The Experimental League 2: The Spotlight Collection

Chapter 5:

Red Lantern

On the next day…

Under the busy metropolitan streets of California, there was a green office with a black desk. And sitting at that desk was Red Lantern with his armor off. He had medium gray hair. His suitcase with his armor inside was on the desk to Red Lantern's left.

Red Lantern was on the line with someone on his cell phone.

The other person asked, "how did you get my number? This is a private line!"

Red Lantern revealed, "it's important information…about the characters in Miracle Comics."

The other person remarked, "you sure you're the real Red Lantern?"

Red Lantern insisted, "yes Sarah…and I know that you're the president of Miracle Comics. You got my gender wrong, as well as changing Moon Sorceress to Moon Sorcerer."

Sarah figured, "I can understand why you're disappointed, but homosexuality is just too controversial for our comic book readers at this time."

Red Lantern deduced, "and I suppose in your comic world, Silver Man isn't bisexual?"

Sarah sighed, "sorry. Like I said, it's just too controversial."

Red Lantern concluded disappointedly, "I see. Tell your rich movie writer husband Arim that I said hi."

Sarah figured, "I will." With that, Red Lantern hung up.

He muttered, "damn!"

In a meeting room a somewhat long distance away, Truslin Gobet agents were going over the hourly intelligence report that Red Lantern compiled for the Truslin Gobet agent in charge of this Truslin Gobet headquarters.

The agent in charge with medium grayish brown hair realized, "great. In light of recent supervillain attacks, government insurance backup coverage has seriously decreased our profits."

A second agent asked, "what about the insurance companies?"

The agent in charge commented, "in this day and age, even the government can't trust them to protect their own interests. Otherwise, we wouldn't be considered to be financially compromised."

A third agent wondered, "so what are we going to do about it?"

The agent in charge revealed, "the Director has revealed that we are to be helping controversial laboratories with their projects, such as the Tester Laboratory in Gloda City."

The third agent realized, "so we're breaking the law to protect our own interests?"

The agent in charge said while glaring at the third agent, "like it or not, even spy companies need money to save lives. This way, we can keep tabs on the controversial labs and stop their experiments from destroying what we protect. Any more questions? I thought so. Let's get back to work."

Meanwhile, above ground…

Fireball was sitting on the edge of a big white and blue bed in a hotel room. Fireball, with medium blond hair, was juggling lit matches and smoke with his powers just because he had nothing else to do right now.

Three suitcases with red armor inside were on the hotel room floor nearby. Wild Man with medium black hair and Dark Cloak with long brown hair were under the covers...when the smell of the fire woke them up.

Fireball remarked as he heard them, "got any pictures you want to see burned?"

Wild Man figured darkly, "if it doesn't involve killing, what's the point?"

Fireball added with a sigh, "I almost forgot. You have a cause, whereas I burn anything and anyone for fun."

Dark Cloak threatened, "if you so much as think of harming us, I'll turn you into my personal slave!"

Fireball concluded with a uneasy chuckle, "now where would the fun in that be?"

Dark Cloak muttered coldly, "it's like waiting for two time bombs to destroy each other...and everyone in between."

Wild Man chuckled, "now you're talking."

He and Dark Cloak surprisingly kissed each other, much to the annoyance of Fireball. He let go of the flame and smoke he was juggling, letting it disappear.

Dark Cloak figured, "the only thing that's stopping me from mind controlling you is knowing that I can blackmail you with it to make you love me."

Fireball muttered, "blackmail, my ass!"

Wild Man snorted, "you're just jealous that I was with Dark Cloak for the night."

Dark Cloak challenged, "you want it on my terms…or yours?"

Fireball chuckled uneasily, "I'll go with the alternative, if you don't mind."

Dark Cloak concluded darkly, "I thought so."

Fireball pointed out, "just to be fair then, didn't Wild Man get an extra kiss?"

Dark Cloak realized, "you're right. You can get an extra few minutes."

Fireball thought sarcastically, "oh, goodie."

Wild Man thought, "why did we ever rescue her in the first place? Oh yeah…a telepath killing the Experimental League for me is a good reason."

Dark Cloak turned to Wild Man, "you had something to say?"

Wild Man suggested, "I'm just glad you're on our…I mean, that we're on your side."

Dark Cloak figured happily, "wonderful. The mission begins at 11:30 A.M."

Fireball wondered, "what about…?!"

Dark Cloak chuckled, "that's with the extra minutes, dumb ass."

Fireball concluded, "then I'll make the morning count."

He and Dark Cloak then kissed, much to Wild Man's annoyance.

