll talk about this later. Come on, Blue Wolf." He and Blue Wolf went into the burning house, dodging fireballs coming from Fireball's fire control powers.

Moon Sorceress muttered, "it's now or never." She blasted Fireball with gravity blasts, but Fireball just dodged easily. Then, a cloud of smoke started to engulf Fireball.

Down below…

While Truslin Gobet agents were trying to blast Fireball, fire trucks arrived at the scene to put out the fire. Firefighters were taking out a water hose to help with that.

Up above…

Moon Sorceress called out, "now!"

The Truslin Gobet agents fired their stun guns into the cloud, but with no luck. Fireball had dodged them all, but the movement of the smoke disappearing where Fireball was moving gave his position away to Moon Sorceress.

She shouted, "take this!" She fired her gravity beams at Fireball, sending him crashing down into the grassy lawn below. Moon Sorceress figured, "that's better."

Fireball called out as he fell into unconsciousness, "but…I took you all out!"

Moon Sorceress commented, "now who's getting burned?"

She landed next to Fireball's unconscious body.

Moon Sorceress urged, "take him."

The Truslin Gobet agents carried Fireball into the sky…and back towards the Truslin Gobet headquarters in California.

Then, following some explosions, Silver Man and Blue Wolf carried four civilians out of the building. They put them down on the lawn. One of them said, "thank you, Silver Man…Blue Wolf."

Silver Man responded, "it was my pleasure."

Blue Wolf added, "you're welcome. But, where's Fireball?" She had turned to Moon Sorceress as she asked where Fireball is.

Moon Sorceress assured them, "he's being escorted to the Ward Field by Truslin Gobet."

Blue Wolf concluded, "sounds good. Maybe you really can take out supervillains on your own."

Silver Man concluded, "maybe…I was wrong."

Moon Sorceress pointed out, "yeah…maybe you were. So, how did Fireball escape this time anyway?"

Silver Man revealed, "someone hacked into the Ward Field…but we don't know yet who did."

Moon Sorceress realized, "that explains why Dark Cloak, Carnivora, Wild Man, Magima, and Jet Goblin would be on the loose. But, why didn't you…?"

Silver Man pointed out, "because we still don't know who…and I and Captain Aura decided to keep it on a need to know basis until we found out for sure how to keep the Ward Field from being hacked into."

Blue Wolf commented, "even alien technology uses computers, you know."

Silver Man wondered, "what's your point?"

Blue Wolf remarked, "this coming from a super genius."

Silver Man insisted, "I'm working on it."

Moon Sorceress slightly chuckled, "I guess I'm not the only one at fault. See you later." And with that, she flew back towards her civilian job.

Silver Man insisted, "when I find a way to protect the Ward Field for good, we'll see who's laughing."

Blue Wolf figured sarcastically, "sure, Silver Man."