Some hours later…

In Goliath's house, up the stairs to Goliath's bedroom, were Goliath and Red Lantern sitting on the edge of Goliath's green bed kissing.

Goliath wondered, "what else could we do?"

Before Red Lantern could respond, a familiar beeping came from Red Lantern and Goliath's suitcases.

Red Lantern sighed, "just when we were in the middle of a date."

He took out his helmet from his suitcase with his red armor in it.

Red Lantern asked in an annoyed tone, "what is it?"

Captain Aura revealed, "and hi to you too. Silver Man has traced a neuro-electric signal to KGTV TV station, which he believes is responsible for starting a public uprising across California."

Red Lantern checked, "and what mission are we on exactly?"

Captain Aura went on, "to stop the signal at the source while Silver Man develops a way to protect you from falling under its influence. Moon Sorceress is with him as backup to ensure that it gets done in time."

Red Lantern figured, "you seem to be forgetting about the uprising."

Captain Aura concluded, "it was implied that Truslin Gobet agents will handle the rest. You ok?"

Red Lantern insisted, "of course."

Captain Aura decided, "good. Blue Wolf will help too."

Red Lantern figured, "we're on our way." He started to suit up.

Goliath tried to assure him, "we could of course continue after I get back from the United Nations."

Red Lantern turned to Goliath, "sure. Right now though, we should go. The state of California is at stake."

Goliath responded, "right." He started to suit up as well.

Twenty minutes or so later…

Goliath and Red Lantern landed at KGTV's TV studio's parking lot, to see Blue Wolf also landing there. The KGTV TV studio had brown bricked walls and a flat concrete roof.

Around these superheroes were a mind controlled mob of people coming towards them, including police officers with tasers. However, across California, Truslin Gobet agents and Kram Bots were firing stun guns at the growing number of mobs to hold them off. Some Kram Bots and Truslin Gobet agents were holding off the police officers coming towards the three superheroes.

Cries of mind controlled defiance echoed across California as the mobs thinned out.

One of the Truslin Gobet agent urged, "go!"

Blue Wolf figured, "right. Going."

She, Goliath, and Red Lantern ran across the parking lot to try to reach the glass windowed entrance, but a large group of mind controlled civilians blocked the way and charged towards them.

Blue Wolf added, "now what?! We certainly don't want to hurt…"

Red Lantern assured her, "this won't."

He used his telekinesis to lift the mob and make them land on top of each other in a big unconscious pile on the flat studio roof.

Blue Wolf chuckled softly, "impressive. Let's go!"

She led Red Lantern and Goliath through the locked door in the front, which was quickly unattached thanks to Red Lantern's telekinesis on the screws. The wooden door easily fell forward, off its hinges. It was laid down by Red Lantern's telekinesis, in hopes of not being heard. The door though still made a bang.

Red Lantern muttered, "damn!"

Some security guards in black fired bullets at them, but the Experimental League's armor just shielded them from the bullets.

One of the guards called out in a walkie talkie, "we need…!"

Before the security guards could react, Red Lantern telekinetically hurled their own guns and the arms holding them against their heads to knock them out easily. Goliath and Blue Wolf were charging towards them, when the telekinesis beat them to it.

Goliath remarked, "now who's being emotional?"

Red Lantern insisted, "it was the most favorable non-lethal method for this conflict to end."

Goliath figured, "if you say…so." He then saw Fireball, Wild Man, and a cougar coming down the hall.

Blue Wolf was sighing, "let's just go stop…whoever's..." She then realized who was coming down the hall.

Fireball chuckled darkly, "let's barbeque them."

Wild Man figured, "our furry friend is hungry."

Red Lantern realized, "then I guess diplomacy won't work."

He telekinetically knocked the cougar backwards in mid-pounce, knocking it backwards into a brown wall. It fell to the floor knocked out. Wild Man and Fireball charged at Goliath and Blue Wolf. Goliath made part of the earth rise out of the shiny yellow floor, pinning Wild Man against the ceiling. Blue Wolf charged at Fireball, who instead of using her Jetboots just ran towards him.

Red Lantern assured Goliath, "the cougar's…ok."

He tried to help hold Wild Man in the earth that pinned him to the ceiling with his telekinesis, but Wild Man was too strong. He broke out, sending chunks of earth down upon everyone but Wild Man. Some more security guards came, but couldn't see much in the dirt and ended up firing at each other. They fell to the ground, either taken out by themselves or a big enough piece of earth.

Goliath called out, "I can still see you!"

He leaped from moving piece of earth to moving piece of earth, using them as platforms to fly without Jetboots.

Wild Man insisted, "no one can tame Wild Man!"

Goliath chuckled, "seems to me like someone has…or you wouldn't be working for them."

Wild Man had jumped through the flat roof of the studio, with Goliath following him up there.

Wild Man urged, "enough talk! Now…you and your race will fall to the animal kingdom!"

Goliath sighed, "we are the same race. Get it through your head!"

He blasted some of the earth in the air at Wild Man like missiles of rock and dirt. Wild Man easily punched through it, but a cloud of dirt started forming around him.

Wild Man roared with defiance. Goliath used this opportunity to tackle Wild Man, sending both of them crashing through the roof and against the hallway floor below.

Fireball had become invisible to sneak attack Blue Wolf repeatedly, sending her crashing through a wall and into a lounge room with tied up news people. Red Lantern couldn't tell one emotion of joy from another, and so he couldn't tell where exactly Fireball and Wild Man were in the area.

Blue Wolf figured, "the flames can't hide you for long."

As she said this, the lounge room's lights started exploding in flame.

One of the news people called out, "get us out of here!"

Blue Wolf insisted, "one thing at a time."

The ceiling started to burn. Blue Wolf quickly turned off the nearby light switch, then bent the water faucet in the sink with her super strength and turned on the cold water. The fire was easily put out in minutes. Blue Wolf bent the water faucet back to its former position.

Fireball sighed, "I guess I'll have to do things the old fashioned way."

He lifted up a fire extinguisher that was in another room nearby, and turned it on Blue Wolf. A blanket of foam appeared where Blue Wolf was seconds ago. She charged at Fireball, using the floating fire extinguisher as a means by which to find him and tackle him. Fireball turned back to visibility as he wrestled with Blue Wolf on the floor. Blue Wolf punched him into a drawer in the lounge room, knocking him out as that drawer was smashed to pieces.

Blue Wolf figured, "send the bill to Truslin Gobet." She started untying the news people as she said it.

Goliath and Wild Man were wrestling on the floor, with Wild Man sending Goliath crashing through one of the glass windows built into the entrance with one kick.

Goliath was coughing hard on the parking lot pavement.

Red Lantern muttered, "no one does that to Goliath!"

He telekinetically sent Wild Man flying against another glass window, knocking him off his feet once more. Before he could regain his senses from being dazed, Goliath got up to charge at Wild Man. Goliath punched him to unconsciousness before he could react, sending him crashing against the pavement once more.

Goliath sighed with relief, "a second later…and it could've been me."

Red Lantern concluded, "you're welcome. Now let's get to the source of this mess."

Five or so minutes later…

Silver Man had said through comlinks, "I'm temporarily turning your comlinks into electromagnets small enough to repel any neural electrons that the neuro-electric signal gives off. You should be fine."

Blue Wolf had figured, "cool."

Red Lantern had wondered, "following that line of thinking, maybe you could turn our armor into electromagnets."

Silver Man had pointed out, "except that that would mean that you couldn't use cell phones or your comlinks…and some of you need those comlinks to communicate with each other on missions."

Red Lantern had concluded, "never mind."

Goliath, Red Lantern, Blue Wolf, and the news anchors came to the KGTV news set. There was a grayish city background with apartment buildings and office buildings close to the height of skyscrapers on it.

On a shiny yellow desk was a dark blue helmet, with red lights scattered across it. All the cameras were focused on it. Blue Wolf realized, "we came all this way…just to find a helmet?"

One of the news anchors concluded, "then we're…"

Red Lantern urged, "stand back!"

Red Lantern reactively used his telekinesis to repeatedly lift up and smash the helmet in pieces against the desk, stopping the mind control from continuing to affect the civilians in California. This included the news anchors that were about to surprise attack Red Lantern and his allies.

Goliath concluded, "talk about a close call."

A second news anchor figured, "does that mean we can go back on the air?"

Blue Wolf figured sarcastically, "of course. You need your ratings."

The second news anchor obliviously responded, "thanks. Now get off our set before we call security."

Red Lantern sighed, "come on."

He telekinetically carried the wreckage of the helmet with them on the way out, soon after holding it in his hands.

Goliath wondered, "if we already took out Fireball and Wild Man, then who…?"

Red Lantern reasoned, "probably someone who had a telepathic link through this helmet. Otherwise, it would be worn by someone and used as a telepathic enhancer."

Blue Wolf sighed, "which most likely means that it's one of our enemies. For all we know, it could be Wave Board trying to fulfill his vision of a perfect world."

Goliath reasoned, "we'll find out soon enough."

Red Lantern figured, "for all our sakes, I hope so."

To Be Continued…